16hrs Ahead of You!! (182.99) vs Pack Attack (108.35)

Wow! 16hrs ahead of you comes out of no where and dominates Pack Attack to get their 4th win on the season and this for a team that just two weeks ago many had left for dead now suddenly looks like a team that could make some noise these next few weeks. For Pack Attack (5-4) if it wasn’t bad enough to lose Bell the week before but then to have Bell’s backup beat you the following week by putting up 40 points that is a tough pill to swallow. 16hrs ahead of you has a brutal stretch the rest of the way as they face 4 teams that are currently in the top 7 in the standings so if this team does pull through and sneak into the playoffs they will have earned it.

Sportsfreak (170.72) vs Rapids Plungers (108.70)

In what could easily be a preview of a upcoming playoff game Sportsfreak (8-1) let everyone know that last years run to the Super Bowl was no fluke and that they got so close last year and now they are looking to seal the deal! The week 11 matchup against BIGBOY! is not too early to start talking about. For Rapids Plungers (6-3) it was not the best time for their team to have an average game and having a number of guys on a bye didn’t help but they seemed over matched in this one. However, Rapids Plungers enters the easiest part of the schedule these last 4 games so it is hard to see them falling out of a top playoff seed.

pack slayer (125.21) vs HHH (68.98)

pack slayer gets another huge win and this one was their 3rd in a row to move them all the way to the #7 spot and fighting for that final playoff position. They have a tough three game stretch starting next week as they take on Sportsfreak. For HHH (3-6) this was now their third loss in a row and they seem to be a team that lacks confidence considering this was their worst point production of the season. They will need to turn it around next week if they want any hopes of a post season berth.

BIGBOY! (147.49) vs DaUnderdog (133.16)

Another Sunday and another with for BIGBOY! who moves to 8-1 on the season with another win. This one looked like it could have had the making of an upset but DaUnderdog (4-5) needed Sproles to have a solid game on Sunday night (he didn’t) and Gould to also have a solid game on Monday (he didn’t) and therefore that leads to the 4th straight loss for DaUnderdog and 5th straight win for BIGBOY!. DaUnderdog is going to have to step it up these last 4 games as they battle for a playoff spot. And for BIGBOY! is Week 11 here yet?

Bossman (168.39) vs Big Papa (50.18)

Not sure what to say about this one other then Bossman (6-3) had a really good game and well Big Papa (3-6) didn’t. Anytime you lose by more then 100 points it is time to go back to the drawing board! Now in defense of Big Papa they were without a number of players due to injuries or bye but it still doesn’t make a loss like this any easier. For Bossman this was just what they needed to break that 2 game winning streak! And here is your interesting stat of the week or embarrassing depending how you look at it. Bossman could have started one player and beat Big Papa this week. Antonio Brown (51.87pts) vs Big Papa (50.18pts)… Antonio Brown wins. Now if only Big Ben could stay healthy Bossman’s chances in the post season go up significantly.

PackMan12 (87.26) vs Showboat(85.82)

Well this one was ugly and it really looked like Showboat (0-9) might actually get their first win of the season this week but  Danny Woodhead (18pts) and Gates (9.45pts) pulled through late for PackMan12 to hold onto the win despite only scoring 87 points. The win moves PackMan12 to 6-3 on the season and into the #5 spot however they have the lowest score right now of all of the top 8 teams so they are going to need to get their offense going in the next few weeks especially considering they have one of the toughest remaining schedules as they will go up against teams that are currently in the top 7 in the standings right now starting next week against a Pack Attack team desperate for a win!

teamAlaska (165.75) vs U Don’t Know (95.72)

Here comes teamAlaska as they move to 4-5 on the season with back to back 160 point efforts. This is somewhat surprising considering the previous 4 weeks they failed to score 100 points 3 times and the one time they did get over 100 it was only 102 points. Regardless now sitting at 4-5 they have put themselves in a position to make a playoff run. Every year there is at least one 7-6 team to make the playoffs and with the way the league is going so far it would seem that will hold true again this season. For U Don’t Know they are battling to make their team to competitive but when your team has only scored over 100 points three times on the season it is going to be hard to win games. However, they do get to battle the winless Showboat team next week so their is reason for optimism of win #2.

Enjoy the week everyone!