Pack Attack (129.51) vs teamAlaska (86.13)

Pack Attack comes away with back to back wins to close out the season and finish at 7-6 and get back to the playoffs for the 5th year in a row. teamAlaska (4-9) had much of the same struggles that have been happening the last few years as they can’t seem to finish out seasons as they lose their final 4 games. If they could somehow figure out a way to even go .500 over the final half of the season they might just figure out a way to get to the playoffs! Something to think about for next season as they failed to make the playoffs for the 4th year in a row.

Rapids Plungers (113.53) vs Showboat (87.15)

Rapids Plungers (7-6) finishes the season with a win breaking their 4 game losing streak however they didn’t get the help they needed and will finish in the #8 spot. This is a disappointing finish for a team that started the year 4-0 and looked like a lock to make the playoffs but the last month they had really struggled to find points and ultimately that is what is the difference in them making the postseason or watching from home. For Showboat their miserable season is a wrap as they finish with a 1-12 record and will be looking to forget this one and move on as soon as possible. Sorry showboat but you will need to find another plaque for that wall we don’t give out trophy’s for last place!

pack slayer (160.57) vs U Don’t Know (136.92)

pack slayer (7-6) picked the best time possible to have their best week of the season and they needed it as U Don’t Know (4-9) was not going to go down quietly. With the win pack slayer sneaks into the playoffs as the #6 seed and now has been to the playoffs in 4 of their 5 seasons played. U Don’t Know finishes the season at 4-9 and clearly out of the playoffs but they had a really good last month of the season once the team got healthy and they will look to carry that momentum over into next season as they have now missed out on the playoffs for a league record 8th straight season!

PackMan12 (121.79) vs BIGBOY! (112.55)

PackMan12 (10-3) once again proved that a great defense is better then a great offense as they hold BIGBOY! (10-3) to their second lowest scoring output of the season. It has been impressive what PackMan12 has been able to do since joining the league as they have made it to the playoffs in each of their first 5 seasons in the league. For BIGBOY! (10-3) this game didn’t mean anything other then maybe a little pride in saying that they finished a full game ahead of the field or it would have been nice to go out with a win but nonetheless they are the #1 seed and will head into the playoffs as the favorite to win it all this is now back to back seasons in which BIGBOY! had a first round bye, can they win a game this post-season? I guess we will have to wait a couple of weeks to find out. The only way these two teams meet again this season would be in the Super Bowl!

Bossman (142.68) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (109.80)

Bossman (9-4) closes out the season winning 4 of their last 5 games, this might be one of the more impressive coaching jobs of the season as they have lost two of their top WR’s and their top starting RB for the year and yet it seems as though they haven’t missed a beat. Now that they have made the playoffs it is going to get a little tougher but it doesn’t seem like anyone on the team is playing the “what if” game but rather the next man up mentality and continuing to dominate their opponents. Bossman is back in the playoffs after missing last season. For 16hrs (6-7) they finish out the season with two straight losses which I know is disappointing given that two weeks ago they were on a 4 game winning streak and had the playoffs in their sights but despite not making the playoffs they did finish the last half of the season strong and should be able to carry that over into next season.

Sportsfreak (150.28) vs  Big Papa (111.34)

Sportsfreak (10-3) is able to cap off their solid season as the #2 seed in the league and really have been able to build on that Super Bowl appearance from a year ago. This is a veteran squad that knows what it takes to win in the playoffs and really you could say they have been sneaking a bit under the radar despite finishing tied for the best record in the league and getting that first round bye. They will be looking to take it one step further this post season as getting to the Super Bowl isn’t enough. For Big Papa (5-8) this was an interesting year as it seemed like they were trying all year to make their roster work with trades and waiver wire adds however despite having some glimpses of things working they never really were able to get their team to compete at a high level. This will mark the 4th straight year without a playoff berth. I think it is time to make some changes in the off season.

DaUnderdog (158.34) vs HHH(83.51)

Every year there is one team that finishes the season really strong and you could say probably deserves to be in the playoffs, this year that unfortunate tag goes to DaUnderdog (7-6) as they finish the season with 3 straight victories including their 2nd best scoring week of the season. They will however finish as the #7 seed and missed the postseason by one win or 64.67 points. For HHH (4-9) the finish another tough season and will now be sitting at home watching the playoffs for the 5th year in a row. Come on HHH, you have 2 1/2 kids who don’t know what it is like for their Dad to be in the Fantasy Football playoffs!


And that’s a wrap on the regular season! For those of you who finished in spots 7-12 don’t forget their is a consolation round to keep your fantasy football playing alive for another week or two. Good luck in the playoffs and have a great week everyone!