Sportsfreak (6-1) vs Pack Attack (5-2)

What better game to start off the week then one of the best and oldest rivalries in the league and not to mention both teams are fighting to stay at the top of the league. Pack Attack comes in with a 4 game winning streak while Sportsfreak has one up them with a 5 game winning streak. These are two teams that are playing well and the winner here not only has the bragging rights but this could be a match up for playoff seeding!

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 8-6 edge in the 14 games that they have played. Pack Attack averages 120.15 ppg to Sportfreak’s average of 110.52 ppg.

Rapids Plungers (5-2) vs HHH(3-4)

Rapids Plungers is coming off the statement win last week and now they will look to keep it rolling against a HHH squad that is coming off a tough loss last week. This is a big game for HHH as they will be looking to get back to .500 and prove to the rest of the league that they are a force to be reckoned with!

I find it funny that Bridgewater is starting this game for Rapids Plungers after the week 1 trade. I look for Rapids Plungers to get their 6th win on the season as HHH I don’t think will be able to keep up.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers holds a 5-2 edge in their 7 regular season match-ups. Rapids Plungers has averaged 121.11 ppg to HHH’s average of 94.45 ppg.


DaUnderdog (4-3) vs pack slayer (3-4)

Here is another big game for both teams. DaUnderdog has been struggling a bit as they have lost their last two games to playoff contending teams and now you have a squad in pack slayer that is coming off a big week and is pushing hard to get back to the .500 mark. This should be a fun to watch!

This one is hard to predict because the rosters aren’t set yet but with Rodgers going up against the Denver D I don’t expect a huge game from him. I think pack slayer gets the win and sends DaUnderdog to their 3rd straight loss.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
pack slayer holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season meetings. pack slayer has averaged 120.55 ppg while DaUnderdog has an average of 95.74 ppg.


BIGBOY! (6-1) vs. Big Papa(3-4)

We’ve got a BIGBOY and a Big Papa going head to head in a BIG matchup this week. Always fun when you have the father son match up and this is a big game but more so from Big Papa’s perspective because they need this win to climb their way back to .500. BIGBOY! lost Arian Foster but they didn’t have him for much of the season anyway so I don’t expect them to be hurting too much. This should be another good match up!

Based on records and the way BIGBOY has been dominating you would think that Big Papa would be a huge underdog and well you would be right. However, I am intrigued by this one. Big Papa has been finding ways to score and they will certainly have to put up one of their better point totals to win.. do they have it in them? I don’t think so. I think BIGBOY moves on with their 7th win of the season!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 4-1 edge in their 5 regular season games. BIGBOY! averages 133.69PPG to Big Papa’s 124.95 ppg.


Bossman (5-2) vs teamAlaska (2-5)

Bossman will be looking to get back to their winning ways again this week against a teamAlaska squad that is in desperate need of a win. Bossman now has the toughest part of their schedule behind them as they play only two remaining teams that have winning records (DaUnderdog and Sportsfreak). teamAlaska just needs a win to try to crawl their way from the bottom of the standings a win here sure would go a long ways towards saving their season.

Well Yahoo loves Bossman’s team this week based on the projections and although I do expect them to win I expect teamAlaska to put up a fight. Bossman comes out on top again and stays at the top of the pack!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
teamAlaska holds a 5-3 edge in their 8 regular season games played. teamAlaska has averaged 1116.41 ppg while Bossman has an average of 110.72 ppg.


16hrs Ahead of You!! (2-5) vs Showboat (0-7)

Here is two teams that are seemingly playing for pride right now as Showboat our reigning back to back champ has yet to find his first win of the season and 16hrs ahead of you is having a hard time finding another win. Can Showboat break that losing streak like U Don’t Know did last week?

I think this is the week that Showboat gets the feeling of a victory! Look for them to win in a low scoring affair.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
Showboat holds a 4-3 edge in the 7 regular season meetings. Showboat also holds the edge in ppg average at 116.69 ppg to Showboat’s 102.36 ppg.


Packman12 (4-3) vs U Don’t Know (1-6)

PackMan12 has won two straight and U Don’t Know is coming off their first win of the season. Can they string together some wins here to salvage some respectability in the league?

Boy this one I think is going to be close especially if Big Ben plays but I trust PackMan12 a bit more so look for them to come out on top and if Big Ben doesn’t play they should win this one with ease.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 holds a 3-1 lead in their 4 regular season games. PackMan12 averages 132.81 ppg while U Don’t Know averages only 99.14 ppg.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!