Well this is interesting and something I am not sure I have ever seen before. After week 2, we have 12 teams with 1-1 records! I am excited to see how things look at this time next week but first to the week 2 recaps.

Pack Attack (119.04) vs pack slayer (97.15)

Pack Attack (1-1) was able to take advantage of the fact that pack slayer is still trying to figure out their best lineup as they hold out hope that M. Gordon ends his holdout and R. Gronkowski ends his retirement. That’s a lot of “hoping” going on. A few more performances like the one we saw this week and I would expect some shakeup to the roster. Despite the 1-1 record, pack slayer hasn’t looked the greatest. We should know more in the next 3 to 4 weeks of what this team is really like.

Bossman (114.72) vs 16hrs Ahead of You!! (88.28)

I assume Bossman (1-1) coach had some words with their team last week and they responded with a solid win against 16hrs (0-2). They didn’t play great but they did enough to win thanks to the trio of Ekeler, Elliott and Prescott. Those three players combined for 64.58 points this week and for this team to continue to win without T. Hill they are going to continue to have to get production from those three players. I would like to see Edelman and Michel step up but with AB now in the mix at NE it seems unlikely. For 16hrs, this is exactly the kind of start they were hoping to avoid. I expect better days ahead as Watson and Kamara are solid players but you can’t help but think this team is headed for another “one of those” years. Come on man! Who is the GM of this team anyway!?

Big Papa (137.24) vs teamAlaska (52.61)

What!? How!? Last week teamAlaska (1-1) scored 199pts on their way to a dominating win. This week they score 52… I am not sure if all of the hype about how good their team looked and how awesome they are got to their head after week 1 but this one is hard to believe. Now, I will say it didn’t help that they lost three guys due to injury (Brees, A. Jeffery and D. Njoku) but even with those guys going they would not have won this week. Last week they had 8 guys score over 11pts. This week they didn’t have a single player over 11pts. I am thinking that this week was more of a fluke then anything but 52 pts is hard to ignore but then again so was 199. Not to mention, they are going to be without Brees for an estimated 6 weeks. A tough week for teamAlaska! Big Papa (1-1) on the other hand improved from last week’s performance and put up a solid effort in the win. They were once again led by Mahomes who had 40pts. I was one of the people who wasn’t going to draft him as his price tag was too high but after two weeks it is hard to argue with the pick. Big Papa has a meeting with the defending champ BIGBOY! next week.

BIGBOY! (124.36) vs PackMan12 (82.01)

I think we are seeing a trend this week on how fast things can change from week to week. It is no different for BIGBOY!. Last week they scored 130pts and lost by 70 points. This week they score 124 and win by 42! They will certainly take the win and are happy to move their record to 1-1. There was nothing spectacular about the way that they played but just a solid all around performance. I think the biggest thing of note here is that they won rather easily this week and they did it without their trio of RB’s having that great of a week. The combination of J. Jacobs, L. Bell and D. Johnson only registered 30pts which isn’t terrible it just isn’t what they would have expected. Picking up the slack was E. Sanders (24pts) and K. Golladay (25pts). If they can get their WR’s going this is once again going to be a team that is tough out come playoff time. For PackMan12 (1-1) they really struggled to find points in this one with only two players scoring in double digits, L. Fitzgerald (15pts) and J. Conner (11pts). They had a solid week 1 outing but in looking at their team and their bench I would be concerned that this is a team that will have a hard time getting over that 100 or 110 point mark on a regular basis.

HHH (160.44) vs DaUnderdog (152.47)

If you like offense then this was your game! This one was going back and forth and DaUnderdog was pushing hard to get to that 2-0 start while HHH was looking to avoid the 0-2 start. DaUnderdog (1-1) got big games from R. Wilson (28pts), D. Cook (31pts) & C. Ridley (24pts). Ridley was the interesting one as he was the last hope for the win for DaUnderdog. He gave a valiant effort on Sunday Night Football but ultimately came up a little short. HHH (1-1) was led this week by … their Defense! Yep, the NE defense put up a whopping 37pts and their 2 Packer players I was worried about going in ended up having solid games as Adams and Jones combined for 42pts. This was a good win for HHH as they looked rough in week 1. They will go up against teamAlaska in another brother battle next week!

Sportsfreak (137.40) vs PackerFANatic7 (124.08)

This game was actually a lot closer then the score more seem as it came down to Monday night. PackerFANatic7 had N. Chubb going and Sportsfreak had OBJ. In the first half it seemed that N. Chubb might have a big game as you would expect them to be running the ball often against a Jets team that was on their third string QB. It only took one play however to seal the deal for Sportsfreak as OBJ caught a 89 yard TD pass towards the end of the third quarter. Sportsfreak (1-1) after two weeks has been one of the more consistent teams as they scored 144 in week 1 and then 137 this week and now after two weeks they have scored the most points of any team. PackerFANatic7 (1-1) improved on last weeks performance but they weren’t playing 16hrs this week so it wasn’t enough to get the W. They also are going to be dealing with some injuries as they head into week 3.

Rapids Plungers (113.36) vs U Don’t Know (107.16)

Two weeks in and Rapids Plungers(2-0) is your one only remaining undefeated team! So therefore, there is no debate. The top team in the league after two weeks is Rapids Plungers right? I will let you guys decide that one. This game was a close one as it came down to Monday night. Rapids Plungers had their Def and D player going and they were able to pull off the victory for them thanks to a 3 sack, 17pt performance from M. Garrett. That was all they needed to get past U Don’t Know and move to 2-0 on the season. U Don’t Know (1-1) had a tough week as they had two players fail to score at all (J. Graham and D. Jackson). Graham isn’t necessarily surprising but D. Jackson didn’t score due to injury. That could have been the difference in this one as last week Jackson put up a whopping 37pts. That would have been hard to duplicate but it is reasonable to think he could have put up 8 and they got the win. That didn’t happen however and now as mentioned Rapids Plungers is alone on the top. They will try to remain undefeated as they play PackerFANatic7 next week.

Have a great week everyone!