BIGBOY! (2-0) vs Pack Attack (1-1)

BIGBOY! is coming off two big wins and they are looking to make it three in a row this week against Pack Attack. I know they were hoping to get Arian Foster back this week but now it looks like maybe week 4 he will return however because of the injury to Tevin Coleman in Atlanta it gives D. Freeman the lead back duties which makes him a really solid play this week. Pack Attack is beat up with Hilton nursing the knee injury and Hopkins maybe missing this week’s game due to a Concussion. They do however get LeVeon Bell back this week and they might need a monster game from him to keep up especially if their top two WR’s can’t be counted on.

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season matchups despite the fact that they have averaged 114.83 points scored to Pack Attack’s average of 128.29.

Rapids Plungers (2-0) vs pack slayer (1-1)

Rapids Plungers sits at 2-0 on the season but it is interesting how things can change from week to week. Two weeks ago Carlos Hyde looked like the best RB in the league and you thought that Hyde combined with Jeremy Hill they would dominate at the RB position but then Jeremy Hill fumbles the ball twice the following week and gets benched and Carlos Hyde has 7 points and you think suddenly that doesn’t look so good.  Luckily however for Rapids Plungers they have lots of options at RB and it appears that the Rookie sensation Todd Gurley will get his first game action this week and with Murray unlikely to play it means that Ryan Matthews will get the bulk of the carries in Philly which nased on the first two weeks I guess just means that instead of 1 carry for 0 yards he will now get 15 carries for 5 yards. pack slayer is coming off a tough loss in which their team didn’t play very well. They will be without Andre Ellington for at least one more week and have a couple of other guys that appear beat up after just week 2 (Witten, Forte & Stafford). Do they have enough firepower to send Rapids Plungers to their first loss?

There are a lot of tough matchups for both teams here as for pack slayer they have Forte going against a mad Seattle bunch in Seattle and Stafford goes up against the Denver D who has arguably the best secondary in the league. On the other side you have Jeremy Hill against the Ravens and Hyde against Arizona both of which are away games and then not to mention Bradford is up against the Jets who you just saw what they did to Luck last week. I expect a low scoring game and I think I need to go with Rapids Plungers because even though they all have tough matchups, Rapids Plungers has superior athletes and the star players seem to figure out ways to get it done even against the good teams. 98 – 92 final score.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
pack slayer holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season meetings. pack slayer has averaged 136.27 points per game while Rapids Plungers averages only 106.81 per game.


Bossman (2-0) vs ShowBoat (0-2)

Well this doesn’t even seem fair. Bossman is easily the top team through two weeks and there is no team that has been more decimated with injuries then Showboat. Bossman has got to be loving this start as it was just last season that they started out the year losing their first 5 games along their way to a 6 win season. They have had two other seasons where they won their first three games to open the season and both seasons they made the playoffs and in 2008 they won thier first 6 games en route to their only Championship. They can get to three wins with a win this week. For Showboat well all I can say is that I think you used up all your luck the last two seasons! Not saying that they got lucky to win the last two years but there is some element of luck to winning in Fantasy football and injuries is usually where you need to stay lucky well this is not your year Showboat but hey the question is.. will they give up and just live in the past of the last two years or will they fight and scrap to try and get back to the playoffs for a chance at something that has never been done (3 championships in a row)?

Bossman looks too tough this year, I expect that Showboat puts up a fight but ultimately Bossman will be too much for them to overcome sending the champ to an 0-3 start.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 5-3 edge in their 8 regular season meetings. This has traditionally been a very low scoring match up as in the 8 meetings Showboat has averaged only 101.96 points while Bossman has been slightly worse at 101.49 points averaged.


