Pack Attack (2-2) vs DaUnderdog (1-3)

In one of the oldest rivalries, the brother battle! Pack Attack will go up against DaUnderdog this week. This is a big game for DaUnderdog as they do not want to start out the season 1-4. That is a tough hole to dig yourself out of. They will have their full team back together again this week as the Packers are off of their bye. The other factor is that DaUnderdog is typically a team that starts out fine but then for some reason fades towards the end of the seasons. If this 3 game losing streak is the start of the fade already then they might be in for a LONG season!

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 10-5 edge in their 15 regular season meetings. Pack Attack also holds the edge in ppg at 128.97 to 104.32.

Bossman (3-1) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-3)

The reigning champ seems to have gotten their groove back the past couple of games as they have won two straight. However, I will caution that as they haven’t really looked like a championship team all season yet despite their 3-1 record. Their best scoring output so far this season has been 124 points and now the injury bug is once again hitting them as they just loss Kevin White for seemingly the year. That is a lot to overcome but like they have proved in the past they usually just figure out a way to win and so far through 4 games that has been exactly what has happened. For 16hrs they are seemingly on the other end of the spectrum where they just continually find ways to lose. (Sorry 16hrs… the truth hurts sometimes). To illustrate my point 16hrs has actually scored more points on the season  and in fact Bossman has scored the 5th lowest amount of points however you wouldn’t know that by the records as Bossman is currently in 3rd with the 3-1 record while 16hrs is sitting at #11 and 1-3. This is a big game for 16hrs as they need to get back to winning some games and what better way to do it then against the defending champs!

Yahoo has this one as a relatively easy win for 16hrs but I am not so sure on that. It is hard for me to go against the trend I just wrote about but I think I am going to do just that. The difference maker in this one is the Flex spot and Jordy vs Smallwood. Look for 16hrs to get that much needed win and let the questions again start to creep up about Bossman and their squad.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Bossman has dominated this matchup with a 8-2 record in their 10 meetings. Bossman also holds the ppg average mark at 132.38 to 113.03.


Big Papa (2-2) vs pack slayer (2-2)

So if we were to have a pretender / contender list these are two teams that would be talked a lot about. With both teams sitting at 2-2, Big Papa is coming off a loss in which they played well scoring 133.47pts and pack slayer is coming off a big 162.38pt effort in their win last week. Big Papa has the 2nd most points scored in the league this season while pack slayer is right in the middle of the pack but was really helped by last weeks performance. So who’s the contender and who’s the pretender? Big Papa = Contender, pack slayer = ? still not sure on this one, if Matt Ryan continues his hot start then they probably fit into that contender category as well. Wins and losses matter of course but points scored in many cases are the better indicator of your team and Big Papa’s lowest scoring game was 122 points.

Big Papa will be without one of their top players in Brees this week however they couldn’t have picked a better bye week as the backup, Carr is going against a beat SD secondary and could easily put up Brees like #’s. On the flip side I look for Matty Ice to cool down considerably this week as he is going against the vaunted Broncos D. Is this the start of a typical Matt Ryan drop off? In addition pack slayer has Hopkins going against the Viking D who has shut down Benjamin and OBJ in back to back weeks. I see Big Papa winning this one with relative ease. However, a win here and I might have to put pack slayer into that contender status.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Big Papa holds a 3-2 record in their 5 regular season meetings. Big Papa has averaged the most points in those meetings, 128 to 118.26.


BIGBOY! (3-1) vs. Sportsfreak (2-2)

Another Brother Battle! Always one of the most intriguing matchups of the week when these two teams go head to head and you know that there is no shortage of trash talking unless of course BIGBOY! is scared of losing then Sportsfreak phone may be quiet. I suspect there hasn’t been much back and forth as BIGBOY! has struggled the last couple of weeks and they need a good week this week to get their swagger back. Sportsfreak on the other hand is coming off back to back wins however in very different fashions as week 3 they dominated with 168 points and last week they won but with only 92 points scored. So they know what they are capable of but which team will show up this week?

