Week 2 starts tonight and for those of you that own Denver players I know you will be watching closely to find out if what you saw and experienced last week was just a fluke or something that you truly need to be worried about? Good Luck everyone and check out the preview.

pack slayer (1-0) vs Pack Attack (0-1)

pack slayer is coming off a solid week 1 win despite that their #1 pick in D. Thomas had a below average day for a #1 WR. I know they will be one of those teams watching closely in tonight’s match-up just to remove any fears they might currently have about Thomas and the Denver offense. They will most likely be without the services of Andre Ellington this week who can’t seem to stay healthy so they will be starting Chris Johnson in his place which will be interesting to follow and see how he performs. Pack Attack is anxiously awaiting their #1 pick in LeVeon Bell to return and will also most likely be without their #2 pick this week in TY Hilton. pack slayer is hitting them at the right time and it would seem should have the upper edge in this one.

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season matchups. pack slayer however has averaged 118.49 points while Pack Attack’s average is 113.76 in those 4 games.

Rapids Plungers (1-0) vs teamAlaska (1-0)

Rapids Plungers comes into this one with all the confidence in the world after last weeks come from behind win and they will look to keep it going this week against a teamAlaska squad that also had a big week in dominating HHH. Rapids Plungers will be looking for similar production from Carlos Hyde and of course their workhorse in Jeremy Hill not to mention you have Tre Mason back this week and Tevin Coleman who looked solid in week 1 this might be the deepest RB group in the league. The big question mark is going to be at WR where outside of Cobb who is still banged up you have guys who like Watkins proved last week can lay a goose egg at any point but they also could easily have a 20 + point game. teamAlaska will be hoping that this is one of those down days for the WR’s of Rapids Plungers and they need to hope that their top 2 WR’s in C. Johnson and OBJ come through this week because if they do watch out. Last week teamAlaska put up 138 points despite their top 2 picks being the lowest scoring players on their team. If they can keep getting the production from others like they did this week and CJ and OBJ play like 1st and 2nd round picks… then this team will be tough to stop.

This one should be close and I think the RB’s for Rapids Plungers keep them in this game however I expect a really big game from teamAlaska. teamAlaska gets the win and moves to 2-0 on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
teamAlaska holds a 5-2 edge in their 7 regular season meetings. teamAlaska has averaged 124.26 points per game while Rapids Plungers averages 112.60 in those 7 meetings.


BIGBOY! (1-0) vs ShowBoat (0-1)

BIGBOY! coming off a big win last week is just trying to get as many wins as possible as they wait for Foster to return while ShowBoat now will be playing the waiting game as well as Dez Bryant will be out for quite some time. However, drafting Terrance Williams will end up paying off for them as they look to put together a lineup that can compete and help them get back to the playoffs and defend their title.  Showboat is going to need to everyone to pitch in and take up the slack while Dez is out and I think the key is going to be will their RB’s of Randle and L. Murray produce? For BIGBOY! they will need the continued solid play from Brady but watch out this week… he will be up against a Bills team that just shut down one of the top QB’s in the league.

This is a hard one to call as I don’t expect BIGBOY! to score much, I would say 100 points is about where I would expect them but I also am not sure that Showboat has enough to hit the 100 point mark either. This will be a defensive struggle but I think BIGBOY should be able to pull it out in the end and get their 2nd win of the year while sending the champion to a 0-2 start.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season meetings. BIGBOY! however averages 121.08 points to Showboat’s average of 115.32 in these 5 games.


Bossman (1-0) vs. U Don’t Know (0-1)

Bossman is the lead dog after one week and they will be looking to stay that way this week as they go up against U Don’t Know who failed to get over 100 points in the opener and will be without Desean Jackson this week. After one week Bossman’s team looks unstoppable and the group of WR’s was ridiculous last week as they combined for 35 catches, 396 yards and 1 TD. The person with the fewest catches was Antonio Brown and he only had 9. Of course you wouldn’t expect that type of production every week but it sure was a good sign specifically for Keenan Allen as he may be living up to the hype from a year ago. For U Don’t Know they are really going to need Lacy and McCoy to have big games to win on a consistent basis and Lacy I think you can count on but the big ? mark is McCoy and will you have more games like last week where he rushed 17 times for 41 yards or will you get more of the 25 rushes for 150 games? Right now the verdict is still out as he may not be 100% healthy but that is going to be key for U Don’t Know’s success.

