Pack Attack (181.01) vs Bossman (122.69)

This was a big win for Pack Attack as they moved their record back to .500 on the season and in doing so handed Bossman (3-1) their first loss of the season. Also in the loss Bossman will lose a little more depth at the RB Position as Lance Dunbar is now out for the season after tearing his ACL. It certainly doesn’t get easier next week for Bossman as they will be going up against Rapids Plungers.

Rapids Plungers (123.20) vs BIGBOY! (107.18)

Rapids Plungers (4-0) quietly (if that is possible) is now the only undefeated team in the league after they handed BIGBOY! (3-1) their first loss of the season. Rapids Plungers has been Mr. Consistent this year as their lowest scoring output of the season was 123.08 points and their highest is 143.45 however the scary part for the rest of the league is that they did this with two players sidelined (Bryant and Gurley) who I expect to have an impact on this team moving forward. So what I am trying to say is it would appear that this team has another gear it can get to. For BIGBOY! I think we saw the impact of having to start Blake Bortles instead of Tom Brady. In addition it was Fosters first game back and he looked terrible so for their sake I hope that is not a sign of things to come? They will get a chance to get win #4 next week against pack slayer.

pack slayer (108.78) vs teamAlaska (91.46)

It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win and I know that pack slayer will take it to move to .500 on the season at 2-2. teamAlaska is really struggling right now as they have lost 3 straight games after opening the season with a win. pack slayer did get solid production from really the entire team outside of Powell’s 1.6 points but the lowest other scorer on the team had 5 points but they didn’t get that big game from any of their players to really push up the score. They may need that next week as they go against BIGBOY! For teamAlaska they have to be encouraged by the play of Drew Brees and his 24 fantasy points however it is never good when your backup WR’s of Hankerson and Hurns outscore your starters Calvin Johnson and Odell Beckham Jr by 35 points. Sometimes fantasy football is very frustrating!

Big Papa (129.07) vs Showboat (64.81)

So one week after breaking the long losing streak now Big Papa suddenly has a mini two game winning streak and has put themselves right back into the thick of things by having their best performance of the season. They were led by Vincent Jackson’s 28 points this week and got another solid performance from Andy Dalton. I know I keep talking about this trade but I guess I can stop now or maybe Big Papa got sick of hearing it because they dropped Teddy Bridgewater this week. All the while Rapids Plungers enjoyed a solid 24 points from Bradford. Ok, I am done talking about that trade… (I think). For Showboat (0-4).. well they can atleast hang their hat onto the fact that they have three championships and have won the last two because it is getting ugly real fast so far this season.

DaUnderdog (84.31) vs U Don’t Know (66.94)

Sometimes it is better to be lucky then good and well for DaUnderdog (3-1) to get their third win of the season they had to be lucky and that they were as I highly doubt there will be too many times they will win games when their Kicker outscores Rodgers but that was the case this week. This was by far their lowest scoring game of the season and the first time they failed to break at least 110 points. It seems like most teams have a week like this and the difference is that usually they don’t win however DaUnderdog got just enough points to pull out the victory. For U Don’t Know (0-4) you thought things couldn’t get a lot worse then last week’s 55 point effort well we were right however they didn’t get a lot better with this weeks 66 point output. Injuries clearly have hurt this team with 4 guys out due to injury, we’ll see how they respond next week.

PackMan12 (140.52) vs HHH (82.96)

This was a big early season game for PackMan12 and they played like it as they came out and dominated HHH moving their record to 2-2 on the season. They did this despite Andrew Luck missing the game due to injury. The production came from primarily three players (Maclin,Clay, & Norman). Yes, their Defensive player Josh Norman was a monster this week scoring 32.40 points which was the highest total for a D player this season. For HHH (1-3) they really struggled to get anything going this week as they got another 0 points from Andre Johnson (Man am I glad I didn’t listen to Matthew Berry on that one) and actually lost two points from the Houston D. Beyond that they had 6 of their other players fail to score 6 points. So overall a really poor day for this team and they will be looking to get win #2 next week against the winless U Don’t Know squad.

Sportsfreak (99.55) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (84.08)

So I think the trend for this week is that overall there were not very many huge performances and overall scoring was down for everyone as we had yet another defensive struggle in this one but Sportsfreak (3-1) was able to come out on top. Like I mentioned about DaUnderdog’s win these are the type of wins that you don’t necessarily feel good about your team but you love the fact that you got the win. Probably kind of how the Seahawks feel about now. Chris Ivory led the way for Sportsfreak and really without his 27 points this one could have been a win for 16hrs. 16hrs falls to 2-2 on the season and will be looking forward to Alshon Jeffery coming back from injury so they can add another playmaker to the mix. Sportsfreak gets the chance for win #4 next week as they go up against PackMan12.

Enjoy the week everyone!