My Prediction Record to Date:

U Don’t Know (6-0) vs Pack Attack (3-3)

U Don’t Know is the one remaining undefeated team in the league. Through 6 games there is no doubt that this is the best team in the league. Not only do they have the best record but they also have scored the most points in the league. Pack Attack despite having won three games in a row is a average team at best right now. U Don’t Know will be looking to remain undefeated on the season!

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 9-3 lead in their previous 12 meetings. Pack Attack also holds a ppg edge, 119.42 – 103.43.

HHH (5-1) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (3-3)

HHH is coming off one of those weeks where you are left scratching your head and wondering what just happened!? Not only did they fail to show up in a game of the two remaining undefeated teams but they also struggled to get over 50 points… That’s hard to do.. I guess maybe the entire team took a bye week since they knew their star player (Kamara) was on a bye? I am not sure but I am interested to see how they respond this week after losing by 135 points… I am not sure I have ever seen that before. 16hrs Ahead of you!! on the other hand had a really good day in which they knocked off PackerFANatic7 to move back to .500 on the season.

16hrs has been consistent this year in their scoring. That will win you about half of your games but you are going to have to win some shootouts to get to where you want to be. I think HHH team redeems themselves from a tough loss last week to take care of business this week against 16 hrs. HHH with win # 6.

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
HHH holds a 8-7 lead in their previous 15 meetings. HHH also holds the ppg edge, 107.05 to 100.33.


pack slayer (3-3) vs Big Papa (2-4)

This is an interesting matchup as we have two teams that after two weeks were a combined 2-0 and winning games in impressive fashion. Since then they are a combined 1-7 and really haven’t been playing very well. Big Papa has now lost 4 straight games and they are really needing a win to get off of this losing streak and back into contention while pack slayer is sitting in the middle of the pack at 3-3, I know that they want to get back over .500 and stop their own three game losing streak.

Yahoo really loves pack slayer’s team and will again this week have them as one of the highest rated teams. I am not sure that I agree with that. This team has a high ceiling but it also has a low floor hence the reason they started the season 3-0 and have now lost three straight games. However, for Big Papa I don’t see enough firepower for them to keep up this week. I think pack slayer has a solid, not great week but enough to snap that losing streak and send Big Papa to their 5th loss in a row!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Big Papa currently holds a 4-3 lead in their previous 7 meetings. Big Papa also holds the ppg lead, 118.89 to 112.96.


BIGBOY! (3-3) vs DaUnderdog (3-3)

The defending champs, BIGBOY! have been on a tear the last two weeks. They have averaged 181 points since trading for Mahomes. Any Coincidence? I think not. However, since the trade their entire team has been playing with renewed confidence and with how they are playing right now it seems like only a matter of time before they start separating themselves from others in the league. DaUnderdog is coming off a win against teamAlaska and have now won 3 of their last 4 games to move back to .500.

BIGBOY! has been playing so good and with so much confidence it is hard to see them not doing the same this week which is why I am going to pick them to win again this week to get win # 3 in a row. I don’t think this will be as lopsided of a game as Yahoo thinks but I just don’t see enough weapons for DaUnderdog especially with Davante Adams on a bye week. Look for this game to be tied after the afternoon games but BIGBOY! to pull away with Mahomes on Sun night and Beckham Jr on Monday.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 6-2 edge in their previous 8 meetings. BIGBOY! also holds the ppg edge, 112.31 to 109.24.


Bossman (4-2) vs Rapids Plungers (2-4)

