Week 1 is in the books and what a great week it was. It is always interesting to see how things look after week 1. All of those sleeper picks that you had in mind pre-draft and if they are seemingly still sleeping after week 1 or did they perform at the level you were hoping for? Did your top overall pick live up to expectations or are you left wondering why you didn’t start that guy who scored 30 points and is on your bench? This is what makes it fun and I am already looking forward to week 2! Now though lets take a look at the week that was.

Rapids Plungers (110.37) vs Pack Attack (110.02)

Wow! What a game this turned out to be. In a back and forth battle Rapids Plungers (1-0) came away with the 0.35 point win. For those of you not following this match up, this came down to the Monday night game. Rapids Plungers didn’t have any one going and Pack Attack (0-1) had the Lions D who were going up against the J-E-T-S and their rookie QB. The game started perfectly for Pack Attack as the Detroit D had a pick 6 on the first play of the game but slowly the Jets piled on the points and in the end it was 0.35 points enough to get Rapids the win. This was one of the more improbable wins I have seen… well I guess not as improbable as what Rodgers did to the Bears the night before. Moving on….

Bossman (133.20) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (92.46)

Bossman (1-0) starts out the season with a win and going back to last season this is only their 2nd win in the last 6 games. They have never been a team known for starting fast but they always seem to put it together throughout the season. This was a solid performance all around as they had 6 players in double figures and three players scoring over 20 points. A solid win for Bossman. 16hrs (0-1) on the other hand struggled to get anything going. Melvin Gordon finished with 25 points to lead the team but there were a # of players that didn’t perform up to expectation. 16hrs will be looking to get their first win of the season next week as they take on teamAlaska.

Big Papa (148.47) vs Sportsfreak (96.36)

Well this was interesting. Big Papa (1-0) hasn’t been able to spank Sportsfreak like this since he was a youngin’! I am not sure what he did to deserve it but there wasn’t a lot of mercy shown in this one as Big Papa dominated the game from start to finish. Big Papa got a monster game from Michael Thomas (39 pts) who led the way for their team. They also had 6 other players score in double digits so this was for sure a team effort. Sporstfreak (0-1) was left scratching their heads as they failed to score 100 points in an opener for the first time since the 2012 season. Emmanuel Sanders and his 27 points made this look somewhat respectable but Sportsfreak has some work to do to get ready for next week.

PackMan12 (171.66) vs BIGBOY! (118.90)

There is always one team that starts out week 1 and looks like the best team in the league and that one team this season is PackMan12 (1-0). They came out of the gates with a vengeance and I think the fact that is has been awhile since they last made the playoffs is starting to really eat at this coach. They had 6 players score more then 15 points and Tyreek Hill led the way with a monster 43 point effort. I am not sure that they will be able to keep this up next week but for this week at least they are flying high. On the other side of the ball you always have that team playing the team that had a huge week and in this case it was the defending Super Bowl champs. BIGBOY! (0-1) didn’t play terrible but as the defending champs you always get everyone’s best shot so they are going to have to raise their level of play if they want to defend that title this season.

pack slayer (134.94) vs DaUnderdog (122.15)

This turned out to be a really good game as DaUnderdog would not give up. In the end, pack slayer (1-0) came away with a solid 12 point win thanks to big games from Julio Jones and Mike Evans. In addition, the late free agent add of Khalil Mack and his 28 points sealed the deal for this team. Those are the kind of coaching moves that go overlooked but ultimately help you get to the playoffs and beyond in this league. For DaUnderdog (0-1) if you can feel good about a lose this might be one of those times. They put up a solid 122 points despite having two guys on their roster that failed to score a point. On the flip side of this it sure makes you second guess your starters when you see one of your bench players like Jared Cook putting up 28 points. Both these teams leave this week feeling pretty good. One of them just has a W in front of their name to show for it!

HHH (147.45) vs PackerFANatic7 (144.99)

Game of the week! I know that Pack Attack and Rapids Plungers was a closer game but who doesn’t love a shootout? And to top it off it was a Father vs Son match up so you know their was some tense moments in that household. HHH (1-0) got a huge game from their top overall pick, Kamara who put up 41 points. They also 5 others players scoring in double figures. The unlikely here however turned out to be Isaiah Crowell and his 23 points on Monday night against Detroit. Crowell was the #4 RB in terms of scoring this week.  He was drafted in the 8th round. For PackerFANatic7 (0-1) they had an overall solid week and they had the 4th most points scored so despite the loss like DaUnderdog they have to feel pretty good about their team. Cooper Kupp (14.67 pts) made this game interesting on Monday night but he fell about 1 catch and 25 yards short. This was an exciting game and I look forward to seeing how these two teams do the remainder of the year!

U Don’t Know (110.85) vs teamAlaska (82.56)

There is one thing I know about U Don’t Know (1-0) and that is that they tend to start out the first two weeks strong. Only twice in their 12 seasons have they ever started 0-2. Why is this significant? Well, given that this team has not made the playoffs in the last 10 seasons that may come as surprising to some. This year they will be looking to not only start fast but also figure out a way to keep that momentum and get this playoff monkey off their back. They were led this week by Todd Gurley (23pts) and Aaron Rodgers (24pts). teamAlaska (0-1) is feeling the effects of not having their #1 overall pick on their team. LeVeon Bell is capable of putting a team on his back and carrying them to a victory which after having watched his backup in Pittsburgh (Conner) put up 31 points you have to wonder if the outcome of this one may have been different had Bell been playing. Either way he is not and teamAlaska will have to figure out a way to stay competitive while Bell is out of action.

That’s a wrap for this week. Have a great week everyone!