Sportsfreak trades the top player in all of fantasy football through week 4, Patrick Mahomes and Cole Beasley to BIGBOY! for Devin Funchess and LeSean McCoy. 

My Prediction Record to Date:

Big Papa (2-2) vs Pack Attack (1-3)

Big Papa started the season with two wins and now have lost their last two games to fall back to .500. They will be looking to get back over the .500 mark this week against a Pack Attack team that is desperate for wins and can’t afford to many more losses if they want a chance to compete for the playoffs this season.

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 10-6 lead in their previous 16 meetings. Pack Attack also holds a ppg edge, 132.72 – 119.68.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (2-2) vs Rapids Plungers (1-3)

16hrs Ahead of You!! has been building some momentum these past couple of weeks and is now fielding a formidable team. A win here and they put themselves a game over .500 get themselves at least in the conversation with some of those top teams in the league. Rapids Plungers has been struggling to find that right lineup that can get them some wins. It hasn’t helped that they have had Baldwin out until last week and now TY Hilton will be out this week. They need some guys to step up this week if they want to take down 16hrs.

Rapids Plungers has A LOT riding on tonight’s Thursday night game. They have Luck, Doug Baldwin, Sony Michel and Vinatieri going tonight. That is according to the Yahoo projections 52.01 points projected for Rapids which is just under 1/2 of their projected points for the week. That is a lot for a Thursday night game but if it is anything like last week’s shoot out in LA that could be a good thing for Rapids. 16hrs has been getting good production from their RB spot and I wouldn’t expect anything different this week. However, Hunt may find yards a bit more difficult going against the Jags D. I think this is the week that Antonio Brown has a monster week for Rapids however I don’t see that being quite enough. Look for 16hrs to come away with the win thanks to big games from both Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Rapids Plungers has dominated this match up winning 7 of their previous 9 meetings. Rapids Plungers also holds the ppg edge, 118.54 to 100.02.


BIGBOY! (1-3) vs teamAlaska (0-4)

Both these two teams come into this meeting needing a win. teamAlaska is desperately trying to keep their season alive as they wait the return of Bell while BIGBOY! is just trying to avoid things getting even worse as they look to try and defend their title. It has been a tough season for both teams but a win here for either of them gives them some hope heading into the next weeks games.

teamAlaska will be without Jordan Howard this week (bye week) and Randall Cobb is questionable. They don’t have a lot of depth at either position so it is going to be another tough week. Look for BIGBOY! to get win # 2 on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! currently holds a 5-3 lead in their previous 8 meetings. BIGBOY! also holds the ppg lead, 132.97 to 104.28.


Bossman (2-2) vs DaUnderdog (2-2)

This should be a fun game! As these two teams currently are sitting at #8 and #9 in the league. The winner would have a shot at getting up into the #6 spot whereas the loser could fall all the way to #12 depending on outcomes of other games so when you look at it that way this becomes a big game for both teams. Bossman despite their 2-2 record really have been struggling this year to find production. They currently rank #13 out of 14 teams in points scored which in evaluating teams this to me is the most accurate measure. I guess you know what that means for Bossman! DaUnderdog has won back to back games to get themselves back to .500 but I wouldn’t call what they did last week (90pts in a win) very impressive. So who comes out on top of this one?

Bossman gets a potential boost this week with Mark Ingram coming back off of a 4 game suspension. I am not sure how many touches he gets though when you have a guy like Kamara also on your team. It does come at a good time however since Fournette has been ruled out for this week and potentially multiple weeks. DaUnderdog has some guys that are also dinged up however I expect all of them to play. I just don’t see where Bossman finds enough production to keep up. Look for DaUnderdog to get win # 3 in a row. This time I expect them to be well over 100 though.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 9-4 edge in their previous 13 meetings. Bossman also leads in ppg for those games, 119.08 to 113.35.