Interestingly enough as of the writing Yahoo has the projected score at .4 points different which is the closest predicted score I recall seeing. I see Winston and Evans for Sportsfreak going up against the Carolina D and it is hard not to think of Julio and Ryan torching them last week. I like BIGBOY’s receiver group of Landry, Edelman and Crabtree this week especially now that Edelman has Brady throwing him the ball again. I think that might be enough to put them over the top and get the win here. This will most likely come down to Monday nights game. Expect Sportsfreak to be down by 40 points and to come up 5 points short. BIGBOY! with the W and bragging rights for a bit.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 4-2 edge in their 6 regular season meetings. The ppg is close but Sportsfreak holds a slight edge, 113.26 to 112.86.


teamAlaska (2-2) vs HHH (1-3)

And the third brother battle of the week! teamAlaska comes into this one after getting the big win over BIGBOY! last week. It has been well documented but this is a team that could easily be sitting at 4-0 so despite the 2-2 record they should have a lot of confidence coming into this matchup. For HHH things haven’t looked quite so good as they are really struggling to find the right roster and they have now lost two games in which their opponent failed to score 100 points. Those are the tough ones as those are the ones you expect to win. Maybe the brother battle this week will help get the team motivated and we will see a different team this week?

Both teams are hit pretty hard this week with bye’s so it evened itself out quite nicely however the loss of Palmer is tough for HHH. I expect this to be a fairly close game but I don’t see HHH having enough firepower this week to keep up. Maybe next week? teamAlaska with win # 3 on the year.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
teamAlaska holds a 8-5 edge in their 13 regular season meetings. teamAlasks holds a slight edge in ppg, 116.58 to 115.57.

PackMan12 (2-2) vs Showboat (2-2)

A matchup of 2-2 teams and I know that the record is what we look at but if there was ever a difference in teams with the same record that is what we have here. Showboat is in the top 5 for points scored while PackMan12 is on the bottom 5.  Showboat has scored over 100 points each week with their low score being 112 points, PackMan12 has only scored over 100 points one time this year but they have never scored less than 90 (there’s something positive for you).  PackMan12 might need to start accepting more trades as rumor has it they had trade offers for AP before he hit the IR and also had trade offers for Josh Gordon before he entered rehab. Clearly through 4 games we have two very different teams despite the records being identical but who wins this week and moves above .500?

Showboat wins this one with relative ease. I am not sure if the stat of PackMan12 scoring over 90 points each week will hold up after this one.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
PackMan12 has dominated this dominated this match up with a 5-0 record in their 5 regular season meetings. PackMan12 also holds the ppg edge, 106.03 to 88.62. Could this be the first win for Showboat over PackMan12?


Rapids Plungers (4-0) vs U Don’t Know (1-3)

Rapids Plungers is rolling and will look to keep that going against a U Don’t Know squad that is in need of a jolt as they have lost two straight games after putting up an impressive 143 point effort in week 2. Rapids Plungers welcomes Tom Brady to their 4-0 roster and they are hoping that he performs at his typical MVP level and even though Stafford has played well he is not Tom Brady and for the rest of the league trying to catch Rapids we may be in trouble. This is a big game for U Don’t Know not only for them to avoid the 1-4 start but also it could go a long way toward their confidence as knocking off the top team in the league is always a big boost.

With the uncertainty of Newton playing on Monday and Rapids Plungers overall seeming like the better team I am going to have to pick them to move to 5-0 on the season. If Cam plays that certainly helps their chances but even so U Don’t Know would have to have their guys all have above average games for them to pull off the upset.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
U Don’t Know holds a 5-3 edge in their 8 regular season meetings. U Don’t Know has also averaged slightly more points at 121.21 to 118.05.

Enjoy the games everyone!