I will preface this by saying I apologize for all of you that I pick to win this week as it is a sure sign that you will lose. Sorry!

Big Papa (2-1) vs Pack Attack (1-2)

Big Papa comes into this game with a two game winning streak and is now lurking at the top of the leaderboard. A win here would ensure that they stay at or near the top and couple that with a loss by either BIGBOY! or Rapids Plungers and they may be looking at the #1 spot. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves however as Pack Attack will be looking to move back to .500 after two subpar performances the past couple of weeks. Big Papa will be hoping that the Julio Jones they drafted #2 overall will show up in this weeks match up while Pack Attack will be looking for big things from their #1 overall pick in Brown. Should be a good one!

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 8-6 edge in their 14 regular season meetings to date. Pack Attack averages 130.21 to Big Papa’s 120.56 points per game.

Rapids Plungers (3-0) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-2)

Rapids Plungers comes into this one holding the mantle of the top team in the league and they will look to do what the previous other #1 teams couldn’t and that is stay at the top for more then one week. If history holds true then they will hang on to that top spot for at least one more week after that it is anyone’s guess. 16hrs will be looking to get back into the win column this week as they have had two decent weeks in regards to performance but only one of those led to a victory. I know that they would love nothing more then to hand Rapids their first loss of the season and let everyone know that they are a team to watch out for this season. Here is an interesting bit of history for you.  In the past eight seasons four times Rapids Plungers has either been winless or had 1 win after week 4 (0-4, 1-3, 1-3, 0-4) and four times they have either not lost a game or had only one loss (4-0, 5-1, 9-0, 6-1). Most recently last season Rapids started out the season 4-0 only to finish with a 7-6 record and missed out on the playoffs. This is a team that either is really cold in the beginning or on fire and this year it seems they are on fire can 16hrs put out the flame?

This is a tough match up for 16hrs with Jordy on a bye and they will be searching for a backup running back with Langford out for a few weeks. Look for Rapids Plungers to continue the hot streak and start out the season 4-0 yet again.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers holds a 5-2 edge in their 7 regular season meetings. Rapids Plungers also has a edge in the ppg department 118.54 to 100.02.


BIGBOY! (3-0) vs teamAlaska (1-2)

BIGBOY! got knocked off their pedestal of the #1 team last week by Rapids Plungers despite not losing so they will not only be looking to win this one but they will also be looking to put up some big points in doing so. BIGBOY! gets to welcome back L. Bell to their lineup and needs to say a thank you to D. Williams who did a great job in holding down the fort while Bell was out. Meanwhile from the teamAlaska camp things are getting a little interesting. Rumors of a coach being on the hot seat. I guess I am not sure if those are just rumors or if there is any truth to them. I guess that is what happens when you lose a game by 2 yards and 1 catch and you have two guys on your starting roster that didn’t play due to injury. Let’s take this one step further and teamAlaska this is maybe where you skip to the prediction part but this match up is 4 yards and 1 catch away from being a match up of two 3-0 teams!

Alright enough discussing previous weeks and let’s get to this week. We have already discussed Bell who is up against a tough KC team so we will see right away what he can do against a tough defense. Kirk Cousins should have a big game against the lowly Browns but after that I am a little concerned to see where scoring is going to come from. Edelman might have a 3rd string QB throwing to him for another week and Landry is up against a tough Bengals D on a Thursday night game. Luck for teamAlaska should have a solid game against JAX and Robinson should also benefit from going against the colts beat up secondary. I guess this will be closer then many think (maybe two yards) but I have to go with BIGBOY! to keep the winning streak going and move to 4-0 on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 4-2 edge in their 6 regular season meetings. He also has dominated in points per game average, 140.04 to 104.44.


Bossman (2-1) vs. U Don’t Know (1-2)

Bossman, the reigning champ has yet to hit their groove this season as through three games they have been very up and down. The encouraging part if you are a Bossman fan is that they had their best week last week in a game in which they needed every point as they held on to the 6 point win over teamAlaska. U Don’t Know has been in a similar boat through three games as they too haven’t been real consistent. They did have a 143 point outburst in week 2 so we know this team is capable of putting up some points but their next highest score is 103 points. Since it is week 4 we don’t yet know what is the real identity of this team and what should we expect each week. On the flip side I talked about the inconsistency with Bossman but the one thing they are know for and it is their “Identity” is they just figure out how to win games. Sometimes it is in a shootout, the next week it is in a defensive battle. You never really know with this team but they consistently win and I think that is the identity all teams are looking for.

