Week 4 is now complete and this was a week that we saw 2 of the 4 undefeated teams lose. That means we now are left with just two remaining undefeated teams after 4 weeks.

Pack Attack (138.59) vs BIGBOY! (106.23)

Pack Attack (1-3) finally comes away with their first win of the season while BIGBOY! (1-3) suffers another tough loss. The defending champs are going to have to figure out something quick if they want a chance at defending that championship.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (161.43) vs Sportsfreak (147.08)

16hrs ahead of you!! moves to 2-2 on the season and in the past 3 weeks they have been averaging a solid 142.33 points. Sporsfreak (0-4) was the tough luck loser in this one as they played their best game of the season and still were unable to get that first win. That is a tough hole to dig out of with starting out the season with 4 straight losses but after a strong performance they may be feeling a little more hopeful about their chances of turning things around.

HHH (157.29) vs Big Papa (156.08)

What a game this one turned out to be and it was a good thing that HHH (4-0) had the lead going into the Monday night match up. HHH had Sammy Watkins going on Mon night so even if they were down by 10 points you would have thought they would have had a chance. Well Watkins got hurt early and didn’t score a point and this became a 1 point win for HHH to stay undefeated. Big Papa (2-2) bounced back from the tough loss a week ago to let us know despite the loss that this team is for real. HHH remains one of the two undefeated teams in the league and the target is now officially on your back!

Bossman (123.41) vs teamAlaska (78.29)

Bossman (2-2) did what they were supposed to do and that was hold win this game. teamAlaska (0-4) got some good news however in that Bell plans to return in week 7. The question becomes can they steal a win or two before he comes back? It is not looking overly positive at this point.

DaUnderdog (90.91) vs PackMan12 (88.86)

DaUnderdog (2-2) somehow comes away with the win in this one despite only scoring 90 points. I think the Yahoo recap of this game said it best…. “Offensively challenged DaUnderdog beat PackMan12….” PackMan12 (3-1) came into this game on a roll and was sitting a top the league and now after this performance you start wondering… were the first three weeks who this team really is or did we just see what resembles the real team? I would vote for somewhere in the middle but only time will tell.

PackerFANatic7 (165.14) vs pack slayer (147.40)

This was a fun one as who doesn’t like a shootout amongst two of the top teams in the league. PackerFANatic7 came out on top to move to 3-1 on the season. The win moved them slightly ahead of pack slayer who had their first loss of the season. Despite the loss however they can’t complain with the production as again they scored solid points but this week it wasn’t enough. That combination of Julio Jones and Matt Ryan again delivered huge points… when is Atlanta’s bye.. Whoever plays pack slayer that week has luck on their side.

U Don’t Know (157.03) vs Rapids Plungers (140.93)

U Don’t Know (4-0) continues to impress and they stay undefeated on the season! Their lowest point production was 110 points in week 1 but since then they have scored over 150 points each week. I keep waiting for them to come crashing back to earth and it hasn’t happened. It is probably time to talk about them as one of the.. if not the best team in the league and they right now have the record and stats to prove it. Rapids Plungers (1-3) like Sportsfreak had their best week of the season and it still unfortunately wasn’t enough to get the victory. They had to be happy with the production but they also can’t expect 44pts from Luck every week. This team needs a guy like Josh Gordon to step up and be a star and even though Antonio Brown has been solid. I don’t think he has lived up to what you would expect from him just yet. They will need this to happen and happen soon for them to stay competitive.

Have a great week everyone!