Pack Attack (156.99) vs HHH (104.73)

HHH (3-4) came into this one riding a two game winning streak and were really looking for that big win to get them over .500 on the season. However, Pack Attack (5-2) too was needing this win to keep pressure on the top teams and they were able to get it done and get their 4th win in a row. It won’t get much easier next week as HHH goes up against Rapids Plungers.

Rapids Plungers (159.08) vs DaUnderdog (106.85)

This felt like a statement game from Rapids Plungers (5-2) as after losing their lost two games there were some questions as to how good this team really is but I think they were able to quiet the critics at least for this week as they were able to come away with the big win. DaUnderdog (4-3) now might be the team feeling a bit of the heat as they have followed up their 4 game winning streak by now losing two in a row. Todd Gurley (31pts) and waiver wire add Stefon Diggs (23pts) came up big for Rapids Plungers, you could also add Charcandrick West and his 21 points onto this and Rapids Plungers got 44 points from two guys that were  not even on their roster as of two weeks ago. I know it is a deep league but there are still gems to be found now the question is can they keep it up? For DaUnderdog they knew going in this would be a tough matchup to win with a number of their players on a bye including Aaron Rodgers and AJ Green but the fact that they were able to put up a fight should have despite the loss boosted their confidence for next week’s game.

pack slayer (130.76) vs Big Papa (113.35)

This was the only game in doubt heading into the Monday night game and pack slayer (3-4) was able to hold off Big Papa (3-4) for the potential season saving win. I know it is early but with this win and an upcoming schedule that only includes one of the top 5 teams (Sportsfreak) this could be a team you see moving up in the rankings. Big Papa (3-4) was coming off a big win last week against Rapids Plungers however they couldn’t quite keep up with pack slayer in this one. pack slayer was led this week by their TE (Jordan Reed) and his 26 points and in a close second Chris Johnson who seems to have found new life in Arizona. Big Papa on the other hand was looking for a few more guys to step up and unfortunately for them no one did. Rivers (29pts) and Lynch (19pts) both had solid games but the rest of the team was average at best. At 3-4 both teams will have to play above .500 football the rest of the way to have a shot at the playoffs.

BIGBOY! (168.83) vs Bossman (122.81)

In the match up of the week or maybe we could even say the year since both teams came into this game at 5-1 and were #’s 1 & 2 in the rankings. BIGBOY! showed Bossman who the real Boss was as they dominated this game from start to finish. Bossman (5-2) picked a bad time to have one of their worst games of the season and outside of their TE (Eifert) they were playing with their full roster. BIGBOY! (6-1) was just the better team this week and showed why they are the early favorites to win it all. One of the may things to look at when it comes to teams is do they rely heavily on one player or do they get production from their entire team and it is evident so far this year that BIGBOY can beat you in many different ways. This week they were led by 39pts from Lamar Miller and another 31 points from Tom Brady. The big news however coming out of this one is that Arian Foster once again is out with an injury and this one will keep him out the rest of the year. If any team can overcome that type of a loss it’s BIGBOY but that’s a big blow considering they just traded away Devonta Freeman last week. Bossman will look to get back to their winning ways next week as they go up against teamAlaska.

Sportsfreak (120.47) vs Showboat (78.96)

Can you believe it but this is a rematch of last year’s Super Bowl? My how tides have turned since then. Sportsfreak (6-1) has continued to roll and after this weeks win has now won 5 games in a row and is sitting tied for first place while Showboat is now 0-7 on the season and better be staring long and better start thinking about what picture they are going to hang as a replacement to that championship plaque. Sportsfreak pulled off a big trade with BIGBOY! last week and it will be interesting to watch this as the season progresses. I looked back this past week and it is interesting  that Sportsfreak is even at where they are considering that their 2nd (CJ Anderson) and 3rd round (Alfred Morris) picks have been terrible. It is hard enough to win in this league when you hit home runs on your top picks but to be able to be tied for first like Sportsfreak is now is impressive. They have a tough upcoming schedule so we will find out soon if this is a championship caliber team as they appear to be now or will they fall back to the middle of the pack?

U Don’t Know (93.45) vs 16hrs Ahead of You! (52.73)

Finally! U Don’t Know (1-6) was able to break out of their 6 game losing streak to start the season and also get that first W! Even though this is a loss season for U Don’t Know I know that they won’t go down quietly and will keep fighting to the end! 16hrs falls to 2-5 on the season with their worst performance of the year. The interesting part was that this game actually meant something to 16hrs and with a win they could have put themselves within striking distance but given this loss it seems that 16hrs is set for another season missing the playoffs.

PackMan12 (126.15) vs teamAlaska (95.74)

Here comes PackMan12 as they have now won 3 of their last 4 games to push their record to 4-3 and into the #6 spot in the league. This is a team just always seems to figure out ways to get wins and this week they were led by Danny Woodhead and his 28 points! Here’s one for you… let’s put Danny Woodhead up against teamAlaska’s trio of Brees, Calvin Johnson and OBJ and who do you think will win? Well ok the trio of players from teamAlaska would win but just by 1 point! I am sure that PackMan12 coach will tell you that he expected this big game from Danny Woodhead.. well he would also be telling you a lie nonetheless a win is a win and there is no arguing that PackMan12 knows how to do that. For teamAlaska this was another tough loss and they are watching their season slip away. The one thing that gives them hope is that they have scored a decent amount of points for a 2 win team so if any team towards the bottom of the standings has a chance to make a run it would be them.

Enjoy the week everyone!