Big Papa (0-2) vs. U Don’t Know (0-2)

This is a big matchup between two teams that know starting out 0-3 is a big hole to overcome and I consider it slightly bigger for Big Papa as the longer this losing streak goes the more attention it will continue to get as it has now reached 11 games which is tied for the 3rd longest losing streak in the history of the league. Interestingly enough U Don’t Know is riding thier own mini losing streak which is now at 4 games dating back to the 2014 season. I have mentioned it before but U Don’t Know has some star players that could easily lead them into a playoff run however now they are dealing with the injury bug and may not have Lacy this week. For Big Papa it is just a matter of their team coming together and saying enough of this losing and win a stinkin game!

All the cards are against U Don’t Know on this one with the injury bug so I am going to have to go with Big Papa to finally get rid of that losing streak and sneak out a close win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Big Papa holds a 6-3 edge in their 9 regular season meetings. However the averages wouldn’t reflect that as U Don’t Know has averaged 120.56 points to Big Papa’s 115.02.


DaUnderdog (1-1) vs PackMan12 (1-1)

These two teams are both coming off big wins last week and are wanting to gain some momentum by putting together a little two game winning streak. This will be an interesting match up as you know PackMan12 has been thinking a lot about that pick of Luck at #1 and I am sure there were thoughts of Rodgers at #1 so here they are going head to head. It has been well documented the struggles of Luck however I am one that figures when the season is said and done if Luck isn’t in the top 5 I would be surprised. So is this the week he gets back on track? I know that DaUnderdog sure is hoping not. This will be a fun one to watch!

On paper this is about as even as they come however I think the matchups favor PackMan12 in this one. I look for them to win a close one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season meetings. PackMan12 has averaged 113.31 points in those 4 match ups while DaUnderdog is below the 100 point mark at 96.81 average.


16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-1) vs HHH (1-1)

I feel like all we have talked about all year so far is injuries and this match up is no different as 16hrs might be without two of their top WR’s (Jeffery & Decker) this week while HHH may be without Murray which mentioned before I am not sure that is a big loss if the last two weeks are any indication. Like the DaUnderdog and PackMan12 matchup this is two teams looking to gain some momentum heading into their week 4 match ups. It always stressful when you are the team that consistenly hovers around .500 but can never quite get over that hump so even though it is just week 3 anytime you can get over that .500 mark it is a good sign.

Another tough one to predict but I am going to go with HHH. I think the injuries to the WR group is going to be too much to overcome for 16hrs.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
HHH holds a 7-5 edge in their 12 regular season meetings. HHH has averaged 111.19 point in those meetings while 16hrs averages only 101.27.


Sportsfreak (1-1) vs teamAlaska (1-1)

Another matchup of 1-1 teams looking to get above that .500 mark on the season. Sportsfreak has been one of the more consistent teams in the league as in their first two weeks they have scored 114 and 117 points but sometimes as proven last week you need to hit in the 130 to 150 range to beat your opponent and the question is does Sportsfreak have that in them where the 114 and 117 was low scoring outputs and we will see the bursts of 150 to 160 point games coming or will be the other way around where you are going to see the drop off to around the 100 point mark? teamAlaska in week 1 has already proven that they can score if needed by putting up 138 in week 1. It will be interesting to see which team comes out with their A game this week and moves their team to 2-1 on the season.

A matchup of two of the best Fantasy WR’s in Odell Beckham Jr and Julio Jones and I think that both of these teams will need big games from both of their star WR’s in order to win this one and we get to find out right away as OBJ is playing in the Thursday night game. I like the J. Jones brothers for Sportsfreak to have big games and Cecil Shorts may be the #1 target in Houston this week with Hopkins possibly out. Look for Sportsfreak to come out on top in what might be one of the higher scoring games of the week.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Domination? Well, yes the #’s would say so. Sportsfreak currently holds a 9-1 edge in their 10 regular season meetings. Sportsfreak averages 130.23 points vs teamAlaska by far their highest average against any one team while teamAlaska averages only 102.35 points against Sportsfreak which is their 2nd lowest average total against any team.. hence the term Domination! Will it continue?