What a week it was! The playoff race got a little clearer meaning those teams that fell to 4-7 after this week are all but eliminated. However, we still have 5 teams within one game of each other battling for the final two playoff spots!

Pack Attack (99.06) vs teamAlaska (91.32)

Pack Attack (6-5) hasn’t had too many ugly wins this year but this certainly qualifies as a ugly win and one that keeps their season alive for another week. In addition, it seems them get over .500 for the first time all year! With two games left they likely need to win out to get in. teamAlaska falls to 1-10 on the season.

U Don’t Know (130.48) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!!(100.54)

U Don’t Know moves to 10-1 on the season and just continues to do what they have done all year long and that is win! They now have 10 wins on the season and will be looking for a win next week to guarantee themselves a first round bye. 16hrs ahead of you!! (4-7) had a solid start to the season but saw it end as it has for many years… missing the playoffs!

Bossman (112.44) vs Big Papa (108.56)

This one came down to the wire as Kirk Cousins late garbage time scores made it a 4 point game! Big Papa needed a little more from his team this week to keep their playoff hopes alive but they just couldn’t find it! Bossman (6-5) figured out a way to get the win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Bossman now sits in the #7 spot and is going to need to win out and get some help from those teams currently ahead of them. Bossman’s schedule is not going to be easy as they finish against pack slayer and U Don’t Know! Big Papa was battling all year but losing three of their last 4 games is what has pushed them likely out of the playoffs!

Rapids Plungers (173.54) vs BIGBOY! (138.21)

Pretty sure I warned all of you about this a couple of weeks ago… you let a team that has been under performing all year win games they had no business winning and suddenly when the games start to really matter they show up… welcome to the contenders list Rapids Plungers. Rapids Plungers has 7 wins on the season and they have now won 5 straight games and I would also like to point out that they just dominated one of the best teams in the league! This was by far there best game of the season and they are now sitting good to make the playoffs and for one week at least look like a team that is poised to make a playoff run! BIGBOY! (6-5) well… I guess I am a little surprised. This team looked invincible until U Don’t Know figured out a way to beat them last week and then now Rapids Plungers kicks them to the curb as well! Here is the interesting part… this team is now tied with three other teams for the final 2 remaining playoff spots. Suddenly a team that had championship aspirations just two weeks ago now finds themselves fighting for their playoff lives. Last two weeks are going to be fun!

HHH (154.80) vs DaUnderdog (113.06)

This game was actually closer then the score would seem as DaUnderdog was hanging around with their kicker and D player going in last nights game but in the end Goff went off for 44 pts and there was no way DaUnderdog was keeping up. This was a big game for both teams but for different reasons and HHH was the one to be able to figure out a way to get the win. The win moves HHH to 8-3 on the season and keeps their hopes of a potential playoff bye still within reach. DaUnderdog put up a good fight but at 4-7 they are in that not officially eliminated state but 99.9% there.

PackMan12 (179.19) vs pack slayer (156.62)

Game of the week! Yep. There was some good games but this one was easily the most exciting! pack slayer (5-6) had played a really solid week, they got big performances from Mike Evans (29pts), Julio Jones (22pts) and Phillip Lindsay (22pts). They were cruising and after a 16 point effort by Khalil Mack on Sunday night pack slayer seemed to be in the drivers seat. Well they were in the drivers seat as they held a 26 point lead going into last nights game. pack slayer had their newly aquired WR (Josh Reynolds) going for them in last nights epic game and PackMan12 (9-2) had Tyreek Hill and Greg Zuerlein remaining. If you missed last nights game… I am sorry because that was incredible and if you had Tyreek Hill on your fantasy team like PackMan12 did it was even better. Tyreek Hill had over 200 yards receiving and finished with 52pts to lead PackMan12 to the 23 point win. What a crazy game and this was a huge loss for pack slayer as they no longer control their own destiny in the race for the final playoff spots. PackMan12 is looking to hold off HHH for that first round bye! Two more wins and they have it. For pack slayer their luck is going to need to change if they want to make the playoffs this season!

PackerFANatic7 (158.33) vs Sportsfreak (85.39)

This was a must win for PackerFANatic7 and they were able to get it in convincing fashion. Ezekial Elliott (30pts) and DJ Moore (30pts) led the way for them this week and kept their playoff hopes alive. They have a brutal two game stretch as they face Rapids Plungers and BIGBOY! to close out the season. If they figure out a way to win these last two games and somehow get into the playoffs then they certainly will have earned it. Sportsfreak is still fighting but at 2-9 they are bruised pretty good and it doesn’t look likely they will move their way out of that lucky #13 spot in the league. Next year can’t come soon enough for this team.

Have a great week everyone!