My Prediction Record to Date:

Playoff Scenarios:
U Don’t Know – Clinched Playoff Berth, can click a first round bye with a win and HHH loss.
PackMan12 – Clinches a playoff berth with a win or losses by two of these three teams (pack slayer, Pack Attack, Bossman)
HHH – Clinches playoff berth with a win and losses by two of these three teams (pack slayer, Pack Attack, Bossman)

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: 

Pack Attack (5-5) vs teamAlaska (1-9)

This is a must win game for Pack Attack as they try to keep their playoff hopes alive. teamAlaska is looking to play the role of spoiler as well as looking forward to next year!

Check out the Yahoo predictions for this one.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Pack Attack holds a 9-6  lead in their previous 15 meetings. Pack Attack also holds the edge in ppg, 127.63 – 113.77.

U Don’t Know (9-1) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (4-6)

U Don’t Know already knows they are in the playoffs and with a win here and a HHH loss they would also be able to guarantee a first round bye. 16hrs Ahead of you!! is struggling and for them, just like all of the other remaining 4-6 teams. The playoffs start this week as they need to win out to have a shot.

U Don’t Know is just too good right now. I see this one as a blowout. U Don’t gets win #10 on the season!

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
16hrs Ahead of You!! holds a 7-5 lead in their previous 12 meetings. 16hrs also holds the ppg edge, 100.10 to 97.08.


Bossman (5-5) vs Big Papa (4-6)

There is a lot riding on this game for two teams that are still battling for a playoff spot. As I mentioned earlier, if you have 6 losses your playoffs start this week. You can’t afford to lose another game. So Big Papa.. that means that this is a game you have to figure out how to win. Bossman even though they are at only 5 losses, will likely need to win out to make the playoffs. The only two teams I would see them winning a tie breaker against is Sportsfreak and teamAlaska and well those two teams aren’t necessarily in the playoff hunt!

Big Papa is down a couple of guys this week with Kittle and Drake on byes. Michael Thomas as we have seen is someone who can win them games by himself but I don’t see it being enough this week. I think Bossman holds on for the win holding onto their playoff hopes for another week and dashing Big Papa’s.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 8-4 lead in their previous 12 meetings. Bossman also holds the ppg lead, 115.77 to 107.77.


BIGBOY! (6-4) vs Rapids Plungers (6-4)

Potential playoff match up preview? Maybe. Last week BIGBOY! saw there 5 game winning streak come to an end which meant that Rapids Plungers now has the longest winning streak in the league at 4 games. So over the past 5 weeks these two teams are a combined 8-2. This is all about playoff positioning. Both of these teams are setup nicely to get into the playoffs. 2 wins and they are in but one win might even be enough especially in BIGBOY!’s side of things as they would win most point tie breakers. Rapids Plungers I think needs to win two of his next three games to get in.

Tough week for Rapids Plungers to be shorthanded as they have 5 players on a bye and as of this writing two open starting positions (D & TE). Regardless of who they pick up at those positions I think BIGBOY! comes out on top and moves that much closer to clinching a playoff spot.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
BIGBOY! holds a 5-3 lead in their previous 8 meetings. Surprisingly, Rapids Plungers holds a big lead in ppg, 126.82 – 108.58.


HHH (7-3) vs DaUnderdog (4-6)

The theme of the week! “Big Games”. So far every game this week carries with it significance for at least one of the teams playing. This game is definitely more important for DaUnderdog then it is for HHH. However, HHH is still in the running for that first round bye and that is a huge advantage come playoff time. So yes, this is a big game for both teams.

Yahoo predictions have HHH as having an extremely high projection. I am not sure I see them hitting that this week. I expect them to be right around 120 range and I am going to go with the upset and pick DaUnderdog to have another solid week and get to about 130 which gives them hope with two weeks remaining in the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
DaUnderdog holds a 9-6 lead in their previous 15 meetings. DaUnderdog also holds the ppg edge, 108.96 to 102.88.

PackMan12 (8-2) vs pack slayer (5-5)

Big game? Yep. Playoff implications? Yep. Rivalry? Yep. This to me is my pick for game of the week. You could make the case for Rapids Plungers vs BIGBOY! however that lost some of it’s appeal when you look at the bye week players for Rapids. This one however, has PackMan12 battling for that extremely important first round bye and not to mention an outside shot at the overall #1 seed in the playoffs. pack slayer is is doing everything they can to get into the playoffs. If pack slayer can pull off the win here they may be able to run the table. PackMan12 gets to play U Don’t Know next week so a win here and next week and suddenly they would be potentially looking at a tie for 1st place. So who wins?

PackMan12 has a couple of open spots to fill yet so if it hard to say for sure but I am thinking given the stakes that PackMan12 figures out a way to get this win and sets up a potential super bowl preview the following week with U Don’t Know.

Historical Look at this Match-UP
PackMan12 holds a 5-2 advantage in their previous 7 meetings. PackMan12 also holds the ppg edge, 122.20 to 112.83.


PackerFANatic7 (4-6) vs Sportsfreak (2-8)

PackerFANatic7 has really been struggling. After 4 weeks in the season they looked like them might be one of the better teams in the league. Since then they have lost 5 of their last 6 games and in week 9 when they were playing a then winless teamAlaska squad I wrote this in the preview “This is a game that PackerFANatic7 needs to win if they want to get to the playoffs this season.” I think you all know what happened. PackerFANatic7 lost that game and I believe that statement to be true. I don’t see them making the playoffs this season but they have not yet been officially eliminated so from their coaches perspective there is still a chance. Sportsfreak continues to try and play the role of spoiler. They lost a heart breaker last week against Rapids Plungers but they get three more shots to start a winning streak that they could carry over into next season.

As much as I feel like PackerFANatic7 is in a slump, Sportsfreak just continues to find ways to lose. I am going to go with PackerFANatic7 to get the win and keep their hopes alive for one more week.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak was able to come away with the win in their only other meeting. Sportsfreak won by a score of 112.48 to 78.96.

Enjoy the games everyone!