Another week is in the books and more of the same. U Don’t Know keeps winning, teamAlaska keeps losing and the rest of the pack gets more muddled.

Pack Attack (119.59) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (111.78)

It wasn’t pretty but Pack Attack was able to come away with the 8 point win thanks to a big game from Marlon Mack (28 pts). 16hrs was missing two key players to byes in this one most notably Melvin Gordon and you have to think if he was playing in this one the outcome likely would have been different. Pack Attack dodged a bullet and moves back to .500 on the season while 16hrs fall to .500.

U Don’t Know (135.49) vs Big Papa (122.77)

U Don’t Know just keeps on winning and now has moved to 8 straight wins and an 8-0 start. For awhile it looked like Big Papa was going to come away with the upset here but in the end U Don’t Know was up for the challenge and sent Big Papa home with another loss, their 5th on the season. Starting a season 8-0.. that’s no small feat so I started wondering. I wonder how many times this has happened in the past and how did those teams fare the remainder of the season? In the 15 seasons we have played this has happened only three other times. Showboat in 2007 started out the season at 10-0 and went on to win their first ever championship. The other two times were by Rapids Plungers. Rapids Plungers started the 2010 season at 9-0 but lost their first playoff game. In 2016, Rapids Plungers started 8-0 and they also lost their first playoff game that year as well. U Don’t Know has all but clinched a playoff spot but winning a championship is not easy and no one remembers the teams that don’t!

BIGBOY! (186.19) vs pack slayer (136.46)

Another week and another dominating performance from BIGBOY! as they move their record to 5-2 and have now won 4 straight games. Winning 4 straight games is impressive however to me the most impressive is how they have been winning games. Over that span of 4 weeks they have been averaging 176 ppg and really haven’t been challenged. They have a week 9 meeting with Sportsfreak which the brotherly battle is always fun but it is the next week that I am looking forward to as they go up against the currently undefeated U Don’t Know team. pack slayer (3-5) put up a decent fight early on considering that they were without their stars this week but in the end they didn’t really stand a chance and they have now lost 5 straight games! It is not panic mode quite yet for this team but another loss next week and panic mode would officially be activated.

PackerFANatic7 (150.98) vs Bossman (108.43)

PackerFANatic7 (4-4) comes away with the big win here to stop their 3 game losing streak and get back to .500. This was kind of your typical game for Bossman.. Score just over 100 points and play exceptional defense however this week their defense couldn’t hold down PackerFANatic7 and they got blown out. PackerFANatic7 has shown in past weeks that they can score on occasion but to get to where they want to go they are going to need some consistency. Maybe this will be the start of a run for them? This was the concern all along that I have had for this team and that is a tie with other teams. They currently have a 4-4 record however there are 5 other teams with a 4-4 record. Bossman is almost 200 points behind the top 4-4 team. What I am saying is that Bossman… you need to not only win but you need to start putting up some big #’s!

Sportsfreak (127.44) vs DaUnderdog (104.38)

Sportsfreak wins again! That is now two in a row for Sportsfreak as they they keep their season alive for one more week. I will mention it again to give all of you hope. There is a always a 7 win team that makes the playoffs! All Sportsfreak has to do is win out and they have a chance! This was a tough loss for DaUnderdog as they now fall to 3-5 on the season. For DaUnderdog these are the type of games you have to win to make the playoffs. No one really showed up for them in this one and mainly they have got to be disappointed with the performance of Drew Brees as he only put up 6 points in the loss. On the other side of the ball Sportsfreak and their QB, Deshaun Watson put up 35 points. That’s your ballgame folks!

HHH (166.06) vs PackMan12 (103.23)

This one had to feel really good for HHH (6-2) as not only do they stop their 2 game losing streak but they also did it against one of the top teams in the league to move themselves even with PackMan12 who falls to 6-2 on the season.  This was the HHH team we were used to seeing in weeks 1-5 but then weeks 6 & 7 happened and you wondered where did this team go and will they ever get back to that level of play. This dominating performance has them moving to next week with a lot of momentum and the top spot in the league still a possibility. For PackMan12, this was a tough loss and not just because of the loss but because they really didn’t put up a fight. I am starting to see a bit of a trend emerging with this team… they have a really good week, an OK week and then a BAD week. If that holds true then Pack Attack better watch out for next week as it is time for their really good week!

Rapids Plungers (90.35) vs teamAlaska (63.19)

So I was at the Timberwolves game last night and the PA announcer was ecstatic and enthusiastic every time a Wolves player scored. For example, a made basket by the Timberwolves Jimmy Butler was announced as Jimmmmy Butler… and then when any of the Lakers players scored it was announced in an under the breath whisper as “James”. Why do I tell you this… because that is how I feel about this ugly game so I guess… I am going to say this in an under my breath whisper…. “Rapids Plungers with the win”.

Have a great week everyone!