PackMan12 (3-1) vs Sportsfreak (0-4)

It doesn’t get any easier this week for Sportsfreak as they are doing whatever they can to get that first win of the season! Rumors are swirling and it is being reported that there is a trade that now just needs to be approved by the league office. Sportsfreak is shipping off the #1 player in all of Fantasy football to BIGBOY! for LeSean McCoy and Devin Funchess. This seems like a desperation move and I wonder if they even tried to trade Mahomes to other potential QB needy teams. I am sure the agony of figuring out which Qb to start each week became too much as well! It will be interesting to see how this plays out for both teams as we go along. PackMan12 couldn’t wait for this week to begin. They want to put behind them an ugly loss in which all they needed to do was score 91 points.. 91 points. They couldn’t and now they are going to look and take that aggression out on a winless Sportsfreak team.

I don’t see this being an extremely high scoring game and that certainly helps Sportsfreak. Sportsfreak would need 30 point efforts from Watson and Johnson to win this one and although I think they may come close I don’t see it happening. PackMan12 wins this one by 12 points.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 5-2 lead in their previous 7 meetings. Sportsfreak also has an edge in ppg average, 123.07 to 111.84.

HHH (4-0) vs pack slayer (3-1)

It didn’t take me long to find the game of the week as two of the best teams through week 4 match up against each other in this one. pack slayer suffered their first loss of the season and I know they would like nothing more then to send HHH to their first loss. HHH has been the best team through 4 weeks and there really isn’t any disputing that fact. They not only are one of two remaining undefeated teams but they also have scored the most points. Also to add on to that, they have had the 5th toughest schedule through 4 weeks so it is not like they have just been dealing with teams not scoring on them. This should be a fun one!

pack slayer is welcoming back Julian Edelman who was suspended for the first 4 weeks. pack slayer has done a nice job of using the waiver wire or free agents to make a solid team. Lindsay, Enunwa & Yeldon all were guys that I doubt in week 1 they expected would be starting for them in week 5 but here we are and they are contributing! HHH has Kamara on their team and with that guy so far this year you always have a shot… through 4 games Kamara has put up 125.13 points, that is good for an average of 31.28 ppg. The next closest running backs are Melvin Gordon (96pts) & Todd Gurley (95pts) and then it goes all the way to Barkley at 76pts. That is a 50 point gap in 4 games between the #1 and #4 RB. That is what we usually see for the TE position, not RB’s. Kamara is good, is what I am trying to say. All that… so who wins? I am going with HHH because Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are different players when not at home and I don’t expect monster #’s from them. Look for HHH to need at least 20 points from Kamara on Monday night and they of course get it! HHH wins to stay undefeated.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
pack slayer holds a 4-3 edge in their previous 7 meetings. They also lead the ppg average, 121.59 to 110.81.


U Don’t Know (4-0) vs PackerFANatic7 (3-1)

Game of the week #2! Again, as soon as I saw the match up I knew this was going to be a good one and I am very intrigued by this game for a couple of different reasons. #1 U Don’t Know is still undefeated and we are going into week5!! U Don’t Know showed me something last week as they not only won but they won in a shootout against Rapids Plungers. It is one thing to win when scoring in the low 100’s, it is another thing to win when the opponent scores 140 points. #2 PackerFANatic7 is coming into this one on a roll having won 3 straight and had their best game of the season last week. These are two of the hottest teams in the league right now and obviously their records show it. U Don’t Know with a win here they stay at the least in the #2 spot in the league while PackerFANatic7 with a win would likely move to #2 and possibly even the top spot depending on the outcome of HHH vs pack slayer. A fun early season match up between two really good teams.

PackerFANatic7 welcomes back the return of Joe Mixon and adds Aaron Jones to the starting rotation for this one. They will likely be without Will Fuller and that could be a big loss as he has been playing well for them. U Don’t Know team looks for the most part healthy and ready to go. Look for this one to be close, I think PackerFANatic7 needs to get off to a quick start with Gronkowski going in tonights Thursday night game. If Chester Rogers for U Don’t Know can match or come within a few points to Gronk in Tonights game then I think U Don’t Know could pull it off but I am leaning towards PackerFANatic7 to get the win by the slightest of margins… I am thinking they win 137.26 to 133.32.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In their one previous meeting PackerFANatic7 defeated U Don’t Know 95.68 to 72

Enjoy the games everyone!