PackMan12 (6-3) vs Pack Attack (5-4)

There are a number of big games this week and this certainly would qualify as one of them. PackMan12 and Pack Attack are seemingly going in different directions as PackMan12 will be looking for their 5th straight win while Pack Attack will be looking to avoid their 3rd straight loss. PackMan12 got some tough news this week as they will be without Luck for potentially the rest of the fantasy football season and at least more then likely the remainder of the regular season and with one of the tougher remaining schedules it will be interesting to see if PackMan12 can hold on and push their way into the playoffs.

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 3-1 edge in the 4 games that they have played. Pack Attack averages 118.20 ppg to PackMan12’s average of 119.72 ppg.

Rapids Plungers (6-3) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!!(4-5)

Rapids Plungers will be looking to get back on track this week after a tough loss to Sportsfreak last week. This team it seems has been trying to find it’s way the last few weeks as they have a record of 2-3 after starting the season with 4 straight wins. They however are entering the easier part of their schedule so if they are going to make their move to not only make the playoffs but fight for a first round bye it needs to start this week. 16hrs on the other hand has won their last two games and after their 182 point effort last week I think their confidence is at a all time high. They still have a lot of work to do in order to get into the playoffs but a win here against another playoff contending team would go a long way towards them making it back to the playoffs.

This will be an interesting game and this one might come down to how each teams players perform in the Rams vs Bears game as 16hrs has Cutler and Jeffery going so if they have another game like last week things will for sure get interesting while Rapids Plungers has Gurley going against the Bears in what seems like a shoe in 20 point game for him at home. The injury to Cooper is interesting here as it is never good to hear someone went down in practice. A tough one to call but I am going to go with the upset and pick 16hrs to get their 3rd win in a row.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers holds a 5-1 edge in their 6 regular season match-ups. Rapids Plungers has averaged 120.72 ppg to 16hrs average of 96.20 ppg.


Sportsfreak (8-1) vs pack slayer (5-4)

Here is another big game for both teams as Sportsfreak is looking to keep pace with BIGBOY! for that #1 spot and not to mention they are riding a 7 game winning streak while pack slayer is trying to move themselves into playoff position. pack slayer has been playing wells as of late as they have now won 3 straight games however they are going to need to prove that they are more then just a mid tier team because all 5 of their wins have come against teams with losing records while all 4 of their losses have been against teams who are right now playoff teams so the positive for pack slayer is that they are winning the games they maybe “should” win but if they want to be taken seriously they are going to have to get that signature win against a playoff team and they will have that opportunity this week against one of the top teams in the league.

This is another game that I expect to be close and both teams have a star player going in tonight’s game so it will be interesting to see who jumps out to the good start. pack slayer hits Sportsfreak at a good time as they are without Freeman this week however the individual match ups seem to favor Sportsfreak so I am going to go with them to get their 8th win in a row heading into the showdown with BIGBOY! next week.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
pack slayer holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season meetings. pack slayer has averaged 127.21 ppg while Sportsfreak has an average of 111.49 ppg.


BIGBOY! (8-1) vs. HHH (3-6)

I know that there is another 8-1 team (Sportsfreak) so it is possible that BIGBOY doesn’t even end up with the #1 seed this season but right now the way they have been dominating opponents week in and week out they are the #1 team in the league. Sportsfreak will get their opportunity to change my mind next week but for now I think it is clear. HHH on the other side has really been struggling these past three games especially last week when they had their lowest point total of the season with 68 points. If they want any chance of the playoffs they need to win now and that is something that only one team this season has figured out how to do so far against BIGBOY!

I don’t expect a monster game from BIGBOY! this week but I don’t think HHH has enough firepower to pull out the win. Look for BIGBOY to win by 30.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season games. BIGBOY! averages 145.82 PPG to HHH’s 129.06 ppg.


Bossman (6-3) vs DaUnderdog (4-5)

Another game and yet another very important match up. This game certainly means more to DaUnderdog simply because they are fighting for their playoff lives however Bossman is trying to make a push for not only the playoffs but they want to keep their hopes alive of a first round bye. Bossman is just 1-2 in their last three games but they did average over 120 points in those two losses and then had a monster game last week with 168 points. In fact, their lowest scoring week of the season was 121.29 points and that was in week 4. DaUnderdog has lost 4 straight games after starting the season with an impressive 4-1 start. This would be a big win to get them back to .500 and right in the thick of the playoff race. They are in a similar scenario as pack slayer in that they have struggled against the top teams in the league with their only win coming against PackMan12. They like pack slayer will get their chance at a statement win this week.

Bossman is still trying to figure out how to replace the loss of Keenan Allen and unfortunately for them Brown’s value goes down slightly without Roethlisberger at QB. DaUnderdog just got a little boost now that Starks is the #1A in the Packers backfield and overall I really like their matchups this week. I am going to go with DaUnderdog in the upset win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 8-2 edge in their 10 regular season games played. Bossman has averaged 122.07 ppg while DaUnderdog has an average of 109.49 ppg.


teamAlaska (4-5) vs Big Papa (3-6)

teamAlaska comes into this one fresh off their second straight win and in both those games they have scored over 165 points. The story is much different for Big Papa as they come into this one having loss three straight games and just had their worst performance of the season last week.  As mentioned in the past it seems every year a 7 win team makes the playoffs but I am not sure I ever remember a 6 win team making the playoffs so that means that Big Papa you can’t afford another loss and teamAlaska there is also little room for error and therefore makes this a very big game for both teams.

A terrible time for Big Papa to have to be without a number of players due to bye weeks with that said I don’t see them scoring enough in this one to keep up with teamAlaska. Look for teamAlaska to get the win and move themselves into the thick of the playoff race.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
Big Papa holds a 8-4 edge in the 12 regular season meetings. Big Papa also holds the edge in ppg average at 122.92 ppg to teamAlaska’s 109.19 ppg.


U Don’t Know (1-8) vs Showboat (0-9)

Game of the year! Well, for these two teams it is anyway as Showboat will be trying to get that elusive first win of the season and U Don’t Know will be looking for win # 2 and all but guarantee they won’t finish in last place this year. The interesting part about this season when speaking of Showboat is that they seem to either be the best team in the league or the worst. Looking back to 2007 when they won their first Super Bowl the following two seasons they followed that up by having a record 5-21 the next two seasons including a winless season in 2009. U Don’t Know on the other hand has had a tough decade as in the 10 years they have been in the league they have one playoff appearance to show for it. For U Don’t Know… let’s hope the next decade treats you a little more kind! Showboat has three championships to his name so winless season or not you can’t say they haven’t been successful!

Alright so who wins this one? Can it end in our first ever tie? I highly doubt it so I am going to have to go with U Don’t Know to get win # 2 and keep Showboat’s winless season in tact!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
U Don’t Know holds a 4-3 lead in their 7 regular season games. Showboat averages 135.94 ppg while U Don’t Know averages only 137.56 ppg.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!