Pack Attack (5-5) vs U Don’t Know (2-8)

Pack Attack comes into this one in desperate need of a win as they have now lost three straight games and haven’t been playing good in those three losses and they will need to win out to ensure themselves of a playoff berth. For U Don’t Know they are just playing out the schedule at this point and will be ready to give it another go next season.

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 7-2 edge in the 9 games that they have played. Pack Attack averages 115.93 ppg to U Don’t Know’s average of 100.31 ppg.

Rapids Plungers (6-4) vs PackMan12 (7-3)

There are a number of big games this week and this is one of them. Rapids Plungers comes into this one having lost two straight but still sitting in really good position as following this week they will play U Don’t Know and Showboat to close out the season. Those are clearly games they will be expected to win so that makes this game that much more interesting. For PackMan12 they just keep finding ways to pull out wins and because of their low points scored total they are more then likely not going to win many tie breakers and even though 8 wins doesn’t guarantee you a playoff berth it usually is the magic number and given how things are going so far I think 8 wins gets you in.

I have looked at this one closely trying to figure out how PackMan12 might be able to pick up a guy off of waivers that gets 35 points or what guy might have the game of his life this week and I am having trouble finding it. With that said, I think PackMan12 has a solid week but I really like Rapids Plungers roster this week and I expect them to break out of their 2 game losing streak and make a run these last three games.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers holds a 3-1 edge in their 4 regular season match-ups. Rapids Plungers has averaged 129.97 ppg to PackMan12’s average of 104.99 ppg.


pack slayer (6-4) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (5-5)

Another big game for both teams as the surprising 16hrs squad will be looking to inch even closer to playoff positioning while pack slayer will be looking to move up their playoff seeding. Both teams have been playing really well as pack slayer is now riding a 4 game winning streak and 16hrs is not far behind with their 3 game winning streak. This is probably a more important game for 16hrs then for pack slayer as 16hrs can’t afford really any more losses and their remaining two games after this are against BIGBOY! and Bossman.

I think the roster is such that pack slayer has the better roster but the matchups are not very favorable this week. I suspect a lower scoring game but I still think pack slayer comes out on top by about 10 points thanks to a big game from LaFell on Monday night.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
pack slayer holds a 4-0 edge in their 4 regular season meetings. pack slayer has averaged 137.61 ppg while 16hrs has an average of 115.66 ppg.


BIGBOY! (9-1) vs. Sportsfreak (8-2)

Here it is! The game of the week and quite possibly the game of the year so far! It has lost a little bit of its luster after Sportsfreak’s loss last week but it is still a showdown of the top two teams in the league and quite possibly a Super Bowl preview? I know there are some other teams that will certainly have something to say about that but until they prove otherwise these are the two top dogs!

I was hoping that bye weeks wouldn’t play a big factor in this one and it won’t too much however it certainly hits Sportsfreak harder as Brandin Cooks will be on a bye and he has been really good the last 4 weeks. I see the QB spot as being about even and maybe even an edge to Sportsfreak but the WR spot the edge easily goes to BIGBOY. The RB position is closer but Sportsfreak is going to need the Devonta Freeman that averages 35 points per game not the one that averages 15. TE Spot goes to Sportsfreak as Olsen should have a good game against Washington but in the end I don’t see Sportsfreak having enough firepower to keep up. Both teams have a number of players that are capable of big games as Sportsfreak has 5 guys that have scored over 30 + points in a game this season and BIGBOY is not far behind with 4 guys having scored 30+ points. The question is which team will have the guy(s) that go off for the 30+ point game this week? I think BIGBOY wins in a close game.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season games. BIGBOY! however averages 114.64 PPG to Sportsfreak’s 109.64 ppg.


Bossman (7-3) vs HHH (3-7)

You typically wouldn’t call a team with 7 wins going up against a team with 3 wins as a big matchup but I think this is a big matchup and game for Bossman and let me tell you why. Bossman has been hit hard with injury and the one guy that can mask all the injuries and carry the team on his back is Antonio Brown who happens to be on a bye this week. The last two games for Bossman are against Sportsfreak and the suddenly emerging 16hrs squad so both tougher games. As said before 8 wins should get you in and this week for Bossman definitely feels like their best chance to get that 8th win. I am not saying they will lose three straight games I am saying however that with all the injuries what looked like a possible playoff bye is now leaving some room to question whether a playoff run even happens and that is why this becomes a big game for Bossman. For HHH I know they would love to win this one and play the role of spoiler the rest of the way but do they have enough firepower?

So I think this will be close and the only way Bossman wins this game is if Carr, Fitzgerald, Forsett and Eifert have big games and well right now I think i am going with HHH to come away with the win. And the worst part for Bossman is that I expect it to come down to the player that is likely going to see the biggest increase in value with Edelman out and that is Amendola. Look for Amendola and Blount to lead HHH to victory on Monday night.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 6-3 edge in their 9 regular season games played. Bossman has averaged 112.48 ppg while HHH has an average of 105.28 ppg.


DaUnderdog (4-6) vs Big Papa (4-6)

This is a must win for both teams as a loss will all but eliminate them from playoff contention. I am sure i will be saying it a lot these next couple of weeks but it seems almost every year there is one 7 win team that makes the playoffs so the team that wins this one will hold out hope at least for one more week that they might be able to make the playoffs.

This is a tough one to call and I suspect it will be a close game. For DaUnderdog to win they are going to need Rodgers, Robinson, Green and Landry to lead their team to victory whereas for Big Papa I think they are going to need to get good production from their QB stafford this week. When it is all said and done I am thinking that DaUnderdog wins this one in a nail biter as Michael Floyd will need 20 points to win the game on Sunday night and he will come up 5 points short.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
DaUnderdog holds a 8-6 edge in the 14 regular season meetings. DaUnderdog holds the ever so slight edge in ppg average at 104.46 ppg to Big Papa’s 104.33 ppg.


teamAlaska (4-6) vs Showboat (0-10)

The last bye weeks of the year are sure hitting teamAlaska hard in a week and game that they have to win. They will be without OBJ and Drew Brees two players that have been carrying their team. Showboat is checked out and is savoring the last couple of months with that trophy before he sends it to its new owner!

This is actually a hard one to predict with all they byes I mentioned. I am going with the upset here and picking Showboat to get their first win of the season!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 6-3 lead in their 9 regular season games. Showboat averages 120.39 ppg while teamAlaska averages only 112.37 ppg.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!