Week 7 is completed and we still have one remaining undefeated team and we now only have won team without a win!

U Don’t Know (142.63) vs Pack Attack (136.26)

The magic continues for U Don’t Know (7-0) as they come away with a last minute victory over Pack Attack (3-4) thanks to a 16 point effort from their Kicker! U Don’t Know has now moved their record to 7-0 on the season and they did it in a week they were without Rodgers who was on a bye. The trio of Thielen, Gurley and Kerryon Johnson was just enough to get past Pack Attack and stop their 3 game winning streak! So who will beat U Don’t Know this season? It’s Big Papa’s turn next!

16hrs Ahead of You!! (100.88) vs HHH (90.94)

16hrs Ahead of You!! (4-3) comes away with the big win despite barely scoring over 100 points. 16hrs has now won three of their last 4 games to get them back to a game over .500. For HHH (5-2), I thought last week might have been a fluke but now after having two weeks in a row of failing to score 100 points I am beginning to wonder. HHH is still in a good spot for the playoffs and with the win this moved 16hrs into playoff positioning!

Big Papa (139.98) vs pack slayer (128.87)

This was a big win for Big Papa as they move their record to 3-4 on the season and more importantly stop that 4 game losing streak. To top it off they also sent pack slayer (3-4) to their 4th straight loss and moved into a tie with them in the standings! This was a down week for most teams in regards to scoring so this overall was a solid effort from pack slayer but still not enough to break that losing streak. Both of these teams have tough remaining schedules so getting the win here I know felt good for Big Papa. Big Papa now moves on to play U Don’t Know while pack slayer gets BIGBOY!

BIGBOY! (158.95) vs DaUnderdog (73.04)

I think it is safe to say that the defending champs in BIGBOY! (4-3) are not going to go down without a fight this year as they have now won three straight games to put themselves back into playoff contention. Not only have they put themselves back into playoff contention they over the past three weeks have been the most dominant team outside of U Don’t Know. A lot of this has to do with the trading for Patrick Mahomes. He once again was outstanding by putting up 37 points. Mahomes has now scored 216 points on the season. The next closest QB is Matt Ryan and he is at 176 and what about guys like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers who were widely considered the best QB’s to take early on in drafts. Brady = 138pts and Rodgers = 133pts. So combined Rodgers and Brady have 271 points to Mahomes and his 216. That is impressive and having a guy like that on your team will win you a lot of games.¬† ¬†DaUnderdog (3-4) didn’t really have a chance in this one as they were without some key members of their team. They will be looking to get back to .500 next week.

Rapids Plungers (108.42) vs Bossman (86.30)

This was a big one for Rapids Plungers as they kept themselves in the middle of the traffic jam that is positions 4-12. I got some heat the past week or so from the Bossman coach stating that I never pick their team to win! Well… now you can see why! I pick them to win and they score 86 points… Now maybe Coach Bossman you can go back to focusing on your team and less about the fact that I fail to pick your team to win on a regular basis! After 7 weeks I definitely get the feeling that there is going to at a minimum be one or more teams tied for that final playoff spot which then the tie breaker comes down to points. As the weeks go on this is becoming more of an issue for Bossman so these wins are extremely important. To lose a game when the other team only scored 108 points could come back to haunt them. Rapids Plungers was able to get the win despite Antonio Brown and Doug Baldwin on the bye week. They will look to keep that momentum into next week!

PackMan12 (129.49) vs PackerFANatic7 (100.83)

PackMan12 (6-1) just keeps on winning and keeps on putting the pressure on U Don’t Know. They have now won three straight games since their loss to DaUnderdog in week 4. PackMan12 has proved that they deserve to be at the top of the leaderboard. They have a tough matchup this next week against HHH but then you look ahead to week 12 and U Don’t Know comes to town. If both teams keep winning that could make for quite the matchup! On the other side.. I am not really sure what is happening to PackerFANatic7 (3-4). They have fallen below .500 for the first time since week 1 and they have lost three straight games. Bye weeks and injuries to Gronkowski and Kupp are playing a factor but they also left 36 points between two players on the bench this week. If those two players were in the lineup we would be talking about a big win for PackerFANatic7! Those are the things that keep you up at night… Trust me I know… see Marlon Mack!

Sportsfreak (103.33) vs teamAlaska (51.39)

Cue the slow clap sound! Sportsfreak (1-6) comes away with a 52 point win over teamAlaska, their first of the season! If you would just have read that sentence you might think that Sportsfreak was dominant but unfortunately they only scored 103 points to get that 52 point win. Maybe now that they got that first win out of the way and the so called monkey off their back they will be able to play looser and at least win some games to make the season a little more interesting. And here’s the deal… there is always a 7 win team that makes the playoffs and this year I certainly expect that to be the case so yes.. Sportsfreak I am telling you there’s a chance! teamAlaska (0-7)… well it is hard to win a game when you would have been better off starting Brett Favre at QB this week. Yes, that’s because Blake Bortles put up negative points. This is a loss season for teamAlaska with LeVeon Bell still not playing! He most definitely would have lead to a couple of wins for this team. Now they can only hope he returns at some point in the season and they can then play the role of spoiler!

Have a great week everyone!