Championship Club

Welcome to the club, the Keepers Fantasy Football championship club that is. We all know that the weekly wins are nice and allow for bragging rights for that week but what about bragging rights for an entire year!? Each of the teams listed below have won at least one championship and have their name etched in History to the Traveling Trophy which is given to the winner each year. Who’s Next?


XVIINohal MechelkeU Don't KnowStefon Diggs189.62-139.63 over Bossman
XVITony DevivoRapids PlungersChris Godwin180.70-119.50 over Bossman
XVKyle LindgrenBIGBOY!Patrick Mahomes146.97-133.21 over pack slayer
XIVKyle LindgrenBIGBOY!Melvin Gordon94.20-93.85 over Sportsfreak
XIIIRyan KeepersPack AttackAntonio Brown146.24-85.25 over Big Papa
XIISteve BossBossmanAntonio Brown141.27-139.28 over BIGBOY!
XIBrian FreeseShowboatLe'Veon Bell155.31-92.23 over Sportsfreak
XBrian FreeseShowboatCalvin Johnson101.82-98.08 over Rapids Plungers
IXRyan KeepersPack AttackArian Foster127.60-108.97 over Bossman
VIIIJeff KeepersteamAlaskaAaron Rodgers163.73-99.31 over PackMan12
VIITrent KeepersHHHPhilip Rivers125.32-108.69 over Victory Vikes
VITrent KeepersHHHBen Roethlisberger127.59-117.54 over Pack Attack
VSteve BossBossmanAaron Rodgers141.30-126.36 over The Backstreet Boys
IVBrian FreeseShowboatLaDainian Tomlinson136.06-111.46 over U Don't Know
IIIKory HinesMean MachinePeyton Manning145.35-63.73 over Pack Attack
IIRyan KeepersPack AttackEli Manning129.98-103.16 over HHH
IRyan KeepersPack AttackDaunte Culpepper171-121 over DaUnderdog