What looks to be another really good match up this week! I would feel alot better about Bossman if they weren’t starting Asiata but the same could be said for U Don’t Know and D. Henry who has been relatively quiet through three weeks. This one will come down to 34 players and their performances. For Bossman (Rivers, Gronk, Sanders and Freeman) for U Don’t Know (Newton, OBJ, Hilton & Gordon). I still don’t trust Gronk after he played last week and didn’t score and we still don’t know what the QB situation will look like in NE and Freeman I think struggles this week against Carolina. I am going to go with the upset and pick U Don’t Know.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 5-4 edge in their 9 regular season meetings so far. Bossman has slightly outscored U Don’t Know, 132.24 to 122.91.


Showboat (1-2) vs DaUnderdog (1-2)

Two teams coming into this one with 1 win and not wanting to fall into a 1-3 hole to start the season. Showboat has been playing much better then their 1 win would suggest as they are averaging 132 ppg through three weeks. DaUnderdog has only averaged 106 ppg but they have been extremely consistent with their high score being 109 and their low being 98. One of these teams will walk away with 2-2 record and back to .500 while the other will be sent to the uphill battle of 1-3.

And the bye week hits and for some when it hits it comes in full force! DaUnderdog is getting hit with a monsoon this week as they have 5 starters out due to the bye week.  Having one or two is tough to overcome but 5 and especially if one of them is your star QB that is about impossible. Showboat will be licking their chops and feeling confident in this one and they should as they get the win with relative ease.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Showboat holds a 6-3 edge in their 9 regular season meetings and holds the edge in ppg, 116.80 to 97.06.

Sportsfreak (1-2) vs HHH (1-2)

Another match up featuring two 1 win teams who will be looking to get back to .500. Sportsfreak is coming off the best week of the season last week and should have a lot of confidence coming into this one. On the other side HHH is also coming off a really solid performance and by far their best one of the season. So we should see two teams with a lot of confidence heading into this showdown. Thanks to that big game last week the #’s would tell us that Sportsfreak is the best 1-2 team in the league (whatever that means) and for HHH they would fall towards the bottom of that list. So despite their identical records Sportsfreak comes into this one as the favorite.

So I know last week I didn’t talk very highly in this space about HHH and what did they do? Came out and had their best week of the season. So what about this week? First off both teams will be without starters from the bye week. Lacy for HHH and Cobb for Sportsfreak. HHH is hoping that Charles can come back and be his normal self this week but I somewhat expect them to ease him into action. It looks like Sporstfreak is breaking up the duo of Winston and Evans and instead going with Dalton. I see the logic but it will be interesting to see how it turns out. This is another close one to call but I really don’t like many of the match ups for Sportsfreak with the exception of Elliott and T. Williams. I am not sure if that will be enough. I am going with the mini upset and picking HHH by 5 points.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
After 14 games this is a dead heat with each team winning 7 games and the average ppg shows that this match up is usually really close similar to what we are expecting this week as HHH holds a slight edge in ppg, 116.49 to 115.31. How about our first tie?


PackMan12 (2-1) vs pack slayer (1-2)

So does PackMan12 got their swag back after back to back wins? You might think so however I would say not so fast… The back to back wins is somewhat misleading as in week 2 lets not forget this was the team that won with 96 points. Last week was what they will be pointing to and where there confidence would be coming from as they put up 142 points in a domination effort. They will go up against a pack slayer squad that has actually played slightly better the past two weeks and despite having loss two in a row they really played well enough to win in week 2 as they put up 139 points but came up 1 point short. They have not scored less then 100 in any week so far and for PackMan12 they have only scored over 100 in 1 week. So as you can tell there is a lot of unknown about both of these teams and the picture might get a little clearer after this weeks game.

Another match up where I could see it easily going both ways and I am looking closely at the match ups of the players. In doing so, I am going to go with pack slayer to get the win by 2 points. Look for PackMan12 to be down by 15 going into the Monday night game. Blair Walsh will attempt a 27 yard FG which would give PackMan12 the 1 point win BUT this happens… Click here!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 has dominated their 5 regular season meetings with a 4-1 record. PackMan12 also leads the PPG average, 124.64 to 107.28.

Enjoy the games everyone!