U Don’t Know(126.12) vs Pack Attack (118.52)

U Don’t Know (3-8) is now playing the role of spoiler these next couple of weeks and it started this week as they had their best week of the season which seems to be the theme so far this season against Pack Attack (5-6). If I was the coach of Pack Attack I would sure be annoyed by this trend! U Don’t Know has now won two straight games and are looking to build some momentum for next season while Pack Attack’s playoff hopes took a big hit with this loss.

PackMan12 (134.68) vs Rapids Plungers (71.50)

PackMan12 (8-3) has now won 6 straight games and is starting to make a believer out of the doubters out there I still think the total points scored is telling us a little bit of a picture for this team OR it is telling you a picture of a team that struggled early but has been able to find some momentum as they have the longest winning streak in the league and like I have talked about in the past this team will get the opportunity to prove it again next week as they go up against pack slayer and they finish out the season with a game against BIGBOY which interestingly enough could be for the #1 seed. For Rapids Plungers (6-5) they are struggling to find points this being their worst week of the season! They still have some work to do in order to get in but with games against U Don’t Know and Showboat they still control their own destiny!

16hrs Ahead of You!! (82.04) vs pack slayer (79.54)

This was a huge win for 16hrs (6-5) as they have now won 4 straight games and control their own destiny for a playoff berth. On the flip side this was a equally huge loss for pack slayer as they fall to 6-5 on the season as well. pack slayer however if the season were to end today they would be in the playoffs as the #5 seed and they with only two weeks remaining control their own playoff destiny. I will say though if for some reason pack slayer does not get in to the playoffs they may look back to this weeks game and think what might have been as they left Rawls and his 51 points on the bench which is clearly significant considering that their entire rest of their team only scored 79.

Sportsfreak (128.96) vs BIGBOY! (106.34)

Well if this was a Super Bowl preview then we are in for a good one as Sportsfreak (9-2) comes away with the big win to put themselves in a tie for first place with BIGBOY! (9-2) with two games remaining and in addition became the second team to clinch a playoff berth. However for Sportsfreak they will most likely need to be a full game ahead of BIGBOY in order to come away with the top seed based on points scored as I don’t expect anyone to catch them in that. I think the big one here is that Sportsfreak showed that they are not afraid to go up against the best and for one week at least you could make the argument that Sportsfreak not BIGBOY is the best team in the league.

HHH (139.97) vs Bossman (99.93)

HHH (4-7) finally was able to break that 4 game losing streak and they did it in dominating fashion against a Bossman (7-4) squad that has been decimated with injuries to their WR group and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for Bossman they get the news that their top RB Justin Forsett is lost for the season as well. I had to take a look at Bossman’s draft and now with Forsett out they have lost three of their top 4 draft picks to season ending injuries and their team as a whole has 6 players that had season ending injuries. In a 14 team league that is virtually impossible to overcome! However, given their body of work prior to those injuries they still have the second most points scored in the league and with only two games left they will most likely win the tie breakers against the teams below them.

DaUnderdog (87.89) vs Big Papa (39.19)

Wow, for a game when both teams were in a must win situation it is hard to believe how poorly each of these teams played but for Big Papa (4-7) this was downright ugly. Now granted they did have two players that were late scratches and one could argue they are their two best players but still to only put up 39 points in a must win game… well any game for that matter is tough to swallow. DaUnderdog (5-6) was the benefactor here as they didn’t have one of their better games and I am not sure they come out of this one feeling a whole lot more confident but it does mean that they broke out of their 5 game losing streak and now with just two games remaining have themselves in a position where they if they win out they could sneak into the playoffs.

Showboat (98.39) vs teamAlaska (67.58)

And there you have it! Showboat (1-10) finds win #1 on the season  and go figure their coach’s favorite team (Cowboys) also found their first win in 7 tries. For teamAlaska (4-7) this was a tough loss as they had been playing so well the last two weeks and looked like a team that could make a run for one of the final playoff spots. With the way things are looking you can’t 100% rule them out however it is almost there and the final two games are seeming like more of a formality rather then hopes of a playoff run!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!