Pack Attack (0-1) vs Big Papa (0-1)

Super Bowl rematch game! Both teams come into this Super Bowl rematch having struggled mightily in week 1. Both teams failed to score 100 points and didn’t really put up a fight which is surprising considering they finished as the top two teams from a year ago. This means also that one of the teams represented in last years super bowl is going to start the season out 0-2. Big Papa will be looking for better production really across the board but it starts with Tom Brady and you got to like the matchup this week as Brady is going against a New Orleans Defense that made Sam Bradford look like the best QB in the league. I expect better production from both teams and this should be a good battle!

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 9-6 edge in their previous 15 regular season meetings winning last year in week 4 by a score of 154.85 – 133.47.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (1-0) vs U Don’t Know (1-0)

So when I saw this match up I was somewhat disappointed as I was hoping that we would see if some of the surprising leaders of the league after week 1 could keep it going. On the flip side it guarantees that one of those surprising leaders I will call them will move on to to a 2-0 start. This turns into a big game for both teams as I know they would both love to get off to that fast start something that they have failed to do in the past 5 + seasons.  I am looking forward to seeing who comes out on top in this one and stays atop the leader board after week 2!

U Don’t Know will once again be relying heavily on Rodgers and Nelson but I think you can also throw Diggs in that mix as someone they will/can be counting on for solid production each week. GB has a match up in Atlanta that you would expect the passing #’s to be solid for Rodgers and company and MN will need to be throwing the ball to keep up with the Steelers in Pittsburgh. For 16hrs Mariota has what suddenly looks like a tough match up against Jacksonville’s D and Antonio Brown will most likely be shadowed by Rhodes in MN. I think that leads me to favor U Don’t Know to come out on top in this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
16hrs holds a 7-4 edge in their previous 11 meetings, winning last year in week 8 by a score of 107.73 – 86.43.


BIGBOY! (0-1) vs teamAlaska (1-0)

teamAlaska is coming off the win last week however they didn’t play exceptionally well which sometimes when you can pull of those wins throughout the season it goes a long ways towards your chances of making the playoffs. BIGBOY! on the other hand will be looking to show that last week’s rough outing was just a fluke and not something to be concerned about. I know that BIGBOY! right now is already biting their nails worrying about an 0-2 start while teamAlaska seems to be a bit more engaged this season as they have already set their lineup for the week ahead… I like it! So who wins?

TeamAlaska gets back Winston and Ajayi this week while BIGBOY! added K. Williams to his starting RB position as well as Landry who was out last week due to the bye. I expect this to be a close match up. Dez Bryant and Michael Thomas will finish with roughly the same points but I expect Bryant and Adams to outscore Golladay and Kupp. Ajayi and Gordon should be a fun one to watch and might be the deciding factor on who wins or loses this one. I went back and forth but I  have seen a bunch of rookie RB’s have solid games last week so I am expecting that Mixon sets the tone for the week with a 20 point effort in tonight’s game. Look for teamAlaska to move to 2-0.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 4-3 edge in their previous 7 meetings with teamAlaska winning last years week 4 match up 108.59 – 93.61.


Bossman (0-1) vs. Sportsfreak (1-0)

Bossman had a rough go of it last week losing to a coach making his debut, now some may say it was beginners luck and that is possible but I will get more into that when I preview PackerFANAtic7’s game. Bossman however can’t hide from the fact that they did lose to a rookie coach even after they were saying things like “On behalf of the league & its credibility”… hmmm way to go Bossman and fold under pressure! I guess you do have 2 championships to your name which is 2 more then most of the people in the league have! Why am I talking smack for you? Not sure other then to get those relatives on the other side of the family riled up! Speaking of relatives on the other side of the family, Sportsfreak comes into this one fresh off a solid win and is one of those teams looking for that first ever championship. You know what’s interesting… the last three losing Super Bowl teams in order… Big Papa, BIGBOY! & Sportsfreak. You know what I just realized? If I started a new tab and called it “The Second Place Club” your names would be all over it! Alright I think I have ruffled enough feathers and we can move on to see who wins this one.

Bossman’s reputation is that they always have a solid WR group and that is no different this year since that is once again the strength of their team and will be the big reason they win or lose most weeks. The question then becomes is the supporting cast going to give them enough points to pull off the win? Sportsfreak lost a big piece to their fantasy puzzle when David Johnson went down for what looks to be the bulk of the season. That is going to be too tough for them to overcome this week and I like Bossman to get the win. For Sportsfreak.. you may want to watch this… or maybe not!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman has dominated this match up with a 9-2 record in their 11 meetings, Sportsfreak did however win last season in week 12 by a score of 118.79 – 115.94.


DaUnderdog (1-0) vs PackerFANAtic7 (1-0)

If you look just at last weeks results I think we could call this the game of the week as DaUnderdog and PackerFANAtic7 both not only won but they were two of the highest scoring teams last week. You would have to go way back into the history books to find a time when DaUnderdog started out a season 2-0, in fact it has happened only 2 times (2004 and 2008 seasons). This is a big deal for DaUnderdog to get off to a fast start while PackerFANAtic7 will be looking to prove to everyone in the league that last week was not a fluke or beginners luck or whatever you want to call it but that they are a team to watch out for.

I expect this to be a good game and it would really help PackerFANAtic7 if OBJ was going to play but he has the dreaded Monday night matchup and that leaves a rookie coach with a tough decision to make. I am going to go with DaUnderdog again this week to get the W and off to that fast start they have been looking for.

Historical Look at this Match-Up

HHH (0-1) vs RapidsPlungers (0-1)

Well this is interesting.. these two teams both lost last week and the combined total amount of points they lost by was a mere 1.26 points as HHH lost by .25 points and Rapids Plungers by 1.01 points. Now these two teams who probably feel as though they should have won and have been wondering “what if” since the games ended on monday will get a chance at redemption. The good news is that one of them will get a win this week…. or well I guess given how close their last games were these would be the two teams that would end up with our first ever tie!

Rapids Plungers got 40+ points from Hunt last week, I don’t expect that type of a performance this week but 10-15 seems reasonable. The rest of the matchups are tough for Rapids Plungers..Elliott against a tough Denver D, Reed against the Rams, Coleman gets Baltimore and Davis against JAX. Those are all defenses that looked tough after week 1. A big performance in tonight’s game from AJ Green would be huge in their chances of winning this week. HHH has a much more friendly matchup schedule as SF, NO and the Jets are some of the teams there guys will be going up against. I think this one is close but I think HHH pulls it out.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
Rapids Plungers holds a 7-2 lead in their 9 meetings including a win in week 7 last year by the score of 108.19 – 66.16.


pack slayer (0-1) vs PackMan12 (1-0)

pack slayer is coming off one of the worst weeks this league has ever seen and they will be looking to prove that their team really isn’t that bad and that they just had their off day in week 1 vs later in the season. PackMan12 despite their win last week also has something to prove because winning while scoring under 100 points is cool and you will certainly take it but you know that it won’t get it done each week and to contend you need to be consistently in the 100+ range.

I expect better performances from each of these teams but I don’t think much over 100 is in the cards for either team. I do however think that PackMan12 has a little more firepower and that 56 point effort from a week ago is still lingering in my mind so I am going to go with PackMan12 to win this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 holds a 4-2 edge in their previous 6 meetings with pack slayer winning last season in week 4 by a score of 162.38 – 92.43.

Enjoy the games everyone!