Week 5 is in the books and those two teams at the top, HHH and U Don’t Know continue to impress and stay undefeated while the rest of the league seemed to tighten up! Positions 4 through 12 are separated by just one game.

Pack Attack (147.08) vs Big Papa (86.64)

Pack Attack (2-3) after starting the season 0-3 has now won the last two games to try and get themselves back into contention. Big Papa (2-3) started out the season 2-0 but now have lost three straight games and are left wondering what has happened and how can they fix it? I guess for starters not having to play against a coach whose last name isn’t Keepers may help?

Rapids Plungers (125.36) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (124.47)

What a game this turned out to be! I think it is worth mentioning how this one ended as I am not sure I can ever remember an ending quite like this. Let me explain.. Rapids Plungers who moves to 2-3 on the season only had their Defense left to play after the 3PM games on Sunday. 16hrs Ahead of You!! fell to 2-3 on the season and after the 3PM games completed on Sunday they too only had one position going and that was also their Defense. That is the interesting part as i am not sure I have ever seen a game come that was virtually tied after the afternoon games and the only remaining position was the Def position. 16hrs had the HOU Defense and they got 7 points on Sunday evening. Rapids Plungers had the Saints D as they put up 8 points to pull off the 0.89 point win. This was a big game for Rapids Plungers as they wanted nothing to do with a 1-4 start!

BIGBOY! (184.92) vs teamAlaska (87.47)

Well there’s the champ and I think they were sending a message to the rest of the league that they won’t go down quietly! BIGBOY! (2-3) pulled off a huge trade with Sportsfreak to begin the week and then came out and put up the most points by any team in the league this year. It will be interesting to see how they perform moving forward. teamAlaska didn’t have a chance in this one and have now fallen to 0-5 on the season.

Bossman (128.04) vs DaUnderdog (101.53)

Bossman (3-2) comes away with the big win and puts themselves a game over .500. They have got to be excited to have Mark Ingram back as he was able to put up close to 20 points in his first game back from suspension. Brees made this one interesting for DaUnderdog (2-3) but it wasn’t enough for them to pull out the win. It didn’t help that they had two guys on their starting lineup not score.  Bossman has now won two straight games and will be looking for their 3rd straight next week as they go up against the winless Sportsfreak squad.

HHH (147.39) vs pack slayer (95.70)

HHH is rolling as they remain undefeated and at the top of the league! They put up big #’s yet again and this time they did it even though their superstar Alvin Kamara failed to score 10pts for the first time all year. Not to worry though as I. Crowell picked up the slack by putting up 42 points! They just keep finding ways to win and players continue to step up! pack slayer (3-2) after starting the season out with 3 straight wins now have lost two straight and will be looking to get back on track next week against Pack Attack.

U Don’t Know (154.39) vs PackerFANatic7 (118.89)

So for those of you that were wondering.. U Don’t Know is good, really good! They win again to move to 5-0 on the season and they did it against a team that we were considering one of the better teams in the league. If there is any doubts out there about this team, I think it is time to give them their respect and call it like it is through 5 weeks! PackerFANatic7 (3-2) saw their 3 game losing streak come to an end and they will be looking to get back on track next week against 16hrs Ahead of you!!

PackMan12 (107.73) vs Sportsfreak (88.51)

PackMan12 (4-1) gets back on track this week with the win… or did they? Well a win is a win and I know they will take it but winning while barely scoring over 100 points isn’t necessarily what I would call a dominating effort. I think more of it has to do with their opponent in Sportsfreak who falls to 0-5 on the season and they continue to prove to all of us after each week that they are one of the worst teams in the league this season!

Have a great week everyone!