That’s a wrap on the regular season! What a great regular season it was with lots of back and forth, trades, injuries, close wins, heartbreaking losses but we have 6 teams still standing and now will be battling it out for a championship over the next three weeks!

For those of you not in the top 6, I will be blocking your teams from Wednesday waivers. We will keep that exclusively for those teams battling in the playoffs.  I will open it back up for adding / dropping early Wed morning as I know most of you are in the consolation round and want to be able to say you won something! Yes, I am one of those!

Pack Attack (133.09) vs Sportsfreak (83.13)

Pack Attack got the win to move to 7-6 on the season but it wasn’t quite enough as they finish the season in the #7 spot. For Sportsfreak, they can finally put an end to this abysmal season and start looking forward to next year.

PackMan12 (102.58) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (91.33)

PackMan12 finishes off the season with a very unimpressive win but a win nonetheless and this moved them to 11-2 on the season. This marks the best regular season they have ever had. They will now get to sit at home and wait and see who they get to play in the semifinals of the playoffs. 16hrs Ahead of you!! finishes the season 4-9 but you have to admire their fight as they didn’t give up all season and specifically this week as they were without Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt. Injuries derailed this team but they will be looking to come back stronger next year.

DaUnderdog (123.97) vs Big Papa (90.47)

DaUnderdog (6-7) finishes the season on a high note winning 3 of their last 4 games to at least be mathematically in the playoff hunt going into the last week of the season. Big Papa (6-7) must have decided that their fate was already set and decided not to show up in this one. That has been their season, good one week bad the next two or three… this team showed spurts especially after the first 4 weeks but it wasn’t enough for them to sneak into the playoffs. These two teams are now gunning for the consolation round championship…. hey.. the winner usually gets at least mentioned in the Super Bowl article later this season!

BIGBOY! (187.72) vs PackerFANatic7 (105.34)

The defending champ, BIGBOY! (8-5) is back in the tournament and I know they are only the #4 seed but they will be heading into the playoffs with a ton of confidence after dominating PackerFANatic7 by 80 points. In addition, they wrapped up the scoring lead by just over 100 points and I know PackMan12 and U Don’t Know have the records and have the bye week but I sure wouldn’t want to be playing the defending champs in the playoffs right now. PackerFANatic7 fell to a disappointing 5-8 on the season. I said it 4 weeks ago and I will say it again, this team losing to teamAlaska in week 9 sealed the deal and they never were able to recover as they went 1-3 the rest of the way. This is only their second year in the league so they will learn that making the playoffs isn’t easy and it’s those 50/50 games that usually make a big difference in getting into the playoffs or watching from home.

U Don’t Know (104.12) vs Bossman (95.83)

U Don’t Know like PackMan12 gets the win to seal the deal and wrap up the #1 overall seed which they have held onto for much of the season. This was a less than impressive win but their season as a whole was extremely impressive and they now have the bye week and then need two more wins to get that first ever championship! Bossman for the most part really struggled this year. Yes, they were 5-8 however I am not sure if this was even a 5 win team. Bossman coach did a nice job of getting his guys to perform good enough but they didn’t have that difference maker that could win games almost single handedly. They like Pack Attack will be missing out of the playoffs for the second year in a row which means there is a good chance for someone new to win their first ever championship. I get the feeling that Bossman is getting tired of having teams that overachieve but instead would like to have a team that can come out and dominate the competition. I expect them to come back strong next season.

Rapids Plungers (116.38) vs HHH (102.04)

I said in my preview last week that I wanted to see Rapids Plungers (9-4) get that signature win and well they did just that. It wasn’t pretty but I think the overall theme this week was that scoring was down for most. This was a big win because not only did it keep Rapids Plungers winning streak alive (which is now at an impressive 7 games) it also means they finish as the #3 seed and don’t play BIGBOY! in the first round. HHH fell to 8-5 on the season and have now dropped two straight games. They have had an up and down season after starting off 5-0 but the key thing is to get into the playoffs and after that anything can happen. Two playoff teams entering the playoffs in somewhat different fashion. Can either of them make a deep playoff run? I am looking forward to finding out.

pack slayer (117.56) vs teamAlaska (111.63)

They made it! It has been a constant battle all year long for pack slayer. They won their first three games of the year then lost their next 5 and then went on to win 4 of their last 5 to snag the final playoff spot. This team has scored a decent amount of points which honestly is usually the case for the #6 seed. We usually have a 7 win team that takes the # 6 seed and they do it based on points. This game wasn’t easy and you have to admire the fight that teamAlaska put up. It came down to Monday night and teamAlaska’s kicker. teamAlaska had a tough season and they will be looking for a much better performance next season. pack slayer is moving on and they will face a red hot Rapids Plungers team next week in the first round of the playoffs!

Have a great week everyone!