Pack Attack (107.57) vs pack slayer (102.07)

Pack Attack (1-1) once again had their game decided on the Monday nighter however this time they were able to narrowly come out on top thanks to the quick healing of TY Hilton. There wasn’t a whole lot of offense in this one as both teams struggled to find points. DeAngelo Williams has filled in nicely these last two weeks while LeVeon Bell has been out and he put up 3TD’s and 27 points on the day. For pack slayer (1-1) that have to be disappointed knowing they let one slip through the cracks especially considering they left some solid points on the bench. They will have some decisions to make with their roster again next week and as of right now this team will only go as far as D. Thomas and Forte bring them.

Rapids Plungers (122.08) vs teamAlaska (113.70)

Rapids Plungers (2-0) comes away with the big win to stay undefeated and send teamAlaska (1-1) home with their first loss. For Rapids Plungers you have to be happy with this win because you know that there are not too many games you will win when your top pick in the draft (Jeremy Hill) gives you negative points, your RB (Hyde) who put up 35 points last week gets you 7 and the QB you traded for (Bradford) ends up with 5 points. These are the type of games you are thankful for some other guys who stepped up and in this case it was the Denver D (21 pts) and their WR group of Cobb, Cooper and Watkins who combined for over 55 points. teamAlaska on the other hand made this one interesting last night as Donte Moncrief put on a show (24 points). Odell Beckham Jr also had a really big game and it was nice to see Calvin Johnson’s have a more Calvin Johnson type of day. Between the three players mentioned that was 1/2 of the points scored for teamAlaska this week. It would seem OBJ and Johnson are going to perform on a regular basis but after that they are going to have to try and find someone else to step up… AND Brees looks terrible. Not a good sign for teamAlaska.

BIGBOY! (170.81) vs Showboat (88.40)

This one was over early as BIGBOY! moves to 2-0 on the season and sends the reigning champ to a tough 0-2 start. BIGBOY! has looked tough these first two weeks of the season and they may get even tougher as Arian Foster is getting close to returning from injury. That is not a good sign for the rest of the league if they keep scoring like this week and then you add one of the top fantasy RB’s in the league to this team.. look out! This week they were once again led by Brady who looks like he is a man on a mission, if Roger Goodell’s goal was to punish the Patriots I think he did just the opposite as he gave them even more motivation heading into the season. For Showboat well… it’s getting ugly not only for them but also for their beloved Cowboys. They loaded up on Cowboy players in the draft (Dez Bryant, Romo, Williams and Randle) figuring that mainly Romo and Dez would be able to help lead their team as they strive for that third straight title. Now with both Dez and Romo out for what seems to be a minimum of 8 weeks it will be interesting to see where this team turns and can they keep the ship afloat for a playoff run when Romo and Dez are back?

Bossman (186.79) vs U Don’t Know (103.44)

So if Championships were given out after two weeks we would have a clear cut winner as Bossman has not only a 2-0 record but they also have been dominating their opponents.  In the first two games they have averaged 172 points per week along with their average margin of victory has been 73 points. To put that in perspective Big Papa (the lowest scoring team through two weeks) has only averaged a total of 87 points. Now let’s bring this back down to earth just a bit as the question becomes did Bossman just have their two best weeks of the season in weeks 1 & 2 or can this be sustained? There are two areas that I see as sustainable and that is their group of WR’s led by Antonio Brown. I think them averaging 50 – 60 points each week is sustainable.. the rest… well I have my opinion right now but lets give it a couple of more weeks before deciding. U Don’t Know falls to 0-2 on the season and it is not like their team has been playing terribly the first two weeks as they are averaging right at that 100 point mark but if Lacy is out for any extended time that is really going to hurt. Unfortunately they don’t have a lot of depth so for them to win games they will need to rely on their stars of Lacy, McCoy, Roethlisberger and Jordan Matthews who are cable of leading their team but with McCoy and now Lacy banged up it will be interesting to see how this team is looking in the next couple of weeks.

PackMan12 (100.71) vs Big Papa (97.49)

PackMan12 gets their first win of the season to move to 1-1 and this is one they have to be extremely excited about because much like Rapids Plungers if you can win games when your star players don’t perform it is an added bonus. Big Papa (0-2) put up a big effort and almost pulled it out in the last seconds thanks to Brandon Marshall’s 23 points. If you watched the game all it would have took was for Frank Gore to not only not fumble the ball on the 1 yard line with no one touching him but also if he makes it into the end zone we would be talking about Big Papa’s heroic come from behind victory instead we are talking about their 12th straight loss! Ouch! For PackMan12 as happy as their are to get a win deep down there also has to be some worry about their #1 pick and here’s why.  There are currently 24 QB’s that have scored more fantasy points then Andrew Luck so far that list includes guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mallett, Nick Foles and Tyrod Taylor just to name a few. Oh and PackMan12… many of those names are guys that are still on the waiver wire… just sayin!

DaUnderdog (121.94) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (97.29)

DaUnderdog (1-1) comes back from the tough loss last week to hand 16hrs (1-1) their first loss of the season. This was a good game but thanks to Allen Robinson’s 35 point effort DaUnderdog was able to separate themselves and come away with the big win. Now if Seattle could just figure out how to throw the ball to Jimmy Graham this team would look much better. As for 16hrs it was impressive that they got to 97 points with two guys failing to score this week and unfortunately for them Eric Decker who was playing really well appears headed to missing a couple of games as well. They now have all three of their starting WR’s banged up. That is tough to overcome. DaUnderdog and PackMan12 will battle next week in a early but important game for both teams.

HHH (134.42) vs Sportsfreak (114.80)

HHH (1-1) came to play this week as they amended for their terrible week 1 loss this week by handing Sportsfreak (1-1) their first loss of the season. Gronkowski again was awesome but they also got solid play from others including 25 points from Torrey Smith. I could see this team being streaky this season especially if Andre Johnson and DeMarco Murray continue to play the way they are playing right now. For Sportsfreak this was another solid performance however in a losing effort. The 24 points from Cam Newton and another 24 from Julio Jones is encouraging however there are two big question marks on this team right now and that is CJ Anderson who rumor has it is in danger of losing his starting job and Alfred Morris who will get his touches but he has a rookie breathing down his neck and has looked really good in limited action. Those are certainly big developments and ones that we will need to watch throughout the next couple of weeks.


Enjoy the week everyone!