Week 3 is now complete and we still have 4 undefeated teams. Due to time constraints the recaps may be a bit quicker today. Enjoy!

HHH (158.71) vs Pack Attack (107.88)

Well folks we have spotted a trend after three weeks… HHH (3-0) is a good team and knows how to win games. Pack Attack (0-3) is a bad team and has yet to figure out what HHH knows well.. winning games! HHH continued to dominate and through three weeks they look like one of.. if not the best team in the league. With the way Kamara is playing he is a guy that gives them a chance to win each and every week!

DaUnderdog (154.36) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (120.47)

DaUnderdog (1-2) got their first win of the season thanks to a monster game from Drew Brees (43.39pts). However, it is worth pointing out that some rookie also had a decent game for them and that is Calvin Ridley (37.90pts). DaUnderdog put up 154 pts despite having two guys on their team lay goose eggs… that is ZERO points for those of you wondering how goose eggs and fantasy football can relate. 16hrs Ahead of You! fell to 1-2 on the season despite a solid overall performance.

PackerFANatic7 (119.80) vs Big Papa (73.73)

Ok.. so now I am confused. For two weeks Big Papa (2-1) you tell me that you are one of the best teams in the league by the way you are dominating teams and then you go and do this… score 73 points? I guess maybe you are just following the footsteps of that team in Purple you so dearly love, who likewise had a historically terrible performance on Sunday. Either way, it may take me a couple weeks of good showings to mention your name among the top teams in the league. PackerFANatic7 (2-1) continues to just win! They have moved to 2-1 on the season with another solid performance. Will Fuller is looking like a late round steal and Cam Newton has started out strong. The question will be can they keep it up over a full season?

BIGBOY! (146.34) vs Bossman (88.44)

Well, well, well… easy there BIGBOY! There is no reason to take out all of your frustration on Bossman! The defending champ came to play and avoided a dreaded 0-3 start with a complete domination of Bossman. Bossman (1-2) never really had a chance in this one and will be looking forward to when Fournette and Ingram are back and in the starting lineup.

pack slayer (163.06) vs Rapids Plungers (88.11)

This is another one of those games that pretty much sums up the week. A good team, pack slayer (3-0) dominates a bad team, Rapids Plungers (1-2). I know, I know it is week 3 and a lot can change and I expect that a lot will but as things sit right now that is what I see.

PackMan12 (125.74) vs TeamAlaska (107.99)

PackMan12 (3-0) slowed down a bit this week as they only put up 125 points but that was enough to get the win this week. teamAlaska saw their record drop to 0-3 on the young season and now with each passing week the critical nature of getting a W is going to show up. How will they respond next week?

U Don’t Know (176.87) vs Sportsfreak (102.09)

U Don’t Know (3-0) continues their hot steak as they have come out firing on all cylinders through the first three weeks. Thanks in large part to Robert Woods and his 33 points which in my opinion came out of nowhere. This is a team that I am curious to see where they finish or how they do as the season progresses. For Bossman (1-2), they find themselves in an usual position…. near the bottom of the pack.. Speaking of bottom of the pack, 3 out of the 4 bottom team so far (Sportsfreak, Pack Attack & Bossman) are listed as 1-3 in regards to teams with the most wins in league history.

Have a great week everyone!