Pack Attack (1-0) vs Rapids Plungers (1-0)

Rapids Plungers is coming off a very impressive win last week and will look to keep things rolling against Pack Attack. The match up of Antonio Brown vs AJ Green is intriguing and as two of the top WR’s in the game if one far outperforms the other then it might be the difference in a win or loss. So I went back into the history books and found a trend with this Rapids Plungers team that was interesting. Rapids Plungers seem to have no middle ground when it comes to starting their seasons, they either start out on fire or cold as ice. There has never been a time after the first 5 games of the season that Rapids Plungers didn’t have either a 0 or a 1 in the win / loss column. So for example in 2008 they started 1-4, 2009 they started 6-1, 2010 they started 9-0, 2011 and 2012 they started 1-4, etc. So the question is can Pack Attack get the win which if history repeats itself would send Rapids Plungers into at a minimum a 4 game losing streak or is this the start of another solid season for Rapids?

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Rapids Plungers has dominated this match up with a 5-2 record in their previous 7 regular season meetings. Rapids Plungers averages 137.93pts during those games to Pack Attack’s 132.87pts.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (0-1) vs Sportsfreak (0-1)

Here is a long time rivalry game as 16hrs will be going up against Sportsfreak in the regular season for the 13th time. Both teams are coming off tough losses last week and will be looking to right the ship and get their first win of the season. 16hrs wasn’t able to knock off BIGBOY! last week so now they will take a crack at knocking off another member of the family in Sportsfreak. Is trash talking legal in Australia? Hopefully because I am sure you might get some this week from Sportsfreak and if you don’t it just means that they are scared and you should be doing the trash talking! 🙂 Neither team wants to fall to 0-2 so even though very early in the season this is an important game and maybe more so for 16hrs as they try to make this year different then the past few where they struggled to compete.

This yahoo projections have this game as the closest game of the week. I agree that this could be a close game and I think for 16hrs they will know a lot about how they might fare this week after tonight’s game in which they have two of the Jets starting WR’s going. For Sportsfreak they are hoping that the tandem of Winston and Evans wasn’t a week 1 fluke and that they can keep it going again this week. I think they can and I am going to go with Sportsfreak to get their first win of the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
In the 12 regular season match ups so far each team has won 6 so this will be the tie breaker. 16hrs holds a slight edge in ppg average at 115.24 vs 112.26. This should be a good one!


Big Papa (0-1) vs Bossman (1-0)

Big Papa comes into this one fresh off a tough loss last week to teamAlaska. A game in which they gave up the most points in the league. Bossman didn’t have the best of offensive games last week but they did get the win and maybe they can have some confidence going into this match up after having seen teamAlaska put up huge points against Big Papa. Bossman has been carrying the momentum they built last season with their championship run over into this new season and if week 1 is any indication the same resilience they showed as a team last year has been instilled this season as it was never pretty but it was always very effective. Big Papa on the other hand has not sniffed the playoffs for 4 seasons so a win here against the reigning champs would be a huge win for them.

I really like the trio of Brees, Julio Jones & A. Cooper this week for Big Papa. I expect them to put up 60+ points themselves and as long as the supporting cast doesn’t lay an egg I think Big Papa wins this one. If Gronkowski plays that definitely helps Bossman but even still I don’t think it will be enough to get the win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 7-3 record in their previous 10 regular season meetings. Bossman has outscored Big Papa 118.18 to 106.62 in those games.


BIGBOY! (1-0) vs. HHH (0-1)

One of the things that you always look for from teams that have lost the Super Bowl the previous year is how they start out the season. Did they allow the loss to linger into the next season or do they move on and get better for it. The last 4 teams to lose the Super Bowl all came back the following year to make the playoffs however none of them made it back to the big game and the best finish was 4th place and that was Sportsfreak last year. It is certainly too early to tell in the case of BIGBOY! but it was good to see them come out of the gate getting that first victory of the season. HHH was really hoping to start off the season strong by getting a win however they struggled last week and even though they are waiting on some guys to get healthy as Matthew Berry would say “Fantasy football is a week by week game” and you don’t want too many of those weeks to be losses. There is certainly no must wins in week 2 but this is a big game for HHH.

