PackMan12 (108.48) vs Pack Attack (94.01)

PackMan12 (7-3) is on a roll as they have now won 5 straight games and have moved themselves all the way up into the #4 spot. They had the pickup of the week this week as they snagged Kirk Cousins from the free agent pool and he had a decent game considering it was the first perfect passer rating of the season and he put up 35.48 points! This was huge for PackMan12 as they will be without Luck for possibly the entire season so they will have to find ways to get production out of their backups and if this was any indication they are off to a good start. For Pack Attack (5-5) they have not won since the Bell injury and are more then likely going to need to win their last three games to get into the playoffs.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (122.89) vs Rapids Plungers (105.51)

16hrs ahead of you (5-5) is on a roll as they have now won three straight games to put themselves in the thick of the playoff race. This is a team that many left for dead before they started this run and with just three games left they sit at the #8 spot something that I know none of us really expected. For Rapids Plungers (6-4) they have now lost two straight games and struggled to get their offense going again. They have fallen all the way to the #6 spot and will most likely need to win two more games to get in.

pack slayer (151.62) vs Sportsfreak (90.62)

Speaking of teams on a roll… pack slayer (6-4) has now won 4 straight games and moved themselves all the way up to the # 5 spot. In the last 4 weeks their lowest scoring week was 125 points and this week was their best at 151. Langford has come up big for them so far with Forte out and you would think that he would have a role still when Forte is back but that is for sure something worth monitoring and could really play a big part in the success of pack slayer moving forward. Sportsfreak (8-2) on the other hand didn’t put up a fight at all this week. I am not sure if they were overlooking their opponent and looking ahead to the matchup this week with BIGBOY! but either way they didn’t come to play. They will need a much better week next week if they want to compete with BIGBOY!

BIGBOY! (136.13) vs HHH (115.94)

BIGBOY! (9-1) with their 9th win of the season was able to be the first team to secure their playoff berth which means at a minimum all you 6 win teams out there you control your own destiny. Win out and you are in! There is not much to say that already hasn’t been said as BIGBOY! is the clear favorite to win it all this year. They have a big matchup with Sporsfreak this week and with a win they would all but ensure themselves of a first round bye. HHH (3-7) saw their season most likely come to an end as they have lost their 4th straight game and the only slight hope they have at making the playoffs would be to win out and get a lot of help in the process.

Bossman (131.66) vs DaUnderdog (121.34)

Bossman moved to 7-3 on the season but suffered yet another injury to their WR group in the process and what once was a major strength now looks much more pedestrian. However, they still have A. Brown and Fitzgerald so all is not loss but you have to wonder at what point does the injuries be just to much to overcome? The good news is that with 7 wins on the season they really probably only need one more win to ensure themselves a spot in the playoffs. DaUnderdog (4-6) has put themselves in a major hole with 3 games to play. They have now lost 5 straight games and obviously are struggling to get wins so the fact that they need to now win three straight games to give themselves a shot at the playoffs well that seems like a very tall order. I will say that their remaining three games are against non playoff teams so if there is a glimmer of hope there it is.

Big Papa (119.26) vs teamAlaska (112.79)

This was a must win for Big Papa (4-6) and they did just that to keep their playoff hopes alive for another week. The 29 points from Michael Floyd on Sunday night was enough for them to pull off the upset. What was even more impressive was the fact that Floyd did this against the Seattle D in Seattle he will certainly be a player that Big Papa will have to hope will continue his hot streak these next three games. For teamAlaska they dropped to 4-6 on the season and now have put them in the unenviable position of not being able to afford many more if any losses to have a chance. It will be interesting to see if either of these two teams three weeks from now will still be standing and in the playoffs?

U Don’t Know (75.00) vs Showboat (51.97)

U Don’t Know (2-8) was able to get their 2nd win of the season and sending Showboat to a 0-10 start. This was about as ugly as we all figured as these two teams are on cruise control for the rest of the season. There is always next season to look forward to and good thing for those DFS games!

Enjoy the week everyone!