(4) Bossman (121.36) vs (5) Pack Attack (76.07)

Bossman comes away with the dominating performance in this one defeating Pack Attack by 45 points and go figure injuries to both teams play a huge factor in not only this game but maybe the following week for Bossman. This one was never really close as Pack Attack lost Andy Dalton midway through the first quarter and Yeldon went down to start the third quarter thwarting what seemed like a promising afternoon. For Bossman they lost Hartline in the 4th quarter after he looked to be a potential playoff pickup that could really help them as they make a run to the championship and Eifert too went down with a concussion. They however easily had enough this week however I suspect next week’s matchup with Sportsfreak may not be quite so easy. I look forward to seeing where Bossman goes to find help with yet another WR injury.

(3) PackMan12 (91.94) vs (6) pack slayer (127.06)

pack slayer comes out with a very impressive win over one of the hottest teams in the league in PackMan12. pack slayer got a huge week from Jordan Reed (26pts) and once again the two headed monster of Marshall (23pts) and Fitzpatrick (24pts) were leading the way. For PackMan12 another year goes by and yes another playoff appearance but at some point this team needs to take the next step and actually win a championship! I don’t think there will be a coaching change in the near future because some teams have trouble just getting to the post season but in this day and age it is about winning championships and despite all their success that is the one thing that PackMan12 has yet to figure out. They now have a full year to think about it! For pack slayer they will be moving on to face the #1 seed and heavy favorite to win it all in BIGBOY! The 127 points is nice but I suspect they will need more then that to get the win next week. Let the smack talk begin!