Bossman comes into this one having won three straight games however there is a big BUT that I just can’t seem to avoid talking about! I realize this is a MAN’s league but get your heads out of the gutter! The big but I am referring to is the lack of points scored for Bossman. There is no denying the fact that Bossman and their coach know how to win, it seems every year however that the points scored come back to haunt them. Right now, they certainly make me question. How good is this team really? Are they 4-2 good or more like 2-4 good? Bossman has scored only 665 points on the season, that is good for third worst in the league. To put it into perspective, Sportsfreak has scored 645 points which is 20 points less than Bossman and they have yet to win a game this year! Maybe this manager is just that good and finds ways to get wins or maybe what we are looking at is a lot of luck! Rapids Plungers is really on the other side of the spectrum despite the fact that they have Luck (Andrew Luck is their QB) on their side…. I think I have had too much energy drink already this morning! As I was saying Rapids Plungers has been playing fairly well the last three weeks despite only winning one game. They have been averaging 137 points in these last three weeks however their D has been terrible as they have been allowing an average of 160 ppg. So that makes for this to be a really interesting meeting. So many story lines in this one so here is one more… Rapids Plungers is 1.24 points away from being 0-6. They won in week 1 by 0.35 points and in week 5 by 0.89 points. After all this, I think what I am saying is that I am not that high on either of these two teams. I kinda feel like Colin Cowherd hating on Rodgers and the Packers! Either way, one of these two teams has the chance to prove me wrong this week. Which one will it be?

I don’t see much offense happening again this week for either team. Rapids Plungers is really hurt by not having AB or Doug Baldwin as they are on a bye. I am going to go with Bossman to yet again figure out a way to win while scoring less then 110 points. Bossman wins and sends Rapids Plungers to a 2-5 start.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
In their previous 10 meetings Bossman and Rapids Plungers are tied 5-5. Rapids Plungers does have the edge in ppg average, 133.10 to 128.72.

PackMan12 (5-1) vs PackerFANatic7 (3-3)

You know prior to last week I was beginning to wonder how good PackMan12 really was? I am not wondering that any longer as any team that has the ability to put up 200 points in a week has a good team! That was an impressive showing by PackMan12 as they continue their pursuit of the #1 spot in the league. PackerFANatic7 has struggled the last two weeks and now have a tough task ahead as they need to beat PackMan12 to avoid falling below .500 for the first time since week 1.

Both of these two teams will be without some key members of their team. PackMan12 will be without Big Ben and JuJu Smith-Schuster while PackerFANatic7 will be without Cooper Kupp. I see this as being a tough game for PackMan12. In order to win they will need monster games from Barkley and Hill which as you know is certainly possible. However, for picking games purposes I think I am going to go with PackerFANatic7 with the upset this week.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
PackerFANatic7 won thier one and only previous meeting 119.08 – 119.03. Hopefully this weeks game is as exciting as that one!


Sportsfreak (0-6) vs teamAlaska (0-6)

The match up we all have been waiting for! One team is going to walk out a winner for the first time this year while another gets sent to their 7th straight loss! I did some digging as starting the season 0-6 or for one of these teams 0-7 is not common. First for Sportsfreak, they have traditionally been a bit of a slow starter. They usually hover around that .500 mark after 6 games but never have they started a season 0-6. The worst winless start of a season was back in 2004 as they started the season 0-3 but when on to win their next three games. They did have one other poor start and that was in 2013 where they started out 1-5 and finished the season at 5-8. teamAlaska did have one year and that was way back in 2005 when they started out the season at 0-7 along with three seasons starting at 1-5 (2004, 2010, 2012). This is uncharted territory for the most part for both teams. Who gets that first win of the season?

Wow, I am not sure who to pick in this one. I guess I see why they both have not won a game yet. They both have players on bye weeks which are affecting things but for this week this is going to be a low scoring game. teamAlaska has yet to put in a D player and when he does the Yahoo projections will be virtually even. I think this one will be determined after tonight’s game. Sportsfreak has 3 of their 4 best players going tonight and if they fail to perform then they are going to be in a tough position to get the win. teamAlaska is going to need big games from Kelce, Cooks and Golladay to come out in top. I keep thinking well this has to be a game that Sportsfreak wins with teamAlaska still missing Leveon Bell and in addition Randall Cobb on a bye. However, I just don’t see where they are going to get enough scoring. I think that David Johnson is average again tonight, E. Sanders hits his projection but not much more and Fitzgerald is outplayed by his rookie counterpart in Christian Kirk. Add all that up and I think teamAlaska walks away with their first win of the season!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak has dominated their previous 13 meetings winning 11 of those for a 11-2 record. They also lead in the ppg averages, 130.17 – 103.09

Enjoy theĀ games everyone!