Big Papa (2-2) vs Pack Attack (2-2)

Big Papa is now riding a two game winning streak which the interesting thing about this is that last season after week 4, Big Papa had a 3-1 record but then didn’t win another game the rest of the year. This team looks better on paper then last years team so I certainly don’t expect that again and they have been playing really good football the last two weeks. They will get a chance to prove themselves yet again this week as they look for their third win in a row. This is one of the oldest rivalries in the league and I expect another good match up this week.

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 7-6 edge in the 13 games that they have played. Pack Attack averages 129ppg to Big Papa’s average of 124.95.

Rapids Plungers (4-0) vs Bossman (3-1)

GAME OF THE WEEK! Rapids Plungers puts their undefeated season to the test against Bossman who saw their undefeated season come to an end last week as well as their reign at the top of the leaderboard. With a win here Bossman would most likely regain that #1 spot for the week. Rapids Plungers despite this fast start still seems like a team trying to find the right lineup but now that Gurley is seemingly 100% and Martavis Bryant is back from suspension maybe they can find the lineup they have been looking for. Bossman has been led all season by their group of WR’s and last week that group saw a bit of a decline as Antonio Brown just didn’t look the same without Big Ben throwing the ball to him and with Edelman on a bye it made for a tough week. This week they do have their group of 4 ready to go so we’ll see if it will be enough to move them back to the top of the standings.

Rapids Plungers as we have seen the first 4 weeks has a team of players that could go off and have huge individual games but they also have a team of players that in the same sense you wouldn’t be shocked to see a 4-6 point stat line. Bossman has been consistent all year and I think that continues this week. Look for Rapids Plungers to struggle putting up points this week. Bossman to move back into 1st place after this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers holds a 4-3 edge in their 7 regular season matchups. However Bossman has averaged a whopping 142.37ppg to Rapids Plungers 129.87ppg. Are we in for a shootout? History would suggest yes.


BIGBOY! (3-1) vs pack slayer (2-2)

pack slayer got a much needed win last week to move their record back to .500 and setup a very important early season matchup with BIGBOY! a team that was rolling along until they came up against Rapids Plungers and then I am not sure if it was the intimidation factor that got to them as they were going up against a team that is coached by their Fantasy Football mentor or what happened but this didn’t look like the same team we saw in weeks 1-3. pack slayer will be hoping that carries over into this week and with a win here they would match BIGBOY in the win column. Not to mention holding the bragging rights for the year!

pack slayer is hitting BIGBOY! at a good time as they will be with AP for this matchup due to a bye week and it looks as though pack slayer may get Ellington back however I am not sure that will be any better then the #’s Chris Johnson has put up. Freeman is playing lights out right now and I expect Foster to get things going this week so I am going to go with BIGBOY! to get win #4 and stay at the top of the rankings.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
This series is currently tied at 2-2. pack slayer has averaged 128.06ppg while BIGBOY! has an average of 116.70ppg.


DaUnderdog (3-1) vs. Showboat (0-4)

DaUnderdog is off to one of their best starts ever and can push closer to their all time best start with another win this week. Showboat at this point is just trying to figure out a way to be competitive and maybe steal a win somewhere while they wait for Romo and Dez to return. There is not much to talk about in this one as the storylines are clear. Showboat decimated by injuries is looking to avoid an 0-5 start while DaUnderdog looks to keep their fast start going!

You know I actually think this is going to be a good game. I expect this to be the lowest scoring game of the week and it wouldn’t actually shock me to see Showboat pull off the upset I am just not sure that I can see that happening. Look for DaUnderdog to squeak out win #4.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 6-2 edge in their 8 regular season games. Showboat has averaged 121.43ppg in those games to DaUnderdog’s 96.92ppg.


HHH (1-3) vs U Don’t Know (0-4)

Here is a game that for so early in the season has great meaning for both teams and not because they are battling for playoff spots now but because if they want a glimmer of hope that the postseason is within reach this is becoming almost a must win game. Clearly a bit more emphasis for U Don’t Know who has yet to find that first win and remember most years a 7-6 team makes the playoffs so a loss here by U Don’t Know would likely mean they could lose one more game the rest of the season to have a shot at getting in…

I don’t expect huge points for either team but for U Don’t Know they are lacking the firepower to keep up so far this season and I expect that continue this week. Look for HHH to get win #2 on the season but doing it in less than impressive fashion.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
HHH holds a 6-3 edge in their 9 regular season games played. HHH has averaged 115.95ppg while U Don’t Know has an average of 108.38ppg.


Sportsfreak (3-1) vs PackMan12 (2-2)

Here is another matchup that I will be watching closely this week as both teams are coming off wins from the week before however I think PackMan12 comes into this one with the most momentum. However, when you start talking about that you have to remember that the momentum could fade quickly if Andrew Luck is unable to play again tonight. Sportsfreak had their worst week of the season last week despite the win and they will be looking to not only get another win this week but hopefully have a much better showing  in the process. Bragging rights are on the line!

I think that Andrew Luck is a huge question mark in this one especially since it is a Thursday game and clearly that makes a difference in my prediction. I looked at both teams and there is one thing that stands out and once again that is Julio Jones. I expect another lower scoring matchup and when that happens it means that one guy can swing the game in a teams favor and with Luck questionable I think that one guy who has the best chance to do this is Julio. In a less then confident pick I am going with Sportsfreak.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
In their 4 regular season match ups they have each won 2 games. PackMan12 however holds the edge in ppg average at 117.15ppg to Sportsfreak’s 108.77ppg.


16hrs Ahead of You!! (2-2) vs teamAlaska (1-3)

Both teams are coming off losses last week and for teamAlaska the last three weeks as they will be looking to break a 3 game losing streak in this one. teamAlaska had been playing ok football despite the losses until last week when they failed to score 100 points for the first time and struggled to get anything going. 16hrs is on the other side of the coin where despite their 2 wins they haven’t been playing very good football as they have only scored over 100 points one time and it was 101.90 points scored. They are going to need to find some more scoring somewhere if they plan to compete this season.

I don’t expect this one to be very close. Look for teamAlaska to win easily led by a big game from OBJ.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
teamAlaska holds a 6-4 edge in their 10 regular season match ups. teamAlaska averages 116.71ppg while 16hrs averages 106.85ppg.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!

Side note… I am 20-8 on the year in picking the winners so this year you actually might want me to pick you to win unlike other years when it was a sure sign you would lose!