Pack Attack (147.77) vs Sportsfreak (114.18)

After Sunday’s games this one seemed like it might be a close one and then the Steelers, Big Ben (26.87) and Antonio Brown (31.30) had their game and Brown showed why he was the consensus #1 pick in fantasy this year. This was a big win to start of the season for Pack Attack (1-0). Sportsfreak (0-1) despite not coming away with the win I think they have to be encouraged with their decision to take the QB-WR combo of Winston (27.82) and Evans (15.95) in the draft and it was close to a much bigger score as both just missed their respective 5 point bonus’s. They will be hoping for a little better production from the rest of their WR’s next week.

BIGBOY! (142.52) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (98.40)

I was wondering how the demoralizing loss in last years Super Bowl might affect BIGBOY! (1-0) and at least for one week I think we have our answer as they came out firing on all cylinders in dominating 16hrs ahead of you!! (0-1). DeAngelo Williams (34.53) and Brandin Cooks (30.88) led the way in this one and it doesn’t look like it matters who is the back for the Steelers because they always seem to put up 30 points. That is definitely a good security blanket for BIGBOY! as the season goes on and they will be looking to get even better production out of the rest of their team moving forward which may mean trouble for the rest of the league. 16hrs couldn’t seem to carry over the momentum from last season however the encouraging thing would be that they almost scored 100 points in a week when their top 3 picks in the draft combined for only 26 points you know there are better days ahead for this team. Maybe next week?

teamAlaska (151.99) vs Big Papa (130.56)

In one of the more exciting games of the week teamAlaska (1-0) comes away with the win! teamAlaska was led by Andrew Luck (40.10), Willie Snead (33.60) & Carlos Hyde (20.12) to pull off the big win. They are the only team in the league to have a 40, 30, 20 & 10 point scorer this week which means they also are sitting atop the league after week 1. The unfortunate news for this team is that they will be without their #2 pick in the draft (Keenan Allen) for the remainder of the year as he went down with a torn ACL. I am not sure that I would expect this kind of output each week but the fact that Arian Foster was riding the bench in this one and they seem to have some depth at the WR position I expect them to be a team to watch out for in 2016.  There was a lot of hype heading into this week for Big Papa (0-1) as they carried the mantle of the “Best Draft” via the Yahoo grading system. It wouldn’t be fair to say that they failed miserably because the reality is that they played well however they ran into a team in teamAlaska that was clicking. Drew Brees led the way for them with 40 points and their WR group after week 1 looks to be one of the deepest in the league. They will need more production out of the RB’s moving forward but I expect this team to come back strong next week.

Bossman (108.08) vs PackMan12 (96.35)

If you would have told me that Danny Woodhead (18.48 pts) was going to be the leading scorer for Bossman (1-0) in this one I probably would have told you there was no way Bossman gets the win. However, that is why we play the games and that is why my opinion or thoughts really don’t matter as that is exactly what happened. Bossman struggled to find points in this one as their first pick in the draft (Gronkowski) was out due to injury and their other big dogs (Freeman and Martin) were held in check this week. However, in typical Bossman fashion they figured out a way to win and in the end that is what really matters. For PackMan12 (0-1)this is nothing to far from the normal as they have historically struggled in week 1 of seasons as now with this loss they are 2-4 in week 1’s which seems odd considering that this is the only team in the league to have never missed the playoffs. The big thing that hurt PackMan12 was a total of 3.47 points combined from their #1 (Adrian Peterson) and #2 (Dez Bryant) picks in the draft. It is hard to win games when your top guys perform but it is much harder when you would have been better off starting Kenny Stills then your #2 pick. Better things to come for PackMan12 I am sure. Another thing to note is that the loss broke up the 8 game regular season winning streak PackMan12 had brought over from last season.

DaUnderdog (98.87) vs HHH (93.49)

It’s not often that a team will win a game in which they fail to score 100 points and it is even more unlikely in Week 1 of the season when their usually isn’t too many injuries or bye weeks to worry about. DaUnderdog (1-0) however pulled it off this week as they held onto the narrow 5 point win in a defensive struggle. DaUnderdog was led by Rodgers (23.05) and Lamar Miller (16.62) but they are going to need better production from the supporting cast if they are going to want to compete on a weekly basis. For HHH (0-1), I know I mentioned typically you don’t have to worry about injuries in Week 1 however this is a team that actually did. Jamaal Charles didn’t suit up this week and HHH could have used the 29 points Charles backup put up this week. The other thing worth mentioning is that Jimmy Graham was back on the field in Week 1. Not sure how much value he may have moving forward but it seems like they should be able to find out sooner rather then later.

pack slayer (103.47) vs U Don’t Know (94.98)

In a game similar to Bossman and PackMan12 this was a low scoring game with pack slayer (1-0) coming out on top thanks to a big game from Matt Ryan (26.35pts) and solid contributions from Hopkins (14.30) and Jeffery (14.25) outside of that there wasn’t any player on their team that scored over 8 points. That was a winning formula this week however I don’t expect that to win many games if that trend continues. For U Don’t Know (0-1) they were really hoping to get off to a good start this season as they look to break that long streak of not making the playoffs but unfortunately their #1 pick Odell Beckham Jr (7.65) failed to come up big when needed and they fell 9 points short. On a positive note they did get solid production from the team as a whole with 5 starters scoring in double figures but they were missing the big 20+ point game from one of their guys which is usually needed to win games in this league.

Rapids Plungers (151.32) vs Showboat (142.72)

And here you have it, the Game of week 1 as Rapids Plungers (1-0) comes away with the 9 point win over Showboat (0-1) in a shootout. Rapids Plungers seemed to push all the right buttons this week as they went receiver heavy in the draft as they didn’t pickup a RB until round 7 and for all you Fantasy nerds out there this would be called a Zero RB strategy. It worked wonders this week as they picked up Spencer Ware who is starting for Jamal Charles and put up 29.12 points. AJ Green (37.00) and Stafford (30.13) also had big games to lead Rapids Plungers to a big win in week 1. Showboat (0-1) however put up a big fight and this one was going back and forth all day. Showboat had a much more well rounded attack as they had 6 players scoring 10 or more points with 3 of them over 23 points. This is always something to look at because it usually means sustainability in your team. It is hard to count on 30 points from your guys each and every week but if you have a number of guys capable of that on any given week usually that is a team that is consistently battling each week. So despite the loss for Showboat there is a lot of positive things to look at in this one. Since it seems we have talked strategy a bit more then normal in talking about this match up let’s talk about one more…. I think it is worth mentioning that if you want to win in fantasy football sometimes you have to make the tough decisions and start the guys that will most likely perform the best even if that means starting someone from one of your heated rivals (Eli Manning / Giants). I know you are a Cowboys fan Showboat but that one cost you the fantasy win so now you are left with two losses! Ouch!

That is it for week 1!

Have a great week everyone!