Another great week of Football in general. From a fantasy perspective we saw the last remaining winless teams pull out victories to further tighten up the standings but we did also see the top two teams remain undefeated and now after three weeks it is safe to say teams will be gunning for you when they see you on their schedule! And now to the recaps:

BIGBOY! (126.06) vs Pack Attack (108.54)

Another week and another win for BIGBOY! as they move to 3-0 on the season by sending Pack Attack (1-2) to their 2nd loss in a row. BIGBOY! was led this week by their Defense as the KC D put up a whopping 35pts.  Jarvis Landry was solid with 25 points but outside of that the rest of the team struggled. BIGBOY! despite the win did however lose their spot at the top of the standings as Rapids Plungers leap frogged them in points but to get a win on a week when you team plays poorly and then to be getting arguably the #1 fantasy player back on their roster this week (Bell) this team is going to be tough to beat.

Big Papa (134.50) vs 16hrs ahead of You!! (120.68)

Big Papa (2-1) comes away with a really good win in a hard fought battle against 16hrs (1-2). Both teams outscored their projections despite the fact that each team had a player put up 0 points (Lockett and Jennings). 16hrs really needed a solid game from Russel Wilson in hopes to pull off the upset but Wilson’s 11 point effort wasn’t enough to take them down. I am impressed however that despite the receiver duo of Marshall and Decker playing poorly (7 points) they were still able to put up 120. Assuming they don’t run into a bunch of injuries this is a team that after 3 weeks looks like they will be able to compete. Big Papa had another solid week and they seemed to have found the defensive MVP after three weeks in Marcus Peters as he followed up his 30 point effort from a week ago with another solid 20 point game this week. Big Papa has now won two straight and is currently sitting in third place!

Bossman (124.81) vs teamAlaska (118.94)

Bossman moves to 2-1 on the season thanks to a monster game from Freeman (33.88) in Monday nights game. Up until that point Bossman’s team was looking similar to the previous week. They were however aided by E. Sanders 31 point effort but outside of the rest of their team was struggling and it looked like they would be on their way to another loss. Then came Freeman’s dominating performance and the fact that two of teamAlaska’s players didn’t score a point this went from a potentially ugly loss to an exciting, momentum swinging victory. All is well at least for another week in the Bossman camp. Since it was just a week ago that teamAlaska loss by 2 yards I thought it would be worth mentioning that no they did not lose by 2 yards this week. You actually loss by 2 yards and 1 catch! Freeman in last nights game ended up with 152 yards rushing so therefore he got the 150 yard 5 point bonus and for good measure lets take Matt Asiata’s one catch and that was your difference in this game. Sleep well teamAlaska!

Sportsfreak (168.67) vs DaUnderdog (109.78)

I think Sportsfreak (1-2) understood that even though we are only at week 3 in the season they did not want to fall to 0-3 and they came out this week with a vengeance. Not only did they get the win but they also scored the most points in the league so far this year. Isn’t it amazing what one week can do for your confidence and how you see your team? They moved from 13th place in the standings all the way to 6th. Of course I know it is week 3 but still that is a solid jump! They were led this week  primarily by 4 players who all scored over 23 points (Winston, Evans, Fleener & Murray) and they were led by the TB combination of Evans and Winston who put up 60 points. It is pretty easy to see how Sportsfreak is going to fare as if those two TB players continue to put up big #’s this team is always going to be competitive but if they don’t they may struggle to find wins.  DaUnderdog (1-2) finally got a solid game out of Rodgers (29.57) but that wasn’t close to enough to keep up with Sportsfreak and they don’t need to feel bad because no one would have this week. It doesn’t get any easier next week for DaUnderdog as the Packers are on a bye which means pretty much their whole team is on a bye!

HHH (132.96) vs Showboat (112.28)

Similar to Sportsfreak it seemed as though team HHH realized that falling to 0-3 on the season was not a hole they wanted to try and dig themselves out of and they came out with their best performance of the year and their first win.  They did this all despite Carson Palmer (-2.26) scoring negative points. I have to give it to HHH it is hard enough to win in this league when your QB performs well but it is significantly harder when your QB actually causes your team to go backward in points. For Showboat (1-2) they continue to put up solid #’s but they just can’t seem to get their Defense to  help out as Showboat has the 4th ranked Offense and their D is ranked dead last. I am sure they will be emphasizing defense this week in practice and this coach is a 3-time champ so there is no doubt that they will get this thing turned around.

Rapids Plungers (142.76) vs pack slayer (104.57)

Rapids Plungers stays undefeated by overpowering pack slayer in this one. Rapids Plungers (3-0) was led by their Detroit duo of Stafford and Jones JR who combined for a whopping 78 points. This was certainly needed as the rest of their team actually struggled but that is what good teams do they find a way to win even when they have off weeks but if you would have told me that Benjamin and Green would combine for 11.85 points I would have told you that pack slayer would win this game. Then again I haven’t been very good at predicting these games match ups lately so it doesn’t really matter what I think! For pack slayer (1-2) they are off to a slow start and it had to be tough to see Pryor (28.30) and Hill (18.47) sitting on their bench this week. Even though it probably wouldn’t have mattered because they would have loss you never want to see that many points rotting on your bench.

PackMan12 (142.90) vs U Don’t Know (103.33)

Is it safe to say the PackMan12 (2-1) we all have been used to seeing is back? And by that I mean the one that continues to just win games and make the playoffs every year. It is hard to say for sure because I haven’t forgotten about those two 96 point efforts in weeks 1 and 2 but this certainly helps as they had their best game of the season here in week 3! They got production from many of their players as 8 of their 11 players scored 10 + points this week and Tevin Coleman capped off the week with a 26 point effort on Monday night. U Don’t Know (1-2) got solid production from Hilton (32.70) and OBJ (18.05) but it wasn’t enough to keep up with PackMan12 in this one. U Don’t Know was hoping that this was going to be the start of a mini winning streak but instead they will now be looking to get back to .500 with a win next week. As it sits right now these two teams look like middle of the road rosters and with some luck they will be able to contend for the playoffs but they are going to need some guys to step up for them to make some serious noise.

That’s a wrap for week 3. Have a great week everyone!