Pack Attack (126.77) vs Showboat (59.42)

It wasn’t impressive but a win is a win for Pack Attack (6-6) as they break their 4 game losing streak and now once again control their own destiny for the playoffs. For Showboat (1-11) it is just another loss in a terrible season. Only one more game left and they can start looking to 2016!

U Don’t Know (119.12) vs Rapids Plungers (82.92)

U Don’t Know (4-8) has now won 3 straight games and if it wasn’t for all of the injuries early on in the season this might have been a team battling for a playoff spot right now. They have definitely embraced the role of spoiler as they have beat Pack Attack and now Rapids Plungers in back to back weeks and will get an opportunity to go after pack slayer next week. For Rapids Plungers (6-6) they picked the worst time to be playing poor football as they have not only lost 4 straight games but since their 4-0 start they have been a 2-6 team. They do get Showboat next week so the playoffs are not out of reach yet but they no longer control their own destiny.

PackMan12 (129.80) vs pack slayer (129.12)

What a game this was! PackMan12 (9-3) came into the Monday night game down by 26.96 points with two players remaining (McCown and Aiken). Well, they got 27.64 points which was just enough as McCown left with an injury in the 4th quarter but thanks to a late TD by Aiken (16.60 pts) they were able to come away with the .68 point win. This was big for many reasons as it now moved PackMan12 to their 7th win in a row and with Sportsfreak’s loss it also opened the door for them to get the first round bye. For pack slayer (6-6) they loss their second game in a row but thanks to losses from virtually everyone fighting for those last few playoff spots and the fact they have more points scored they still currently are in the #6 spot but now will most likely have to win to get in.

BIGBOY! (171.91) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (124.96)

Once again BIGBOY! (10-2) goes out and dominates. This time with Sportsfreak losing it sealed the #1 seed for BIGBOY. Any team can win at anytime which I know is what makes Fantasy Football fun but right now I think the clear cut #1 team in the league and super bowl favorite is BIGBOY! For 16hrs (6-6) despite the loss they  still are not out of the playoff race as they are one of 5 teams at 6-6 and battling for the final two playoff spots.

Bossman (120.41) vs Sportsfreak (114.69)

I might call this one of the more impressive wins of the season as Bossman (8-4) defeats the #2 team in the league in Sportsfreak. The reason this is so impressive is simply because of how they were able to come away with the win given all the injuries so I guess before we go and write this team off I think we need to still consider them a force to be reckoned with and with the win they will be part of the field of 6! For Sportsfreak (9-3) they lost their chance at the #1 seed with the loss and now will need to win or have PackMan12 lose just to get the #2 seed and the first round bye. And interestingly enough Bossman still has an outside shot at the #2 seed as well. It is going to be a fun last week of the regular season!

Big Papa (109.10) vs HHH (101.50)

Both teams came into this one having to get a win in order to have any even slight chance to get into the playoffs and while HHH (4-8) has been eliminated officially Big Papa at 5-7 technically is not eliminated yet but based on the difference in points scored it is virtually impossible for them to get into the playoffs. Nonetheless they are going out with a fight and they get to go against Sportsfreak next week so the role of spoiler can be fun sometimes too!

DaUnderdog (138.13) vs teamAlaska (100.88)

This was a must win for DaUnderdog (6-6) and they were able to come away with their best scoring week since they put up 177 points in week 3. They have now won two straight games and this is an interesting team that seems to be sneaking up on that final playoff spot as they are currently all the way to the #7 seed. They however only hold a 1 point advantage in points over Rapids Plungers so they will need a lot to go right the last week of the season and it starts with winning their matchup against HHH. teamAlaska (4-8) saw their season officially come to an end with the loss and they will be left looking ahead to next year there were just too many losing streaks throughout the season to overcome and to finish off the season they are back to a 3 game losing streak. I did some digging and I think I found the issue for teamAlaska is that they are unable to figure out how to close out a season. I went back all the way to the 2009 season and looked at their records for the final three weeks of the season. In the final three weeks of the last 7 seasons ( I included the last two for this year) teamAlaska has a 4-16 record! Once they figure out how to close out seasons this team might be able to go somewhere.

Have a great week everyone!