My Prediction Record to Date: 

Pack Attack (0-1) vs PackerFANatic7 (0-1)

These two teams both were a part of the two closest games in week 1. They also have in common the fact that they both came away on the losing side of the ball. Pack Attack losing by a mere .035 points and PackerFANatic7 losing by 2.46 points. Of course, you never want to start the season out at 0-2 so this becomes an intriguing week 2 matchup.

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack defeated PackerFANatic7 121.83 – 94.31 in their one and only meeting last season.

teamAlaska (0-1) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (0-1)

This match up features two teams that struggled mightily in week 1 and are currently holding down the last two spots in the league. Of course, it is just week 1 and these first 4 weeks we are just trying to figure things out but both of these teams are missing a key component to their team. teamAlaska still without Bell and 16hrs lost Jerick McKinnon to injury. These to teams also both want to avoid that 0-2 hole to start the season.

I expect this to be a close match up and both teams will be watching the Det vs SF game closely as between the two teams they have 9 starters playing in that one game alone. For those of you that like #’s that is 41% of the starters will be playing in that one game, not sure I have ever seen that before. Either way, like I said I expect a close game but I am going to go with 16hrs to come away with the narrow victory. I think the SF / Det matchup actually favors teamAlaska however Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt I think will be too much for teamAlaska to overcome. 16hrs with the win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
16hrs holds a 8-5 edge in their previous 13 meetings as well as a ppg edge of 114.94 to 103.08.


Big Papa (1-0) vs Rapids Plungers(1-0)

Big Papa is coming off an impressive week 1 performance while Rapids Plungers was able to steal a victory last week which should give them some momentum heading into this showdown. Unlike the previous two match ups we have two teams looking to get off to that fast 2-0 start which can go a long way towards a successful season. Win or lose these are two teams with coaches that you expect to have their team in contention towards the end of the season. I am looking forward to this one and who comes out on top.

This one is going to be interesting. It is always a bit tough to figure out what week 2 might look like especially in this case. Both teams last week got big games from their Defensive player which as you all know can be a hit and miss kind of position. In addition, Big Papa got a 39 point game from Michael Thomas who I suspect has a solid game but 39 points… that is hard to duplicate. Looking at this I think Big Papa has a bit more firepower this week and I expect them to come out on top but don’t expect this one to be a shootout. I am going to go with a 110 to 98 score. Big Papa moves to 2-0.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In their previous 10 match ups each team has won 5 games so this will be to take the lead in the overall series. Rapids Plungers does however hold the ppg average with a 116.46 – 109.09 edge.


HHH (1-0) vs. BIGBOY! (0-1)

HHH is coming off one of the best weeks in the league while the defending champ BIGBOY! just had a bit of an eye opener of what this might be like to try and defend their title. HHH would love nothing more then to push BIGBOY! to a 0-2 hole but to do so they are going to need to put up some points. I expect BIGBOY! learned a thing or two from last weeks game and will come out stronger this week. Will that be enough to win?

Right now, it looks like BIGBOY! may have got the steal of the draft in James Conner and I expect him to factor heavily into who wins or losses this game. HHH on the other side has this guy by the name of Kamara who I keep waiting for to come crashing down but he never seems to do it. He may be just that good! I like Beckham Jr, Conner and McCaffrey this week and I expect those three will be enough to get BIGBOY! the win.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! currently owns a 5-3 record in their 8 previous meetings. This match up has historically been a shootout as BIGBOY! averages 134.45 ppg to HHH’s 122.17.


PackMan12 (1-0) vs Bossman (1-0)

PackMan12 came out with a vengeance last week. Now for the real test to see was last week a fluke and we will look back at week 1 and say that was their best game of the season or will these performances be a norm and they continue to dominate. I think it is safe to say that I don’t expect a performance like that every week but the make up of the team looks like we could see a few more throughout the season. Bossman on the other hand got a solid win but when Kenny Stills was your leading scorer I tend to wonder how sustainable this may be for them and will it be enough to send PackMan12 to their first loss?

Bossman has a unique team in that there is only one person that would scare me of going off for a big week if I was the opposing team and that is Keenan Allen. I am sure Bossman coach would tell you that he knew Kenny Stills was in line for a big day just like I am sure he knew when that game started that it would be the longest game in NFL history. Or maybe that is it.. maybe Kenny Stills got in 12 quarters worth of action to get his points. PackMan12 on the other hand this guy by the name of Tyreek Hill that if I am an opposing team I cringe every time he touches the ball as well as a decent looking rookie in Barkley. Insiders have told me that Ajayi is going to continue to be the workhorse in Philly and Coleman will likely have a bigger workload with D. Freeman questionable. All that said PackMan12 doesn’t score as much but enough to get the win and move to 2-0 on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 5-2 edge in their 7 regular season meetings. Bossman holds the ppg game edge in those meetings 129.40 – 114.30.

U Don’t Know (1-0) vs DaUnderdog (0-1)

This is a real chance for U Don’t Know to get off to that fast start that usually goes a long ways to how your season turns out. On the flip side DaUnderdog is trying to avoid starting 0-2 and then falling into that uphill battle of getting over .500. I am looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

Injuries are going to be the key here. Rodgers is questionable along with his #1 WR in Davante Adams. I expect Adams to play and I also expect Rodgers to play but he will be going up against a tough MN Defense. Gurley should have another big day for U Don’t Know but outside of that I am not seeing many places for points. DaUnderdog has three guys I could see big games from (Brees, Adams & Peterson). Look for DaUnderdog to get that first win of the season.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
These two teams are in a dead heat as they each have won 6 of their 12 previous meetings. These have been low scoring games as U Don’t Know leads in ppg by a score of 106.25 – 98.23.


pack slayer (1-0) vs Sportsfreak (0-1)

Sportsfreak is coming off a rough week 1 loss while pack slayer definitely built some momentum with their solid win last week. It has been awhile for pack slayer being represented in the playoffs and like I have mentioned numerous times in these writings, starting out 2-0 greatly increases your chances of making it to the playoffs. Sportsfreak on the other hand has had back to back really solid seasons and they fully expect another one however falling to 0-2 is not part of that plan.

According to the Yahoo projections this is going to be the closest game of the week. I guess I would not dispute that fact as I could see this one coming down to the wire. pack slayer is going to be relying very heavily once again on Matt Ryan and Julio Jones along with Mike Evans. If those three players don’t perform I expect pack slayer is going to have trouble winning games. Sportsfreak has a number of “potential” guys but that sometimes can backfire hard on you as was shown in their week 1 game. This one is going to come down to the Monday night game between the Bears and Seahawks. I expect pack slayer to be up by 5 going into the game. Khalil Mack was beast last week but I expect him to finish with a more modest 8 points and Chris Carson to get 15 for Sportsfreak. That would mean Sportsfreak wins by 2 points. Oh and if Rodgers doesn’t play for GB I would then give the edge to pack slayer as the MN defense gains an additional 5 points minimum.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
pack slayer holds a 4-3 edge in their 7 previous meetings. These have been close games as pack slayer also leads the ppg average by a score of 120.68 – 117.74.

Enjoy the games everyone!