BIGBOY! (2-0) vs Pack Attack (1-1)

BIGBOY! comes into this one as the top dog and they will be looking to keep the momentum going this week against Pack Attack. BIGBOY! comes into this one with the second most points scored and also have the least amount of points scored against them. In back to back weeks their opponents have put up only 98 points. There should be very few times this season that they fail to put up at least 100 points so for Pack Attack to come out with a win they will need to have a solid week. BIGBOY! will look to get to 3-0 on the season and then next week they welcome back LeVeon Bell however it is hard to argue with the “Bell-Like” stats that Williams has been putting up in his absence. This is a team that doesn’t look to be suffering from any of the affects of last seasons tough outcome and has hit the ground running. I know they would like nothing more then to send Pack Attack to a 1-2 start to the season while keeping their undefeated season in tact.

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 4-2 edge in their 6 regular season meetings. However, Pack Attack has a better ppg average at 127.18 to 120.52.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-1) vs Big Papa (1-1)

Here are two teams that are coming off big week 2 wins and will now be looking to keep that momentum going this week and start a mini winning streak. For 16hrs last weeks win was a welcome sight and they are hoping that this year they can make some noise and get back to the playoffs. Typically however this team has played relatively well in the first couple of weeks but it is always closing out the seasons where they have struggled. A big win here against a quality opponent in Big Papa would give them a 2-1 record on the year but also a 2-1 record against the Lindgren clan! Big Papa is still trying to live up to the pre-season hype of having the best draft and will be looking to do so with a big win this week. They will be without their top WR in Jonathan Stewart this week and possibly for a couple more but they should be able to make up for that with their depth at the WR position.

Lots of guys with the Q tag going into this matchup but I expect most will play with the biggest question marks being Marshall and Gates. I expect that 16hrs will have roughly a 30 point lead going into the Monday night game but look for the combination of Brees and Jones to put up 50 points and Big Papa win by 20.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
In their 12 regular season meetings Big Papa holds a 7-5 edge. Big Papa also holds a better average with a 112.90 to 95.51 ppg average. The 95.51 is the lowest average points scored against any team in the league. They will be looking to change that this week.


Bossman (1-1) vs teamAlaska (1-1)

Both teams in this one are coming off really tough losses and can’t wait to get back out onto the field or well maybe they can if they are worried that last weeks performances weren’t flukes and that maybe their teams just aren’t very good. I think that is more of a concern for our reigning champ in Bossman as they have had two subpar outings and everyone is gunning for them as they want to take down the champ! For teamAlaska they just want to get themselves in a position to have a chance at a playoff berth in the final weeks as it has been 4 years since they last made it to the playoffs. This one should be an interesting match up.

Bossman suffered a big blow with Doug Martin getting hurt last week and it appears may miss multiple weeks. They however did benefit from Abdullah going down as Riddick now becomes the #1 back in Detroit. They are holding out hope that Gronkowski plays tonight and that may be a big factor in them winning or losing. teamAlaska also lost a RB last week in Arian Foster as he looks also to be out for a week or two.  This is a tough one to call without knowing if Gronkowski plays or not. I am going to assume even if he plays he doesn’t have the normal Gronk performance so I am going to go with teamAlaska in a squeaker thanks to a big game from Snead on Monday night.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
teamAlaska holds a 6-3 edge in their 9 regular season meetings. Bossman however holds the slight edge in PPG average at 117.41 to 116.62.


DaUnderdog (1-1) vs. Sportsfreak (0-2)

Both of these two teams are coming off week 2 losses and will be looking to get the win in week 3. Even though we are only in week 3 this is a big game for Sportsfreak as no team wants to fall to 0-3 to start the season as it seems you continually are playing an uphill battle all year. For DaUnderdog this is a good opportunity for them to not only drop a long time rival to 0-3 but also put themselves into a good position  with 2 wins after 3 weeks something that those Yahoo experts heading into the season didn’t think was possible.

