My Prediction Record to Date:

PackMan12 (6-2) vs Pack Attack (4-4)

PackMan12 is coming off a tough loss, a loss in which they only scored 103 points. They will be looking to keep pace at the top of the league with a win here against a Pack Attack team that will be looking to get a game over .500 for the first time all season!

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Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackMan12 holds a 4-3  lead in their previous 7 meetings. Pack Attack also holds the edge in ppg, 114.17 Р109.03.

16hrs Ahead of You!! (4-4) vs Big Papa (3-5)

16hrs Ahead of you!! is coming off a tough loss last week and will be looking to get things back on track this week against a Big Papa squad that has lost 5 of your last 6 games. This is an important game for both teams but more so for Big Papa as they need to get things back on track if they want to salvage their season. 16hrs Ahead of You has a tough remaining schedule so this is a game they want to get in the win column.

16hrs has yet to get their lineup fully set and when they do this game will look different. I think Big Papa gets this win in a close battle!

Historical Look at this Match-Up:
Big Papa holds a 9-5 lead in their previous 14 meetings. Big Papa also holds the ppg edge, 117.02 to 100.65.


BIGBOY! (5-3) vs Sportsfreak (2-6)

BIGBOY! has won 4 straight games and they will be looking for #5 against a Sportsfreak team that has won two straight games after starting the season 0-6. These meetings are always fun when two brothers go head to head! You can throw out the records, stats and everything else as when it comes to these games anything can happen. This would seemingly be an easy win for the reigning champs but is it?

No, it won’t be an easy win. There is one thing that it seems could slow down the momentum and that is 7 guys on a bye week! Sportsfreak also has some guys on bye week with the biggest name being David Johnson. However, they got some good news in that E Sanders doesn’t have to share touches with Thomas in Denver anymore. The bad news is that it hurts the value of Coutee in Houston. So this is my upset of the week, I think Mahomes has an average game according to his standards and the rest of BIGBOY! struggle to score points. Sportsfreak with the win to continue their hope of somehow making the playoffs!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 6-2 lead in their previous 8 meetings. Sportsfreak also holds the ppg lead, 119.66 to 108.82.


HHH (6-2) vs Bossman (4-4)

HHH stopped their 2 game losing and looked like the team that had won 6 straight to start the season. Bossman has been seemingly treading water these past couple of weeks and my worry for this team is that they are about to sink! They don’t have the toughest of upcoming schedules but they do have games against teams that are all battling for their playoff lives. I am interested to see how this one turns out!

This is the most I have liked Bossman’s team in quite a few weeks! Kamara and Goff for HHH have on paper really good matchups but I am going to go with Bossman to figure out a way to get win #5 this week.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Bossman holds a 7-5 lead in their previous 12 meetings. Bossman also holds the ppg lead, 110.87 – 108.40.


Rapids Plungers (4-4) vs DaUnderdog (3-5)

Rapids Plungers gets the award of having the least impressive 2 game winning streak in the league this year but in the end it doesn’t matter as all that matters is trying to get your team in the playoffs and they are sitting right in the thick of things at 4-4. DaUnderdog has been slipping, losing three of the last 4 weeks and they can’t afford to fall much farther in the standings. This is a big game for both teams as they look to keep pace in the playoffs race.

Rapids Plungers is without Hilton and Luck this week so I expect another low scoring game from Rapids Plungers this week. DaUnderdog.. well I don’t expect a monster game but I think they do just enough and I am going to again pick an upset and have DaUnderdog with the win!

Historical Look at this Match-Up
Sportsfreak holds a 10-6 lead in their previous 16 meetings. Sportsfreak also holds the edge in ppg average, 112.82 to 97.94.

U Don’t Know (8-0) vs pack slayer (3-5)

U Don’t Know continues to just win and they have an 8 game winning streak compared to their opponent in pack slayer who has lost their 5th straight game. Time is running out for pack slayer but a win here against the best team in the league could be the kind of season changing / saving win that they need to get back on track.

So this would be a BIG win for pack slayer IF they would get the win BUT it unfortunately is not going to happen. U Don’t Know gets win # 9 on the season and remains undefeated!

Historical Look at this Match-UP
pack slayer holds a 4-3 advantage in their previous 7 meetings. pack slayer also holds the ppg edge, 113.19 to 108.74.


PackerFANatic7 (4-4) vs teamAlaska(0-8)

PackerFANatic7 stopped their three game losing streak last week and now they are looking to start a winning streak against the winless teamAlaska team. This has been a tough year for teamAlaska as they really haven’t had a chance ever since LeVeon Bell has decided to not play football. This is a game that PackerFANatic7 needs to win if they want to get to the playoffs this season.

I have picked a lot of upsets this week and I would love to pick an upset here but I think PackerFANatic7 keeps gets their 5th win on the season.

Historical Look at this Match-Up
PackerFANatic7 won their one and only previous meeting last year by a score of 107.35 to 80.82.

Enjoy the games everyone!