For U Don’t Know I like Roethlisberger and Matthews in this one and John Brown should have success against a weak Bears secondary but I don’t see them having enough firepower to keep up. Although I don’t think the WR’s for Bossman have as big of a day I do think that Tannehill has a big game against the Jags. Look for Bossman to hang onto the #1 spot for at least one more week.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In their 8 meetings they have split evenly as each of them have won 4 games and check this out Bossman has averaged 125.42 points in those 8 games while U Don’t Know has averaged 125.35 yes that’s a difference of just .07 points in 8 meetings. A rivalry brewing?


Big Papa (0-1) vs PackMan12 (0-1)

Typically in week 2 you don’t have that many “big” games however I really think that this might be about as close as you can get. Neither of these two teams want to start out at 0-2 and especially Big Papa as they are now sitting at 10 consecutive losses in a row and certainly don’t want that streak to continue. The rumors certainly have been floating around that Big Papa is trying to use his “You married my daughter, you owe me” card at the coach of PackMan12. These are serious accusations and we will be sending our Independent Investigator to assess the situation. #InLawGate2015

So of course this adds to the drama of the game but I don’t want it to take away from the actual game itself and the reason I think this is I don’t see either of these teams dominating the league this year. Playoffs.. that’s too early to tell and are these championship teams? Again could be however it would take them getting hot at the right time so I think falling to a 0-2 hole to start the season would make it be a uphill battle the rest of the way.

Andrew Luck had a rough game last week and I know PackMan12 would love to believe he has a bounceback game and I think that is possible but they are also going up against a tough Jets team so it will be interesting to see how he performs. However, the key for PackMan12 will be the play of their WR’s if they play good then I think they win. Big Papa is going to need a big game from Lynch and Teddy to pull this one out and although I think Lynch has a big game and Teddy will play better then last week look for PackMan12 to send Big Papa to their 11th straight loss and with all the rumors the next family get together to be a little awkward!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In the 4 games they have played each team has won 2 times. However, PackMan12 has averaged a whopping 131.32 points to Big Papa’s average of 110.89 which means when PackMan12 wins.. they win Big!


16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-0) vs DaUnderdog (0-1)

16hrs had the lowest point total and still come away with the win last week and in fact they scored the 3rd lowest amount of points for the week and still won. You know sometimes in this game luck needs to be on your side and it was for 16hrs last week. However, there are 12 more weeks left and luck runs out and at some point your team needs to be good to win. So here we go as  16hrs will be looking to get off to a fast 2-0 start while DaUnderdog had high hopes coming into the season and played well last week however falling to 0-2 to start the season might be a huge blow to their confidence.

Rodgers is going to have his hands full with Seattle coming to town but then again Nick Foles just passed for 297 yards and a TD against Seattle last week. I still expect this to be a tough matchup and around the 20 point range seems about right. I really like Landry this week for DaUnderdog and likewise I think Matt Ryan has a solid game for 16hrs. This one I also expect to be close as I expect Charles to have a solid game tonight. I am not convinced that Evans is going to be playing this week for 16hrs so I am going to go with DaUnderdog in a nail biter.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
16hrs holds a 7-6 advantage in the 13 regular season games they have played. 16hrs has averaged 104.54 points to DaUnderdog’s average of 96.90 which is the lowest average 16hrs has allowed for any team. Looks like their D comes to play against DaUnderdog!


Sportsfreak (1-0) vs HHH (0-1)

Two teams coming into this one with different mindsets as Sportsfreak had a fun come from behind win last week against DaUnderdog while HHH really struggled to get anything going at all. Sportsfreak will be hoping the momentum they created with last week’s win carries over to this week. A couple of key questions for them are what happened to CJ Anderson and Greg Olsen in week 1 and will the two J. Jones’s (James and Julio) continue to dominate? For HHH it is simple they need better production from everyone (with the exception of Gronk). If they want to have a chance this week they will need everyone to put last weeks terrible showing behind them and play well this week. Andre Johnson has a chance at a big game but he really struggled last week so I am questioning whether that will happen and if / when we will see more Moncrief as the season progresses.

The addition of Blount to the backfield helps HHH however against the Bills D I think it really hurts his value. Once again I expect that HHH has trouble finding scorers and although I expect them to get around the 100 point mark I think Sporstfreak pulls this one out thanks to another huge game from Julio Jones.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 7-6 edge in their 13 regular season games played. And the averages are interesting as Sportsfreak has averaged 115.35 points in those 13 meetings while HHH has averaged 115.11 so to say it has been an even match would be an understatement.