DaUnderdog is just hoping / waiting for Rodgers to break out of this long slump and put up QB1 #’s consistently. Maybe Detroit is just the get well antidote for Rodgers and company, I expect Rodgers surpasses his 19 point projection this week. For Sportsfreak they will need Winston and Evans to come up big however their match up against LA is a tough one. Look for Elliott to finally put up RB1 #’s in this one. I expect a close hard fought defensive battle with DaUnderdog going into Monday night with a 15 point lead. Fleener will make it interesting for Sportsfreak but his 11 points won’t quite be enough and DaUnderdog wins by 4 points.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 8-6 edge in their 14 regular season meetings. Sportsfreak also holds the scoring edge of 104.57 to 99.13. As you can see this is typically a low scoring match up and I expect much of the same this week.


Showboat (1-1) vs HHH (0-2)

Showboat comes into this one as not the top team in the league but they have been the most dynamic as they have scored the most points in the league after two weeks with a per game average of 141 points. HHH however is on the other end of the scoring spectrum as they have been having a hard time figuring out how to score points as they have the 2nd fewest amount of points scored and their per game average is only 96 points. So on paper this one should be a blowout and with Charles likely to miss another week things are looking a little bleak for HHH this week but who knows.. that is why you play the games.

There is one way that I see HHH having a shot in this one.. if Showboat benches all his guys! Wait, did I just write that? What I meant was they would need huge games from their three star players in Lacy, Gurley and Palmer and then get some of the role players to fill in the rest of the gaps. I just don’t see that happening and even if they did have big games I think Showboat has a bit too much firepower in this one so look for them to come out on top and for HHH to be waiting not so patiently anymore for Charles to return.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 5-3 edge in their 8 regular season meetings. Showboat also has a higher ppg average of 122.08 to 111.66.

Rapids Plungers (2-0) vs pack slayer (1-1)

pack slayer is coming off a tough loss last week and had they not this would have been a match up of undefeated teams. Instead, pack slayer will be looking to move Rapids Plungers from the land of the unbeaten’s. Rapids gets a little boost this week as McKinnon is now the starter in MN while pack slayer is just trying to find a roster that is going to work. Who would have thought that in week 3 of the season Crowell and C. Michael are potentially starting over Rawls and J. Hill? This is a match up where the WR’s are going to rule however with 6 top tier WR’s going to battle in this one.

In talking about the WR’s it is worth mentioning that 4 of those 6 WR’s belong to Rapids Plungers. I expect Rapids to be up by 40 points heading into the Monday nighter. I do think that Matt Ryan makes it interesting but his 25 points won’t be enough and Rapids Plungers will move to 3-0 on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
pack slayer holds a 3-2 edge in their 5 regular season meetings. pack slayer has a much better ppg average as well with a 134.35 to 111.62 average.


PackMan12 (1-1) vs U Don’t Know (1-1)

Yes, it is only week 3 but I look at this as a big match up for both teams. PackMan12 has really struggled so far this season failing to score 100 points in either of the first two weeks and on top of that they just lost AP for what looks like the season and Moncrief for 1/2 of the season. Those are two big blows for a team that was having trouble scoring already. They did however benefit from the injury to Martin as Sims now becomes the guy but that is a temporary thing. For U Don’t Know they are coming off a great win last week and their confidence is at a all time high. Melvin Gordon was having a solid season already but with Woodhead’s injury that makes his value only go up more. If their guys can stay healthy this team has a shot at breaking that 8 year playoff drought.

Cam Newton is up against a tough MN defense but outside of that I really like the match ups for U Don’t Know and I just think they have more firepower at their disposal then PackMan12 does. This may be week # 3 that they fail to hit the 100 point mark. U Don’t Know wins this one with relative ease.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 has dominated their 5 regular season meetings with a 4-1 record and an average of 128.18 to 96.64 for U Don’t Know.

Enjoy the games everyone!