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BIGBOY! (1-2) vs Pack Attack (0-3)

BIGBOY! is coming off an impressive win last week, their first of the season and they will get the chance to send Pack Attack to their first ever 0-4 start. Clearly when you are off to a 0-3 start every game after that carries a greater deal of significance so this is a big early season match up for Pack Attack and for BIGBOY! as well as this is the type of game they should win if they want to have a chance to defend their title.

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! currently owns a 5-3 advantage in their 7 regular season meetings. Surprisingly, however Pack Attack leads the PPG edge in those meetings, 123.73 – 116.17.

16hrs Ahead of You (1-2) vs Sportsfreak (0-3)

I am having a hard time understanding how Sportsfreak has yet to get a win. They have by far the best QB duo in the league and what would seem like a decent supporting cast. Nonetheless, 16hrs is the team coming into this one off of a big week 3 win! They will be looking to keep that momentum going against the rival Sportsfreak squad.

I think this is the week…. that Deshaun Watson outscores Patrick Mahomes… Or maybe I am secretly not wanting Sportsfreak to win a game so I am not feeling so lonely at the bottom of the league! So I will also use my other mechanism for them losing by picking them to win! Or maybe that doesn’t work anymore either as I was 5-1 last week.. alright I guess I will just tell it like it is. I think Sportsfreak breaks out of their slump and wins this one rather easily.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
16hrs currently holds a 8-6 record in their previous 14 meetings. 16hrs also leads the PPG average, 116.32 – 110.76. The 110 ppg average is the lowest average Sportsfreak has against any team in the league.


HHH (3-0) vs Big Papa (2-1)

Game of the week!? I think so.. however there is another game which I have yet to get to that I also have my eye on. I am intrigued by this one #1 because HHH has been dominating and seemingly getting better every week and #2 Big Papa looked like the best team in the league after week 2 and last week they hard a hard time getting over the 70 point mark which I found hard to believe. It will be interesting to see if they can get things back on track this week and take down one of the top teams in the league. Oddly enough, it is eerily similar to what Big Papa’s favorite team in Purple is having to deal with in playing the Rams this evening (one of the best teams in the NFL). Maybe the winner here will shed some light on this particular matchup?

Of course, this game has no ties to the Vikings/Rams game this evening other then HHH having Diggs going at WR and Big Papa has Cousins at QB throwing him the ball.  I am not loving the matchups for Big Papa. I certainly expect them to get well past that 70 point mark but I could see them struggling to get much over 100. HHH gets win #4 and stays undefeated.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In their previous 16 meetings they are tied with a 8-8 record. HHH leads the ppg average, 113.89 to 108.27 but this is about as close as you will get after 16 games.


Bossman (1-2) vs teamAlaska (0-3)

After a solid week 1 performance, Bossman has really been struggling. I know the loss of Fournette has hurt this team but the last two weeks they have lost by an average of 66.87 points. I don’t think Fournette makes up that difference. They don’t want to fall to 1-3 on the season so I expect them to play well this week, with or without Fournette. teamAlaska is still searching for that first win and showed signs of life last week despite the loss. Hey LeVeon Bell… teamAlaska needs you!

Alright here is my upset special. I think teamAlaska figures out a way to get the win in this low scoring battle. I am banking on the fact that they will fill their D position because every point is going to matter here but I thikn Travis Kelce cements the win with a big game on Monday night. teamAlaska gets their first win of the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
teamAlaska currently leads the season series 6-5 in their previous 11 meetings. Bossman however has a slight edge in ppg, 117.41 – 116.62.


PackMan12 (3-0) vs DaUnderdog (1-2)

After a couple of rough weeks, DaUnderdog finally was able to get that first win of the season and will be looking to keep that momentum going this week against the best team in the league. PackMan12 has been dominating the competition. They did see a slight decrease in production last week but they still won by 18 points. Can DaUnderdog give them a run for their money?

I think so.. DaUnderdog has yet to adjust their roster so there are some things that I don’t quite know yet. I am going to make an assumption of their roster will be and I think this is going to be a close game. I know it is not wise to go with two upsets in a week but I think I am going to do it. It is going to require another big game from Ridley but I am starting to trust the rookie a bit. I do think this one comes down to Monday night and if T. Hill has a big game then PackMan12 will win this one but I am going to go with him having an average game and Butker (DaUnderdog’s kicker) gets 15 points to win the game.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 holds a 4-3 lead in their previous 7 meetings. PackMan12 also has an edge in ppg average, 117.84 to 104.03.

pack slayer (3-0) vs PackerFANatic7 (2-1)

The other marquee match up of the week is here as we have the undefeated pack slayer squad going up against a PackerFANatic7 team that seems to be gaining momentum week by week. This is a big early season meeting from two teams that you would expect to be there come playoff time. They both have a couple of things in common. Two superstars that can carry their team on any given week. Ryan and Jones for pack slayer. Zeke and Gronk for PackerFANatic7. This should be a good game!

I have had a really hard time picking a winner for this one. I however have landed on pack slayer to get win #4 and stay undefeated. I think they have a slightly better core of players outside of their superstars and I expect that to lead them to a victory.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
PackerFANatic7 came away with a win 109.31 – 104.15 in their only other previous meeting.


U Don’t Know (3-0) vs Rapids Plungers (1-2)

The most surprising 3-0 team in the league is U Don’t Know however it seems like their team just continues to get stronger every week. Rapids Plungers has had two rough weeks and they look to get back on track this week by taking down one of the remaining undefeated teams.

I expect this to be a good game but one thing I always dislike is players on Thursday night. It seems you never really get those monster performances. That hurts U Don’t Know as they have R. Woods and Gurley. Not to mention they are going up against a solid D in MN. I am going with Rapids Plungers to get win # 2 and knock U Don’t Know from the ranks of the unbeaten.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In their previous 10 meetings they have a split at 5-5. Rapids Plungers holds the PPG edge at 120.68 to 115.07

Enjoy the games everyone!