Week 2 is now complete and we have 5 remaining undefeated teams and 5 teams looking for their first win including the reigning champ BIGBOY! Check out the recaps below for the full details.

PackerFANatic7 (143.60) vs Pack Attack (98.89)

PackerFANatic7 (1-1) got their first win of the season and after last weeks close loss they made sure this week that they took care of business by crushing Pack Attack sending them to an 0-2 start. PackerFANatic7 was led by Cam Newton’s 30.25 pts and they got a surprising 23 points from Keelan Cole and another 24 pts from Will Fuller. This is now back to back weeks where they have played extremely well. If they continue playing at this level look for them to jump towards the top of the standings quickly.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (145.09) vs teamAlaska (124.29)

Both teams looked much better this week then they did in last weeks matchups and this turned out to be a really well played game. 16hrs (1-1) got solid production across the board but they were led by Stafford (28.47 pts) and Melvin Gordon (27.77 pts). teamAlaska (0-2) despite the loss looked much better as they wait for Bell to decide he wants to play football again! teamAlaska has a tough matchup waiting for them next week as they play PackMan12 who currently sits at #1.

Big Papa (167.36) vs Rapids Plungers (103.74)

Big Papa dominates again as they move to 2-0 on the season. In the first two weeks their average margin of victory is 57.87 points. For those of you lacking math skills… that is what you would call impressive and dominating and wow! Clearly after two weeks one of the most impressive teams in the league. Big Papa was led by Kirk Cousins and his 42 point effort. Rapids Plungers (1-1) tried to keep up but after AJ Greens 3 TD game on Thursday they knew they were going to have to put up some points and could never get anything going. They did get a nice game from Breida (24 pts) and if Gordon can turn into Randy Moss 2.0 then this will be a team to watch out for later in the season.

HHH (145.38) vs BIGBOY! (122.65)

HHH (2-0) comes away with the big win here over the defending champs! Not only was it a big win because they moved to 2-0 on the season but it also sent BIGBOY! to an 0-2 start. HHH got a huge game from S. Diggs (34 pts) and the rest of the team was solid for them to get the 20 point win. BIGBOY! (0-2) once again didn’t play bad and in fact had a relatively solid week led by McCaffrey’s 26 points but I have said it before. When you are the reigning super bowl champ playing good is not enough. It will be interesting to see how this turns out as the season progresses.

PackMan12 (161.25) vs Bossman (85.06)

PackMan12 (2-0) isn’t messing around this year as they have come out crushing their opponents. In the first two weeks of the season they have averaged 163 ppg. Sportsfreak (the lowest scoring team right now) has only scored 202 points in their first two games. For sure, one of the more impressive starts to a season. Anytime you see a start like this you ask yourself, is it sustainable or are guys just playing out of their mind right now and are sure to fade? The answer is, I wouldn’t expect it to continue all season and it’s hard to imaging that they will get too many 75 point combined games from Roethlisberger and JuJu but are there other guys who can make those points the following week? Tyreek Hill and Saquon Barkley are two guys capable of putting up big #’s at any point. So will this continue? I have no idea but I am excited to look into their next weeks match up in the upcoming week 3 preview. Bossman (1-1) never really had a shot in this one as their highest scoring player was Tom Brady and his 15 points. Bossman will be looking to get back on track next week as they take on the defending champs, BIGBOY!

U Don’t Know (147.45) vs DaUnderdog (98.80)

U Don’t Know has now moved to 2-0 on the season after a dominating performance over DaUnderdog (0-2). U Don’t Know had an OK week last week but this week they showed the kind of potential we haven’t seen from a U Don’t Know squad in quite some time. I am trying hard not to get too excited but anytime a team hasn’t tasted the post season in a decade it is kinda hard not to be. DaUnderdog fell to the dreaded 0-2 on the season and will be hoping for more out of their squad in the coming weeks.

pack slayer (120.18) vs Sportsfreak (105.68)

pack slayer moves to a quiet 2-0 with the 15 point win over Sportsfreak. I say quiet because the other 2-0 teams have been dominating opponents and putting up big points where pack slayer has been consistent and taking care of business. They were led this week by Matt Ryan and his 28 points. I am sure they were disappointed in Julio Jones and his 8 points but anytime you can get a W without your top player performing very well it is a great feeling. A tough match up against Rapids Plungers looms… Sportsfreak (0-2) like Pack Attack has been really struggling and as of right now they are at the bottom of the pack. I don’t expect this team to stay at the bottom however as there coach knows how to win and I expect them to put a streak together as soon as the Arizona coach realizes that David Johnson is a pretty good player!

Have a great week everyone!