The first round of the playoffs is complete and really if you like exciting close games then this was a dud of a week as pack slayer and BIGBOY! made sure that they were moving on into the Final Four! I expect next weeks game to be a bit more dramatic with a shot at a spot in the title game on the line! But first to the Wild Card Weekend Recap..

pack slayer (159.36) vs Rapids Plungers (112.05)

pack slayer pulls off the upset and takes down the #3 seed Rapids Plungers! pack slayer was led by 30 points from Julio Jones and Matt Ryan added 21 to help them to a relatively easy win. pack slayer has proven all season that they can score points and now that they have made the playoffs they showed us part of the reason why they could make a strong playoff run! They are as dangerous of a team as any but they get a date with the #1 overall seed next week. For Rapids Plungers, they saw yet another successful regular season end in disappointment. They now have the dreaded off season to think about what went wrong and how are they ever going to get a playoff win! Some things are hard to understand and well this is for sure one of them! Congratulations to pack slayer on moving on and to Rapids Plungers on making it this far which is more then 8 other teams could say!

BIGBOY! (116.06) vs HHH (56.13)

WOW! BIGBOY! walks away with the 60 point win despite scoring their least amount of points since week 4. The defending champs were without two key members though as James Conner and Odell Beckham Jr both sat out this week with injuries. McCaffrey and Mahomes shouldered the load by scoring 46 points combined and that was enough to move on to the Final Four! HHH… well I am not sure what to say.. This was about as terrible of a showing that I can remember in a playoff game. The only starter to score over 10 points was Kamara and he only had 12 total. This one is going to sting for awhile as this was a winnable game against a BIGBOY! team that as mentioned were dealing with injuries to key members. They picked a bad time to have one of their worst weeks of the year and like Rapids Plungers they now face the LONG offseason. The win for BIGBOY! means they are now the only remaining team that has won a championship. Can they repeat? I don’t know but getting a win on a off week like this can sometimes be a huge momentum builder.



Have a great week everyone!