Pack Attack (145.98) vs Big Papa (94.80)

Pack Attack comes away with a big win this week moving their record to 3-2 on the season and trying to keep pace with the top dogs while Big Papa falls to 2-3 and saw their two game winning streak come to an end. It doesn’t get any easier next week for Big Papa as Rapids Plungers comes to town.

Bossman (140.46) vs Rapids Plungers (130.66)

This game lived up to the hype as Bossman (4-1) hands Rapids Plungers (4-1) their first loss of the season. Rapids Plungers got big time production from two unlikely places in Willie Snead (18pts) and Denver’s D (24pts) however the disappointing performances of Cobb (4.75pts), Amari Cooper (6.48pts) and yet again Jeremy Hill (2.47pts) are what led to the loss in this one. Bossman got another good game from Forsett and T. Eifert after two down weeks comes back with a 2 TD to lead them to victory. Interestingly enough Rapids Plungers had the lead going into Monday nights matchup but with both Brown and K. Allen left to play it seemed inevitable that Bossman gets the win and of course they did but both Brown and Allen struggled by only scoring 13 points combined. Bossman will take it as they move back to the #1 spot in the league.

BIGBOY! (167.53) vs pack slayer (112.87)

BIGBOY! (4-1) put a hurting on pack slayer (2-3) as they had the biggest blowout of the week! This one got ugly quick as Devonta Freeman had yet another 30+ point game which is now his third straight and another solid pickup for BIGBOY! their TE Barnidge came away with 25 points to lead the way. It’s not like pack slayer had a terrible game this week it just was that they lacked the firepower to keep up. Dion Lewis (19pts) and Tyrod Taylor (20pts) had strong showings but the rest of the team struggled to get anything going. The win moves BIGBOY! to 2nd place in the division right behind Bossman! And speaking of Bossman, pack slayer will get the unenviable task of trying to slow them down next week!

DaUnderdog (98.22) vs Showboat (80.43)

DaUnderdog gets another win to move their record to 4-1 on the season and that is their 4th win in a row. For Showboat now 0-5 this has been about as rough of a start as you could imagine having scored less than 101 points in all but 1 game and with all the injuries it is hard to see where the scoring is going to come from for them. DaUnderdog on the other hand is off to one of their best starts and I always mention this but anytime you can steal a win while scoring less then 100 points you need to be happy and DaUnderdog has done just that two weeks in a row now. Allen Robinson led the way with 22 points for them but the good thing is that despite the team struggling to score points they are sitting at the top of the league and now will be hoping their players get out of their mini slumps and back to how they were in week 3 when they put up 177 points. A showdown with Pack Attack looms!

HHH (133.92) vs U Don’t Know (120.10)

This one had to feel good for HHH (2-3) as they had really been struggling the last two weeks in their losses as they were averaging a mere 82 points scored. So to put up 133 and get the W is huge for their confidence moving forward. U Don’t Know fought hard in this one and in the end came up a little bit too short as they fall to 0-5 on the season. This like HHH was a big scoring game for them as the previous two weeks they failed to score over 66 points, however luck was not on their side as HHH got a huge game from Doug Martin (35.95pts) and Andre Johnson came back from the dead with a 21 point effort. Now if all those guys can keep it going you shouldn’t see too many 80 point games from HHH however this big questions is can they? I guess we will find out next week. For U Don’t Know the question becomes can they win a game?

Sportsfreak (140.64) vs PackMan12 (134.01)

What a game this was unless of course you coach the PackMan12 squad. This one came down to the wire and thanks to 25 points and a late 4th quarter TD reception from Antonio Gates Sportsfreak got their 3rd win in a row and moved to 4-1 on the season. In addition to the 25 from Gates who had yet to play at all this season they got 27 pts from T. Rawls (I would call that a solid waiver wire pickup for the week). PackMan12 (2-3) can’t complain with the production of their own waiver wire add this week as they were forced to start J. McCown from Cleveland and all that he did was throw for 457 passing yards and score 39 fantasy points! This kept them in the game and actually for awhile it looked like it might win them the game until Gates decided to prove that he is still a viable TE1 in this league. Sportsfreak will savor this win on their Birthday nonetheless!

teamAlaska(97.26) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (65.38)

teamAlaska moves to 2-3 on the season and stops their three game losing streak. They were led this week by OBJ (24pts) and Brees (17pts) outside of that the rest of the team was average at best. For 16hrs (2-3) things got even worse as they not only just got off a 65 point effort and are dealing with nagging injuries to their top WR in Jefferey but now they also have lost Jamaal Charles for the year to a ACL injury. This team may struggle to find wins from here on out and they get an angry PackMan12 next week.

Enjoy the week everyone!