BIGBOY! (148.96) vs Pack Attack (121.64)

BIGBOY! (3-0) continues their dominance this season with another really strong performance thanks in large part to the 40 points from Devonta Freeman (yes he was in my Draft Kings lineup). They continue to get big games each week from different players imagine what type of points this team would put up if they all decided to have a good game at the same time? For Pack Attack they fall to 1-2 on the season and it doesn’t get any easier as they will be facing Bossman next week.

Rapids Plungers (130.88) vs pack slayer (126.67)

Another week and just another huge comeback for Rapids Plungers as they come back from 25 points down thanks to Randall Cobb’s 30 point effort. The win moves Rapids Plungers to 3-0 on the season and sends pack slayer to a demoralizing defeat and a 1-2 record on the season. Rapids Plungers was lead by Cobb but also got big games from Amari Cooper (17pts) and Ryan Matthews (19pts) which is a good sign for Rapids Plungers because their #1 pick Jeremy Hill just had another tough game with only 1 point. That makes Hill’s average to be a whopping .55 points the last two weeks and PackMan12 thought his first round pick was bad! The silver lining is that Rapids Plungers is undefeated despite this fact so if he comes back around to living up to a worthy first round pick this team will be that much more dangerous. pack slayer got a huge game from Chris Johnson (27pts) and also Tyrod Taylor (24pts) had a solid game to make this one close and almost pull off the upset. They will be looking for win # 2 next week as they go up against teamAlaska. Something interesting to point out again as I like to see how Trades can shape teams for the better or worse and rarely do you see through three game a trade have this much impact in the wins and losses column but once again if Rapids Plungers doesn’t pull off the trade where they acquired Sam Bradford for Teddy Bridgewater they would have lost this game by 4 points. So for those of you counting at home with the trade they are 3-0 without the trade they would be 1-2.

Bossman (137.66) vs Showboat (127.62)

Bossman also moves to 3-0 on the season with another impressive outing. This week it took all of their 137 points to hang onto the win as Showboat (0-3) put up a fight despite all of the injuries and there was a time that it really looked like they might actually pull off the upset but then K. Allen (35pts) and Fitzgerald (32pts) took the team on their shoulders and led them to victory. With their WR’s playing so well they will certainly be in every game, now just imagine if they could find a RB! For Showboat, I am impressed with the fight of the team but in the end there just wasn’t enough firepower to keep up and it didn’t help that T. Williams was held without a catch (Who caught the ball in Dal)…. oh wait I know it was the guy sitting on Bossman’s bench (Dunbar). Until Romo and Bryant come back they are going to have to win games while scoring just over 100 as I don’t expect them to get much higher then that.

Big Papa (114.01) vs U Don’t Know (55.33)

And it is OVER! Yes, the losing streak for Big Papa (1-2) ends at 11 games thanks to a huge win this week against a U Don’t Know (0-3) squad that has their own share of injury woes. Big Papa was led by the Arizona D (32pts) and Brandon Marshall (24pts). This one has to feel extra good and not just because they broke out of that long losing streak but also because they did it without Davante Adams laying a goose egg and Marshawn Lynch only getting them 2 pts. The hope is that this is a sign of things to come for Big Papa and that they can now turn this into a winning streak and move up in the rankings. For U Don’t Know things are getting ugly quick with Roethlisberger going down for a few weeks, Lacy banged up and splitting reps with Starks and now the talk of McCoy being shut down for a game or two where will this team find their offense? They will get a chance next week to find out as they go up against DaUnderdog.

DaUnderdog (177.62) vs PackMan12 (148.18)

Wow! Talk about a shootout! DaUnderdog moves to 2-1 on the season in spectacular fashion as they outscore PackMan12 (1-2) this week. These are the hard ones to stomach as a coach as PackMan12 would have lost to two teams this week and of course they were playing one of them. To add insult to injury they watched as Aaron Rodgers (who I assume they debated drafting #1 overall) put up 42 points to Andrew Luck’s 15. For DaUnderdog they got two monster performances with of course Rodgers but they also got a whopping 53 points from AJ Green. To put that into perspective if DaUnderdog would have played U Don’t Know this week and only started AJ Green they would have only lost by 2 points (sorry U Don’t Know.. had to)! For PackMan12 they are used to this as this being their 5th season in the league all but one year they have started the season at 1-2 and as you know this is a team that has yet to miss the playoffs in 4 years. We’ll see if they can right the ship next week against HHH.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (101.90) vs HHH (82.04)

16hrs Ahead of you is off to their best start in the last 5 years as they move their record to 2-1 on the season with a big win against HHH. HHH (1-2) has got to be discouraged with this as one week removed from outscoring teamAlaska they come back with a less then impressive 82 point effort. Now granted they were without DeMarco Murray and got goose eggs from Andre Johnson (wow, has he been a disappointment) and Patrick Peterson on D. Outside of Gronkowski where is the scoring coming from with this team? I think they need to get Wilson and Murray back to form and hope that Johnson is just have a bad month or this team might be in a bit of trouble. For 16hrs they were able to get the win despite two players failing score a point this week. Jamaal Charles (27pts) and Matt Ryan (20pts) led the way and the rest of the team filled in the gaps enough for them to move to 2-1 on the young season. They have a tough matchup next week against Sportsfreak.

Sportsfreak (145.91) vs teamAlaska (111.00)

Sportsfreak (2-1) continues their domination against teamAlaska (1-2) as they have now beat them 10 times in 11 tries and they did it this week with two guys failing to record a point! teamAlaska has been consistent in the three games so far scoring over 110 points in each game however their opponents have been just a bit better.  There were a couple of guys left on the bench this week that I am sure they wish they would have figured out a way to get them in but I am not sure it would have been enough to make up the 34 point deficit. For Sportsfreak they have to love how this week turned out as it is not going to happen often that you can have two starters fail to score a point and you still win and put up 145 points while you are at it. They were led again by Julio Jones, the #1 scoring player in our league through three weeks and arguably the best waiver wire pickup thus far in James Jones. If they could just get some production out of CJ Anderson I suspect this team will hover around the top of the league all season.

Enjoy the week everyone!