(1) BIGBOY! (150.61) vs (6) pack slayer (113.20)

And there you have it! BIGBOY! has finally made it to the big game after handling pack slayer with ease this week and the way at which they won this week is the reason why they are the #1 seed in the playoffs as well as the reason why they are the favorite to win their first ever championship. What I am referring to is the fact that some of their stars such as Brady and AP both had subpar games but they had other guys like Emmanuel Sanders and Golden Tate come through big to make up for those points loss. They can beat you in so many ways and when it comes to playoff time that is key! For pack slayer they had a solid season but just what I was talking about is exactly the kind of depth that they were lacking as they relied heavily on a handful of guys each week and if they have an off game the chances of a victory go down significantly. You still have to give this team credit for not only getting into the playoffs but also for getting the first round victory and then putting up a solid effort in the final four round. Ultimately, BIGBOY had the superior team and it showed this week and that is why they will be moving on to Super Bowl XII!

(4) Bossman (185.79) vs (2) Sportsfreak (146.58)

Wow! So who would have said that they saw this coming after Week 11 when Justin Forsett was lost to Injury which was the third player of significance that they had lost to injury and in addition they lost that week to HHH while failing to score 100 points. The question most had is where do they find the points? Well not only have they answered that question but they have seemed to get better somehow and now they have moved a win away from their 2nd Championship! For Sportsfreak this was a tough loss as anytime you go up against a team that has two players that score 46 and 47 points respectively it is hard to win and it doesn’t help that they left Cam Newton and his 51 points on the bench! Had they chose to start Cam Netwon over Carson Palmer Sportsfreak would have won a crazy game as the final score would have been 186.57 – 185.79. Those fellow fantasy owners are the kinds of things that make you lose sleep at night! Even though they had a really good season I know that they are not happy with just making the playoffs! They want that championship and anytime you are just a win away from getting the opportunity to play for that elusive first one it is tough to not get there but they will look for that opportunity next season as they will be at home watching the Super Bowl like the other 12 remaining teams in the league.