What another great week it was as talk about parity in a league! Since this is week 2 we of course came into the week with 7 teams that had not lost and 7 teams that had not won. Well now after week 2 we only have two remaining teams without a loss and two remaining teams without a win. We had one match up of 1-0 teams and that was Rapids Plungers and Pack Attack so we had to have one of those teams move to 2-0 and on the flip side we had one match up of 0-1 teams (16hrs vs Sportsfreak) so one of those teams was going to the bottom of the league. The only way this could have been possibly closer after two weeks from a standings perspective is if HHH would have figured out a way to beat BIGBOY! Needless to say if two weeks are any indication of what this years league might look like then we should be in for a exciting year! Alright let’s get to this weeks games!

Rapids Plungers (119.30) vs Pack Attack (105.89)

As mentioned this was the only meeting of 1-0 teams in the league this week and Rapids Plungers (2-0) was able to come out on top to push them to the top of the standings as one of two teams without a loss after two weeks. After two weeks the pick of Kelvin Benjamin in the 4th round so far looks to be one of the steals of the draft as Benjamin is currently the # 3 scoring WR. Neither team was able to get much production from their top picks as Brown (6.55) and AJ Green (3.90) pretty much were invisible this week. Rapids Plungers however was able to get some help from the supporting cast as mentioned Benjamin (29.40) and Bernard’s (25.33) 100 yard receiving day really put them over the top in this one. It doesn’t get any easier for Pack Attack (1-1) as they will need to go against the top team in the league right now in BIGBOY! next week.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (131.43) vs Sportsfreak (114.84)

16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-1) comes away with a very impressive victory over the now win less Sportsfreak (0-2) squad. Typically starting two receivers from the same team is something you want to steer clear of in fantasy however this week that combination of Marshall and Decker were outstanding as they combined put up 39 points to lead the way for 16hrs. Sportsfreak once again didn’t play terrible but a week after the combination of Winston and Evans looked unstoppable with 43 points combined they came out this week and put up only 17 points, 15 of those coming from Evans. The silver lining for Sportsfreak is they seem to have some good pieces they will just need to get them all to perform on the same week moving forward. For 16hrs this was a big win as even though they are thousands of miles apart losing to both Lindgren brothers in back to back weeks could have been demoralizing!

Big Papa (122.11) vs Bossman (78.20)

Big Papa (1-1) follows up last weeks solid performance with another one only this time they were able to come away with the easy win over a Bossman (1-1) team that decided not to show up this week! Big Papa got some of their best production from spots that you wouldn’t expect it. For example, Big papa got a total of 45.95 points from their Kicker (J. Tucker – 15pts) and D player (M. Peters – 30.95pts) which is always a good probability that you will pull out the win with that kind of production from those two spots. Not much to write about Bossman in this one as they were terrible and the fact that they didn’t necessarily have a very impressive week 1 win there is are some rumblings of concern coming from the Bossman camp!

BIGBOY! (130.06) vs HHH (98.14)

Week 2 and BIGBOY! (2-0) is now atop the standings where if you asked their coach is exactly where they belong! This is a familiar spot for BIGBOY! as they spent most of last season as the top dog only to come up short when it matters most. Now that they are there again I know they have no intentions of letting it go. They got great production across the board as 8 of their 11 starters scored 10 + points and the 3 who didn’t were their K, DEF, and D. And for those of you that don’t know they are doing this with arguably the best player in Fantasy on the bench (LeVeon Bell). Not a good sign for those of us trying to catch up to this team. For HHH (0-2) they struggled to put up points in this one. The fact that they put up almost 100 points is actually impressive when I look at the box score. Totally opposite of how I just described BIGBOY!’s week is HHH as they had only 3 players score over 10 points and two of those were their D player (V. Miller – 28.70) and their DEF (LA – 11). The only other player to put up over 10 points was Palmer (29.16) who had a really solid game at the QB position. So in all they got 68 of their 98 points from 3 players. So far Gurley and Lacy their top 2 picks have been disappointments and not to mention their third pick hasn’t even seen the field yet (J. Charles) so with that said there is reason for optimism for them moving forward but right now they are one of two teams still searching for that first win.

U Don’t Know (143.52) vs DaUnderdog (108.67)

What a difference a week can make as last week U Don’t Know (1-1) looked like a team that could be headed for another 3 to 4 win season and now this week they go out and have one of the best weeks of anyone! I guess that is the highs and lows of fantasy football and if you sit and watch the red zone channel the highs and lows are not only of the final score but also you see all of the big plays or soo close to big plays that your player missed out on. So yes highly recommended! ***Note Directv is not paying me to say this… yet***Ok, squirrel moment so back to the game. U Don’t Know was led this week by their #1 overall pick in Cam Newton (34.53) and following in a close second was Forte and his 32.12 points. For one week anyway this looks like a team that has a chance to do something this year. DaUnderdog (1-1) improved slightly on last weeks performance but this time it wasn’t enough to keep pace. Interestingly enough they might need to take a closer look at their bench spots for next week as they some of their bench players are playing like starters, in fact the 6 bench players scored 92.98 points this week which would have been enough points to beat two teams this week. Despite the loss that is the silver lining in that DaUnderdog seems to have some depth now it is just to start the right guys!

Showboat (141.12) vs pack slayer (139.92)

In what turned out to be the game of the week Showboat (1-1) comes away with the 2 point win over pack slayer (1-1)! This game came down to the final seconds of the Monday night game as both teams had players going in that game. For Showboat they had J. Matthews and for pack slayer they had A. Jeffery and Chicago’s kicker (Barth). Going into the game pack slayer was projected as the winner but both Matthews and Jeffery ended up with a similar point total 9.55 to 9.80 so it was up to the kicker and he unfortunately for pack slayer only got 2 points on the night. For pack slayer the other frustrating part is that they had Jeffery was 4 yards short of the 100 yd bonus (5 pts) or Matt Ryan in the Sunday games was 4 yards passing away from 400 yards and a 5 point bonus as well. This is a tough loss for pack slayer but a crazy cool win for Showboat as after years brutal season they did not want to start off 0-2. Despite the 1-1 record Showboat has actually scored the most points of any team after two weeks which again bodes well for their team moving forward. They had 7 of their 11 starters score 10 + points and their lowest scoring player was their D player and he scored 6.40 pts so overall this was a great team win. pack slayer has to be happy with the production of Matt Ryan over the first two weeks of the season as after two weeks he is the top scoring QB in the league. pack slayer will be hoping he can keep this pace and they will hope for a couple of their RB’s (Ivory & Lewis) to help fuse some life into their lack luster RB group.

PackMan12 (96.22) vs teamAlaska (92.10)

UGLY!? Yep. Boring? Yep. Not sure what else to write? Yep. Anytime a team wins and fails to score 100 points you know it was a boring game or PackMan12 (1-1) was playing as they seem to always be the benefactor in these low scoring affairs. Regardless a win is a win and the win moves them to 1-1 on the season and they will be hoping for much better offensive efficiency next week however that might be challenging considering both Moncrief and Peterson went down with injuries. I think the pressure got to them as teamAlaska laid a complete egg this week, their first week atop the rankings. They can safely put this one behind them and move on to next week as I don’t think they will spend too much time looking back given all that they will see is a team that failed to show up. I think it is worth mentioning that Bortles and his 19 points virtually all came with some garbage time TD’s and getting the 300 + yard bonus (5 pts) or you could look at the fact that without Dez Bryant getting over 100 yards (102) and getting the 5 point bonus then we would be talking about teamAlaska with the win. So just to help you to move on faster teamAlaska… you lost by 2 yards!

Have a great week everyone!