DaUnderdog (1-1) vs Pack Attack (1-1)

DaUnderdog is coming into this one off of a tough week 2 loss to U Don’t Know. This is a team that after two weeks has looked like they could be a contender. I need to see a couple of more weeks but if D. Cook continues to play the way he is and they continue to get production from guys like Ridley and Ebron this is going to be a team in the running come playoff time. 

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Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 18
  • Record: Advantage Pack Attack at 11-7
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Pack Attack 126.16 to 108.84


16hrs Ahead of You!! (0-2) vs PackMan12 (1-1)

16hrs comes into this one as the only team without a win. There is some talent on this roster but in the first two weeks they haven’t had everyone put together a complete game. I could see this team have a couple of weeks where their entire roster is clicking and they score in the 140 to 150 range but with the guys they have I don’t see enough depth for that to happen consistently. PackMan12 feels like a similar story in that I see some talent and they will have some decent weeks but I also see a team that is going to struggle to be consistent. Despite what I just said a win here and PackMan12 is off to a 2-1 start. 

I expect this to be a defensive battle and by that I mean a low scoring game. The projections seem about right for 16hrs ahead of you this week but I am taking the under for PackMan12. I think they struggle to find points again this week and 16hrs gets their first win of the season. Interestingly enough not only would a win here get rid of that goose egg for this season it also would be their first win against PackMan12 ever. They are 0-8 as of this writing! 

Historical Look at this Match-Up:

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 8
  • Record: Advantage PackMan12 at 8-0
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Bossman 127.68 to 89.58


BIGBOY! (1-1) vs Big Papa (1-1)

Both teams started the season with a loss and then followed that up with big wins last week. The winner here takes bragging rights for the year as well as moves to a winning vs losing record on the season. I am sure BIGBOY! coach is doing everything they can to get into the head of Big Papa. I am sure there has been multiple trade offers from BIGBOY! to Big Papa and Sportsfreak as they don’t like to offer lopsided trades to anyone else! So here we go… I do think it is worth pointing out that BIGBOY! has traditionally owned this match up as they have won 7 of their 9 previous meetings and they have their highest avg score against any team (140.95). Does the trend continue or will Big Papa find a way to get a win? 

Ummm… the trend continues. Mahomes has been lights out through three weeks and I have no reason to believe he won’t be again this week so that means he is good for 35 points. After that is where the questions start, I do like Gurley this week but Henry goes against a tough Jax team and the rest.. well there isn’t much else to like. For BIGBOY! there are a number of different ways I could see them putting up big points from L. Bell and D. Johnson to Golladay, Sanders and M. Brown. This is a pretty well rounded team (outside of TE). I think BIGBOY! gets the W here. 

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 9
  • Record: Advantage BIGBOY! at 7-2
  • PPG Avg: Advantage BIGBOY! 140.95 to 113.89

Bossman (1-1) vs Sportsfreak (1-1)

Another match-up of teams coming off week 1 losses and week 2 wins. The difference is in how they did it. Bossman had a rough week 1 and week 2 wasn’t great but they did enough to get the win. Sportsfreak scored 144pts in a week 1 loss and followed that up with 137pts last week. I guess what I am trying to say is that despite their 1-1 records Sportsfreak has looked like the better team through two weeks. Their is also some interesting history as it pertains to these two teams and this matchup. Bossman has dominated by winning 10 of their 13 previous meetings. I did some digging and of their 13 meetings 8 of them have ended with the final score being within 15 points of each other. Five of those games were within 5 points and last years meeting Bossman won by a score of 106.61 to 106.15. So if history holds true we are in for a good game this week!

You have seen all the highlights and heard all the hype about Mahomes but interestingly enough he is not even the #1 QB in our fantasy league after two weeks. That mantle goes to L. Jackson of Sportsfreak. He has been leading Sportsfreak these past two weeks and I expect more of the same again this week. For Bossman, Ekeler and Zeke will continue their strong play and Prescott should have another monster game against the Fins this week but after that I am not sure where the scoring is coming from. I like the weapons for Sportsfreak this week and for them to get the win. 

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 13
  • Record: Advantage Bossman at 10-3
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Bossman 119.96 to 112.24

teamAlaska (1-1) vs HHH (1-1)

Is it possible to have trends after two weeks. No. But let’s just for the sake of this writing pretend that we could. If that was the case then the trends would tell us that teamAlaska has the highest scoring point total in the league this week and HHH the lowest. So if we are calculating based on week 1 “trend” then that means that teamAlaska would beat HHH by over 100 points this week! teamAlaska can’t wait to get last week’s performance in the rear view with the goal being to prove to everyone that their team is legit. HHH will be looking to prove the same thing and that their last weeks 160pt effort is what you can expect from this team moving forward. So who wins this brother battle? 

teamAlaska lost three starters last week to injury! That is tough in a season let alone losing all of them in one week. None of them are season ending but 4-6 weeks for Brees and Njoku certainly doesn’t help their chances of getting back to the playoffs. I say this because I don’t think there is enough firepower for teamAlaska this week. I think McCaffrey and Watkins make this interesting but in the end I like HHH to get win #2. 

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 16
  • Record: Advantage teamAlaska at 10-6
  • PPG Avg: Advantage HHH 117.44 to 116.07


pack slayer (1-1) vs U Don’t Know (1-1)

pack slayer comes into this meeting with U Don’t Know having struggled the past two weeks. Yes, they did win week 1 but they played the team that scored the least amount of points in the league that week. U Don’t Know on the other hand had a good week 1 but last week they barely got over 100 points. This is the theme for most teams through two weeks of the season. I am curious which one of these two teams lends credibility to their team and moves to 2-1 and which one of them further proves that their team just maybe isn’t that good. 

Given what I wrote above I guess the team that I pick to lose I am saying that their team isn’t that good? Hmmm… It is hard for me to pick a team that has the Dolphins RB as their starter (U Don’t Know). pack slayer has some weapons I like with M. Thomas, J. Gordon & Kittle. I like Rodgers this week vs Denver at home and Barkley and AB should have another solid week after having a full week of practice time with Brady. I am going to go with U Don’t Know to get the win in a close one!

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 8
  • Record: Advantage U Don’t Know at 5-3
  • PPG Avg: Advantage U Don’t Know 115.18 to 110.45

Rapids Plungers (2-0) vs PackerFANatic7 (1-1)

And then there was 1… It only took two weeks to move us down to the last remaining undefeated team and that is Rapids Plungers. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Rapids Plungers is always at or near the top of the regular season standings. They will be looking to keep the momentum this week against a PackerFANatic7 team that narrowly defeated 16hrs in week 1 and then had a solid game last week in a losing effort. A win here would go a long ways toward them building momentum for this season. 

If this WR group keeps clicking Rapids Plungers are going to be a tough team to beat. Not to mention Hyde has actually played surprisingly well thus far for Houston so the RB pair doesn’t look as bad as it once was. PackerFANatic7 has some solid pieces and T. Williams in Oakland has been a pleasant surprise given his draft position but I don’t see them having enough firepower to keep up this week with Rapids. Look for Rapids Plungers to stay undefeated for at least one more week. 

Historical Look at this Match-Up: 

  • Regular Season Match-ups: 2
  • Record: Advantage Rapids Plungers at 2-0
  • PPG Avg: Advantage Rapids Plungers 143.81 to 102.77