The Super Bowl is set! Here we go…

pack slayer (153.27) vs U Don’t Know (107.04)

pack slayer goes to show it doesn’t matter what seed you get in as and that it is all about getting hot at the right time and their team has come to play these playoffs. They have been averaging 156 ppg in their two upset wins. This time they took down the team that has held the # 1 spot virtually all year in U Don’t Know. U Don’t Know had a great regular season! In fact, record wise it was one of the best as it is hard to go 11-2 in this league. However, they don’t hand out trophies for finishing first in the regular season and that is what they found out the hard way. pack slayer got solid contribution from a bunch of different players as they had 7 players score over 13 points. That is for sure a recipe for success in any league and especially in a 14 team league. pack slayer now moves on to their first ever Super Bowl where they will be facing the defending champs! U Don’t Know is sent home and ends this season on a down note!

BIGBOY! (128.34) vs PackMan12 (114.61)

The defending champ isn’t going down quietly… well in fact they don’t seem to be going down at all. You knew the minute they got into the playoffs they would be a tough out and now look. They just took down the #2 seed in the league and are back into the Super Bowl for the second year in a row! This wasn’t easy however and things didn’t look really good for them heading into the afternoon games but Roethlisberger and JuJu Smith-Schuster only combined for 19 points. Overall this was a tough week for PackMan12 as they had one player not score a point (Austin Hooper) and Mr Reliable all year (Saquon Barkley) had his lowest point total of the season with only 7 points. In these type of games you need your stars to perform and they didn’t for PackMan12. BIGBOY! yet again had to figure out a way to win without their top WR (OBJ) and one of their top RB’s in James Conner. So what did they do? They picked up Derrick Henry who put up a cool 34pts. Those my friends are the moves that win you games and for BIGBOY! potentially win you championships! PackMan12 will be left playing for 3rd place and worst yet have to hear the smack talk from BIGBOY! coach which I am sure will be laid on heavy after this week! BIGBOY! is off to the Super Bowl to defend their title and go for back to back Super Bowl victories!

Have a great week everyone!