HHH will most likely be without Charles again this week and BIGBOY! has a much better set of receivers on paper. The one hope they would have is for Lacy and Gurley to have big weeks but both are up against top defensive teams so that happening seems unlikely. I am going to go with BIGBOY! to move to 2-0 on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 4-2 edge in their 6 regular season match ups and outscores HHH 144.20 vs 126.87.  The 144 ppg average against HHH is the highest average BIGBOY! has against any team and interstingly enough the 126ppg average of HHH is the highest average they have against any team in the league.


DaUnderdog (1-0) vs U Don’t Know (0-1)

DaUnderdog comes into this one having a shot to already make a joke of the Yahoo draft grades as they would already have their 2 projected wins for the season and for U Don’t Know much like HHH they just need to start winning some games to get their confidence back and gain some momentum as the season moves on. DaUnderdog typically has not fared well to begin seasons as you have to go all the way back to the 2008 season to find a time when they started a season 2-0 or better so this is a big opportunity for them this week. Interestingly enough outside of last season when they started out with an 0-6 record, U Don’t Know’s last time starting 0-2 was in 2008 as well. I think it is time for one of these teams to make a run in 2016. Who will it be?

Rodgers has a tough match up against the Vikes this week and OBJ is going against the NO defense that looked terrible in week 1. I think that alone is enough for me to pick my winner. I am going with U Don’t Know to get the win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In the 10 regular season meetings so far they each have won 5 games with U Don’t Know holding the ppg edge with a 102.18 to 93.25 lead.

pack slayer (1-0) vs Showboat (0-1)

pack slayer got the win last week and will be going against Showboat who despite the loss scored the 4th most points in the league. Despite the win I am sure that the coach for pack slayer was not satisfied with the way his team played and they will be looking for much better production this week. Showboat on the other hand has to be happy with his teams performance despite the loss and it will be interesting to see if he leaves the hated Eli on the bench for another week and rolls with Dak or what their approach might be. With the loss last week the Showboat squad has now lost 13 of their last 14 games and are in desperate need of a win!

I really like Showboat’s team this week. Depending on the QB start this might be my pick for the team to have the highest scoring week. I don’t see enough firepower from pack slayer to keep up. Showboat gets that much needed W.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
pack slayer holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season meetings. pack slayer has averaged 120.90 points to Showboat’s 109.35 points.


PackMan12 (0-1) vs teamAlaska (1-0)

How long will teamAlaska’s reign at the top of the leader board last? Is this team for real or just a one week wonder? I think those are questions people have after teamAlaska exploded out of the gates last week. They did suffer a big blow with the news being confirmed that Keenan Allen is done for the year with a ACL injury but Allen wasn’t the big reason for the strong play last week so we will see how the team fares. For PackMan12 a team that has never missed the playoffs in their 5 seasons played they certainly don’t start out very fast as in their 5 seasons played they have yet to start a season 2-0 and all but one season they have started 1-1. So this is not new territory for PackMan12 and I expect them to come out and play well. Will it be enough to get the win?

I think that teamAlaska has the more talented squad and would win this match up on most days however I don’t think they win this one today. Andrew Luck is going up against a tough Denver D while Hyde and Foster also go up against tough matchups. For teamAlaska to get the win they would need Snead and Robinson to have big games (which is not out of the question). I just like PackMan12 in this one. Look for it to be a low scoring battle with the winner getting 110 points.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 has dominated the 5 regular season meetings so far with a 4-1 record. PackMan12 averages 134.48 pts to teamAlaska’s 108.95pts. The 134 point average is the most by PackMan12 against any team.

Enjoy the games everyone!