Bossman (3-0) vs Pack Attack (1-2)

Another week and another test for Pack Attack as they get another undefeated team. The schedule makers have not been kind to Pack Attack as counting this week 4 game against Bossman Pack Attack’s opponents combined record is 10-2 with 3 of those opponents being undefeated. One could argue that the reason they are undefeated is because they were playing Pack Attack and that is a fair argument so we’ll see if they can slow down the red hot Bossman squad this week or will they help yet another team keep their donut in the loss column going? For Bossman it has to feel good to start out the season so fast and I know it must have been a point of emphasis in the off season as last year they started out 0-5 to begin the year. Bossman continues to get production from unlikely sources and this week they are hoping that Lance Dunbar and CJ Spiller can be those unlikely sources to help bring them to their 4th victory. This match up features the two teams who have the highest overall winning percentage of all time. Should be a good one and it starts tonight with each teams best player playing (Brown and Bell)!

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 7-4 edge in their 11 regular season matchups. Pack has averaged 124.53 ppg while Bossman averages 116.98 ppg.

Rapids Plungers (3-0) vs BIGBOY! (3-0)

And here is your matchup of the week as two of the remaining three undefeated teams go head to head! Rapids Plungers continues to win in dramatic fashion this season and their confidence has to be at an all time high where BIGBOY! hasn’t really been challenged this season having won each of his first three games by an average of 45 points. They do however boast the leagues easiest schedule thus far with their combined opponents record being 1-8. That all changes this week as they go up against a quality opponent in Rapids Plungers. This one should be fun to watch!

I first off took a look to see who Rapids Plungers has playing on Monday night since so far anyone who plays on Monday night for him has a monster game and looks like the lucky player is Eric Ebron this week. So the question is will it come down to this? I actually think the bigger question in this one is who is actually going to be playing. Arian Foster is 50/50 to play and for Rapids Plungers Sammy Watkins appears to be in the same camp. The difference is that BIGBOY atleast has a backup option however for Rapids Plungers they would need to drop someone to fill their WR spot. I am still not convinced Foster plays and if he does I suspect he won’t have a full workload, so let’s have some fun with this one. I am picking Rapids Plungers to win with a last second garbage time TD by Eric Ebron on Monday night!

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
BIGBOY! holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season meetings despite the fact that Rapids Plungers averages 132.23 ppg vs BIGBOY!’s paltry 100.07 ppg.


pack slayer (1-2) vs teamAlaska (1-2)

Both teams come into this one wanting the win to move back to .500 because no one wants to start out the season 1-3.. unless of course you are one of those 0-3 teams right now! pack slayer has been juggling his lineup all season trying to figure out the right combination and this week is no different with the potential return of Andre Ellington. Interestingly enough as of this writing it appears that they are going with the young QB of Tyrod Taylor over Stafford. It will be interesting to see if this is a matchup play or will Stafford be stuck on the bench for awhile? For teamAlaska the injury to Brees is the one they are monitoring closely because with Mariota on a bye week and not much available out there for starting QB’s this may be a last minute drop / add scenario as more information becomes known.

I am not really sure how to pick this one with the status of Brees. Even though he hasn’t played that great thus far I think the matchup against Dallas would be a good one and one where he could put up big points. In looking at the match ups however I think they favor pack slayer in this one as both OBJ and Calvin Johnson have tough defensive match ups. Look for pack slayer to come out on top in this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
This series is currently tied at 2-2, however teamAlaska holds a ever so slight edge in scoring as they have averaged 129.34ppg to pack slayer’s 128.41.


Big Papa (1-2) vs. Showboat (0-3)

Big Papa got off that long losing streak last week and now will be looking to start a two game winning streak and get back to .500 as they will be going up against a injury ravaged Showboat team. Big Papa however has their own set of injury issues as they get the joy of dealing with Lynch being a game time decision and he is playing on Monday night.  Davante Adams it would seem is out for this week so they are certainly running thin. For Showboat they made it through a week without injury but Dez and Romo are still no where close to coming back. I liked the fight I saw last week now the question is will it carry over to this week?

It was good to see Big Papa get the win last week however I think Showboat is ready to break their own little 3 game losing streak and get their first win. Look for Showboat to win a low scoring battle in this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Big Papa holds a 5-3 edge in their 8 regular season meetings. Big Papa has averaged 122.93 ppg to Showboat’s 121.68ppg.


DaUnderdog (2-1) vs U Don’t Know (0-3)

DaUnderdog will be looking to keep their strong start to the season going against another team that has been ravaged by the injury bug. DaUnderdog has increased their scoring every week so far but I suspect that might end this week as last week they put up 177 points in their win! U Don’t Know will be doing whatever they can this week to avoid starting off the season at 0-4 but with their entire team questionable to play that poses a bit of a challenge!

I think that U Don’t Know is going to battle in this one and I suspect it might come down to the wire but I just don’t see enough firepower there to overcome those injuries and beat a team that has been playing really well in DaUnderdog. Look for DaUnderdog to come back to earth a bit however this week and will need Baldwin and Graham on Monday night to have solid games to seal the win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
U Don’t Know holds a 5-4 edge in their 9 regular season meetings. U Don’t Know has averaged 106.10 points in those 9 match ups while DaUnderdog is below the 100 point mark with a 94.24 average.


PackMan12 (1-2) vs HHH (1-2)

Another matchup of 1-2 teams that desperately want to get back to the .500 mark on the season. PackMan12 couldn’t wait to get back to the field after their tough loss last week to DaUnderdog. However, the positive in that is they had to feel good about the way their team played. Not too many games will you lose while scoring 148 points and if they put up that kind of total this week I think they win easily. HHH is struggling and now their best player (Gronkowski) is on a bye things don’t look to get much better this week. Can they hold on and compete this week against PackMan12?

The answer is.. I don’t think so. There is too many things for them to overcome especially with Murray also being questionable to play. Look for PackMan12 to win this one with relative ease unless of course Andrew Luck’s injury is more serious then it seems and he misses the game then things could get interesting.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
PackMan12 holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season meetings and it shows in the averages as PackMan12 averages 125.67 ppg while HHH has averaged a mere 90.51 ppg.


Sportsfreak (2-1) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (2-1)

In one of the oldest rivalries in the league Sportsfreak and 16hrs meet while both teams are playing good football. 16hrs is off to one of their better starts in quite some time while Sporstfreak seems to have picked up where he left off last season en route to reaching the Super Bowl. The 16hrs squad is starting to get healthy and outside of Decker appear to be almost at full strength this week with both Evans and Jeffery looking to play. Sportsfreak has their full squad ready to go this week and they will be hoping to finally see some production out of there RB’s.

As mentioned the RB situation is interesting for Sportsfreak as they have benched Morris for the week and CJ Anderson has been playing terrible in the first three weeks so a lot can happen in the matter of a week but for Sporsfreak they are hoping they see some life from that RB squad. 16hrs will need to rely on their stars again this week to get it done. Charles should have a big game against Cincinnati and I like both Evans and Jeffery this week assuming they both play. The X factor for me in this one is Julio Jones. I am not sure I can pick against him right now as he can and has been single handedly carrying the team. Sportsfreak will get the W in this one.

Side note: Think Julio Jones is on a hot streak? He still needs 335 receiving yards this week to break Josh Gordon’s 4 game yards mark of 774. That’s ridiculous! And now you know why certain fantasy owners (yes, I am looking at you Rapids Plungers) love and still do love Gordon. He won them a lot of games that season!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
16hrs holds a 6-5 edge in their 11 regular season meetings. 16hrs has averaged 118.07 ppg while Sportsfreak averages 113.42ppg.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!