DaUnderdog (4-1) vs Pack Attack (3-2)

Game of the week!? Since this is the only match up where two teams with winning records will go head to head it by default has to be the game of the week. Not to mention this is one of the oldest rivalries in the league and now DaUnderdog is going to get their chance to solidify themselves among the league’s top teams as they go up against Pack Attack and not to mention a win here and they would ensure to be 2 games up in the playoff race.

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 9-5 edge in the 13 games that they have played. Pack Attack averages 127.70 ppg to DaUnderdog’s average of 102.92 ppg.

Rapids Plungers (4-1) vs Big Papa (2-3)

Rapids Plungers is coming off their first loss of the season and they will be looking to get back to their winning ways against a newly revamped Big Papa squad. Big Papa has been wheeling and dealing this week in an effort to better their team. All in all they could have 4 new look starters this week so it will be interesting to see in the coming weeks how those trades worked out for not just Big Papa but also the other teams involved which we will get to later in the preview. It seems that the entire Rapids Plungers team is listed as questionable this week which depending on their availability for Sunday could significantly impact the outcome of this game. Rapids Plungers was awarded C. West on waivers which really helps their RB situation this week and get this… as of this writing Charcandrick West is currently the starting RB for Rapids Plungers over their #1 pick Jeremy Hill. I love fantasy football, especially when I am not the one whose #1 pick turns out to be a bust! So who gets the win?

The lineups are not yet 100% finalized for either team but I really like some of the moves that Big Papa was able to make and given the injury status of some of Rapids Plungers players I am going to go with the upset and pick Big Papa to win in a very close match up.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers holds a 5-2 edge in their 7 regular season match-ups. Rapids Plungers has averaged 124.35 ppg to Big Papa’s average of 105.63 ppg.


Bossman (4-1) vs pack slayer (2-3)

Bossman got back to their winning ways last week and will look to keep it going against a desperate pack slayer squad who pulled of a big trade with Big Papa to get Brandon Marshall. In doing so they did have to give up their top RB in Matt Forte but this trade certainly bolstered their WR depth especially when LaFell comes back. For Bossman they just keep quietly winning games like they have seemed to do since they joined the league. The impressive part is how Bossman has been winning as they have been able to continue to pull off victories despite Brown (their top pick) being merely average ever since Big Ben went down to injury. Can they keep it going this week or will pack slayer prove they can keep up with the big dogs?

So the one major issue that I see with Bossman’s team is the inconsistency at QB which could come back to haunt them come playoff time however luckily this week Bortles is up against the Houston Texans and their opponent in pack slayer is forced to start Ryan Fitzpatrick. Bossman’s WR group will once again dominate this week but the big question mark is Forsett and will he play, If he plays I think Bossman gets the win and if he doesn’t it sure makes this one close as Buck Allen would start for pack slayer and bolster their lineup. I need to go with the assumption that Forsett plays and therefore pick Bossman to get win #5.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
pack slayer holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season meetings. pack slayer has averaged 134.20 ppg while Bossman has an average of 125.85 ppg.


BIGBOY! (4-1) vs. teamAlaska (2-3)

One of the things I always look for when evaluating teams is the weak points because in a 14 team league it is inevitable that most teams will have some. However, when you look at BIGBOY’s team there is really only one and that is the WR group otherwise this team appears to be stacked especially with the emergence of Barnidge at the TE position. Not very often do you see a team that has 3 of the top 5 rated RB’s for that week and that is what you are seeing this week with BIGBOY! teamAlaska finally got the win last week to break their 3 game losing streak and if they could somehow pull off the upset this week that would go a long way towards their chances of making the postseason.

Unfortunately for teamAlaska I don’t see it happening this week. I think BIGBOY! has too many ways to beat you and will find a way to get win #5 and I could actually see them overtake Bossman for points and the #1 spot after this week.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
teamAlaska holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season games. However, BIGBOY! averages 135.27 PPG to teamAlaska’s 104.82 ppg so when BIGBOY! wins they win big…. that trend may continue.


HHH (2-3) vs Showboat (0-5)

HHH will be looking to get back to back wins for the first time this year and going up against the winless Showboat team might just be what is needed to accomplish this. This is looking more and more like a loss season for Showboat but hey you can hang your head high as your name is on that trophy as much or more then anyone else’s name.

I expect a really low scoring match up in this one and with all the byes it might go down as the lowest score this year for Showboat. Look for HHH to get back to .500 and the winless season to continue for Showboat.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 5-2 edge in their 7 regular season games played. Showboat has averaged 124.78 ppg while HHH has an average of 107.78 ppg.


Sportsfreak (4-1) vs U Don’t Know (0-5)

This has been an odd year in that we are already seeing separation from the top 1/2 of the league to the bottom half and with five teams at 4-1 it is going to make it more difficult for some of those on the bottom to work their way back to the top. I mention that because we have another seemingly one sided match up where Sportsfreak is rolling at 4-1 and U Don’t Know is clearly struggling having yet to find that elusive first win. Injuries clearly have played a part here as Big Ben and McCoy are still out. Sportsfreak on the other hand despite the struggles of their 2nd round pick (CJ Anderson) has been able to start off the season with 4 wins and just pulled off a trade with packman12 to obtain Brandin Cooks. Another trade that will be interesting to monitor as the weeks progress.

I expect Sportsfreak to get win # 5 with relative ease this week and keeping U Don’t Know and Showboat winless on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
Sportsfreak holds a 6-3 edge in the 9 regular season meetings. Sportsfreak also holds the edge in ppg average at 116.03 ppg to U Don’t Know’s 101.78 ppg.


16hrs Ahead of You!! (2-3) vs PackMan12 (2-3)

One of these teams will be back to .500 this week and have put themselves right in the thick of the playoff race. 16hrs has been struggling the last couple of weeks and now with the loss of their best player to a torn ACL things are not looking so positive for them right now. PackMan12 on the other hand will be looking to overcome that tough loss last week. This record might be a bit misleading as they have averaged 140 point per game the last three weeks but have only won 1 of those games and their other win on the season came on a week when they scored just 100 points! Go figure. They have been on a loss / win / loss / win plan so far and if that continues to hold through that would mean a win for PackMan12 this week.

I do expect that to be the case as I expect PackMan12 to win this one with relative ease.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 has yet to lose to 16hrs and holds a 4-0 advantage. PackMan12 averages 128.37 ppg while 16hrs averages only 98.96ppg.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!