Week 1 is in the books and the top 4 teams are PackerFANatic7, 16hrs Ahead of You!!, DaUnderdog, and U Don’t Know. What is interesting to me about this is that if you take out PackerFANatic7 the other three teams mentioned starting out last year a combined 3 – 15 to start the season and now here they are 3-0! Does that mean a long losing streak is in store or will these teams really make some noise this year!? Let’s get to the week that was.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (139.10) vs Pack Attack (91.09)

Wow! 16hrs (1-0) comes out of the gate to start the season with a dominating performance over the reigning champs! This one was over by the time the 3PM games started and 16hrs just went on to “rub it in” a little bit by their defense putting up 32pts in the afternoon matchup. Antonio Brown was his normal self and put up 30.10 points! They won’t be able to count on 32 points every week from their Defense so they will have to try to figure out a way to make up those points but this was a great start to their season! For Pack Attack (0-1)… well they were pathetic, not going to win many games scoring 90 points!

teamAlaska (76.75) vs Big Papa (63.46)

What did I just say? I think it was “not going to win many games scoring 90 points” I guess 76 will get the job done though! This one was ugly but in the end it is all about getting the W so nice job teamAlaska (1-0) in getting the job done. The one thing you can look to if you are teamAlaska is that you have somewhat of an excuse as they were without their starting QB and top RB Ajayi due to the unexpected week 1 bye. They now will get those guys back and won’t have to worry about their bye weeks moving forward. For Big Papa (0-1)… so this is what an A+ draft grade looks like!? This was downright ugly for Big Papa as they only had three players score in double digits and not one of them scored over 12 points. I am sure they can’t wait for week 2 to get here so they can try and live up to that A+ draft grade!

Sportsfreak (112.47) vs BIGBOY! (82.14)

Sportsfreak (1-0) comes away with a solid start. Not spectatular but in a week when it seemed most teams struggled to get over that 100 point mark this was a solid week for them. However, it doesn’t come without a price as they lost their #1 overall pick and the consensus top player in fantasy football for possibly the entire season! This is a huge blow but one that an experienced manager like Sportsfreak coach will do their best to overcome! BIGBOY! (0-1) really struggles like many other teams this week as they scored a weak 82 points! They, like Big Papa only had three players scoring 10+ points.  Last season they only had two weeks scoring under 100 so this is most likely just a fluke.. or is it?  There will be a lot of teams like BIGBOY with things to prove in week 2!

PackerFANAtic7 (142.24) vs Bossman (109.03)

I see you PackerFANAtic7 (1-0)… not sure I am ready to crown you the next champion but that was an impressive performance against one of the more accomplished teams in the league. PackerFANAtic7 got an all around solid effort. Their D put up 28 points to lead the way and they had 7 players score in double figures which in a week that established players seemed to struggle overall this was a impressive win. Bossman (0-1) really wasn’t interested in losing to this team and they did just that. It looked like Bossman was well on their way to week 1 win with Tyreek Hill putting up 24 points in the Thursday night opener but after that performance there wasn’t too much else to get really excited about and yet again Bossman had a guy get injured… anyone ever heard of the Madden curse? I am starting to wonder if being on Bossman’s team might be approaching that level. Oh and Bossman.. thanks for not drafting any Packers players! 🙂

DaUnderdog (135.53) vs Rapids Plungers (134.54)

What a game! In a week that we saw what I would call some Duds! This one was awesome and came down to the last two games of the week to determine a winner. DaUnderdog (1-0) got a crazy good performance from Adam Thielen (26.85pts) to start off Monday’s games and that pulled them into the lead with Rapids Plungers having their defensive player remaining (Bosa). Bosa certainly made this interesting as going into the game they were down by 11.34 points. Bosa was able to put up 10.35 points which is solid for your defensive player however given that they lost by 0.99 points that has to be frustrating! I always like to put these into perspective to show how close this is… Rapids Plungers lost by… 1 catch or 2 tackles or 15 rushing / receiving yards. Tough way to lose but great way to win! The other to note is that Rapids Plungers would have only lost to two other teams this week outside of DaUnderdog so they had a good week but DaUnderdog was 1 point better! Could this be the year DaUnderdog makes some noise!? It’s only week 1 but that was a good start!

PackMan12 (84.77) vs HHH (84.52)

What a game part 2! PackMan12 (1-0) and HHH (0-1) battled it out and it came down to the wire with PackMan12 pulling out the crazy 0.25 point win. Going into Monday nights games it seemed that PackMan12 would probably win this one comfortably as they had Brees and CJ Anderson going while HHH only had Von Miller. Well, Brees and Anderson ended up only scoring 18pts combined which opened the door for HHH and Von Miller to steal the win however Miller wasn’t up to the task as he could only muster 4 tackles and 2.40 points. This is one of those “Come on Man” moments that you look back on and wonder what if… it is simple really. Von Miller gets one more tackle.. one more and HHH wins this game. One more catch from one of their players win this game or what about this.. if their RB, TE or WR would have had 4 more yards rushing or receiving HHH wins this game! That’s yet again a tough one to lose but in PackMan12’s case one of those they will take the W and run out of town as they know they didn’t have a great week!

U Don’t Know (116.72) vs pack slayer (56.35)

U Don’t Know (1-0) start off their season with the biggest blowout of the week. They got great production from the WR’s as Nelson, Tate and Diggs accounted for 52% of their scoring this week and those three guys alone would have beat pack slayers entire team 61.02 – 56.35. This was one win and a good one but they will need to string together some victories before I get too excited. Pack slayer on the other hand… well I am not even sure what to say other then you made HISTORY! Congratulations pack slayer you had the lowest scoring week 1 in Keepers Fantasy Football history! Ugly doesn’t really describe the week that pack slayer had as their two highest point scorers were T. Pryor Sr (9.30 pts) and the Denver D (7pts) and they only had one players with a TD and that was Kirk Cousins who only had 1. Overall you can’t get a whole lot worse then this and they certainly can not wait for week 2 to come and get the opportunity to show that this was a fluke OR we will find out if this team really is that bad!?

Have a great week everyone!