Four weeks into the season and we now have only one undefeated team. Congrats Rapids Plungers you officially now have the target on your back!

Pack Attack (154.85) vs Big Papa (133.47)

In the highest scoring match up of the week Pack Attack (2-2) was able to come away with the much needed victory over Julio Jones… I mean Big Papa (2-2).  It doesn’t happen often that a player will score 53 points for a team and they lose but that is the case for Big Papa as outside of John Brown everyone else was stuck in awe of Julio’s performance and forgot they had a game of their own. Big Papa will be looking to get back over .500 next week in a showdown with pack slayer.

Rapids Plungers (140.01) vs 16hrs ahead of You!! (91.65)

Rapids Plungers moves to 4-0 on the season with the workmanlike victory over 16hrs who now is sitting at 1-3 on the season. Rapids got the week started off right with 34 pts from AJ Green on Thursday night football and they never looked back. 16hrs could have made this interesting had they not left two players on the starting roster that were out due to injury. Rapids Plungers as mentioned officially has the target on their back as they are now the last team without a loss in the league oh and they get Brady back next week. U Don’t Know is next on the list to try and take down the Plungers!

teamAlaska (108.59) vs BIGBOY! (93.61)

This was a huge win for teamAlaska as they moved to 2-2 on the season and knocked BIGBOY! (3-1) from the ranks of the unbeaten. This wasn’t teamAlaska’s best week but it was enough to get the W and that is all that matters. They were led by S. Smith Sr and his 24 points and they had 4 other players scoring 12+ points, so it was a team effort. For BIGBOY! this is back to back poor outings as if it wasn’t for their fluke 35 points from their defense the week before they would have failed to score 100 points then too. I am not sure that I am overly concerned as this is still the #2 team in the league and they may have just had two poor outings but it is something to keep an eye on as we move forward. For teamAlaska this might have been just the jolt they needed to get their confidence back and  get over those tough losses the last two weeks.

Bossman (117.99) vs U Don’t Know (71.25)

Two weeks ago after putting up only 78 points in a loss to Big Papa and not looking that great in a opening day win people were starting to wonder if there was going to be a Super Bowl Championship hangover but Bossman reminded the league these last two weeks that they are still the champ and have no interest in giving up that mantle easily. Bossman moved to 3-1 on the season thanks to an all around solid team effort. Outside of one player no one scored less then 7.42 points and they were led by P. Rivers and his 21 points. For U Don’t Know (1-3) things are seemingly going in the wrong direction as they have now lost two straight and just had their worst outing of the year. M. Gordon (20.55) has been the main bright spot for this team as he continues to produce on a regular basis. This team on paper looks as though it has potential to be a solid team but potential doesn’t lead to wins and right now that is what U Don’t Know needs… wins!

Showboat (113.80) vs DaUnderdog (47.55)

Showboat comes away with the easy victory in this one and moves to 2-2 on the season. DaUnderdog (1-3) seemingly accepted this as a loss considering that they left 5 players in their starting lineup who had byes. Showboat is not complaining and will take the win anyway that they can. The win moves them to the middle of the pack and they have another week in which they scored well over 100 points. This is a team that looks like it has staying power and despite just a .500 record I suspect they will continue to move their way to the top of the leader board as the season progresses. As for DaUnderdog (1-3) they have continued to live up to their name again this year as they are sitting at 1-3 and will need to get things kicked into gear soon. The good part is that they got that tough bye week out of the way and they should be in much better shape moving forward.

Sportsfreak (92.12) vs HHH (81.43)

Somebody had to win right? I guess it might as well have been Sportsfreak as they move to 2-2 on the season despite only scoring 92 points. This was by far the worst game of the season for Sportsfreak and the first week that they failed to hit the 100 point marker. No one could really get it going except for D. Murray (21.53) and E. Elliott (22.15) who accounted for almost 1/2 of their points this week. This coming off a week in which we saw them put up the most points in the league. Interesting what a difference a week can make. For HHH (1-3) this is a tough one to swallow as they just couldn’t get their guys to get anything going. You know it is a tough day when your Defense is the leading scorer and they only had 17 points. They had some hope going into the Sunday night game as they were down by roughly 12 points and had J. Charles left but after the first quarter it was clear that Charles was not going to get into the game enough to get the chance at those kinds of points.

packslayer (161.85) vs PackMan12 (93.03)

Talk about domination! That is what happened here as pack slayer (2-2) didn’t even give PackMan12 (2-2) a glimmer of hope as Matt Ryan (52.99) had one of the best stat days of his career. The rest of the team were solid contributors which led them to post the second highest score in the league this year. pack slayer needed this one and got it, they have a tough next 4 games and if they can figure out a way to get out of there at .500 the schedule looks to get a little easier in the last half of the season. Is it safe to say PackMan12 is in trouble? Yeah, I think that is a safe assumption about now despite the fact that they own a 2-2 record. You really have to look at how they got to where they are now and this was now the third week out of four that they failed to score over 100 points. So is it time to panic all you PackMan12 fans out there… not yet but with upcoming games against Showboat and Rapids Plungers it wouldn’t surprise me to see them be sitting with a three game losing streak and then the Panic button might need to be hit!

Have a great week everyone!